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Alpha Fetal Protein 5 Tests/1 Vial

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Useful for the detection of primitive liver tumors and embryonic tumors of the gonads in research use.

Histosonda® AFP consists of a segment of single-stranded DNA complementary to expressed RNA with a length of 311 nucleotides.
Alpha Fetal Protein is the most abundant seric protein in the fetus which demonstrates great similarity to the physical properties of serum albumin.

In the adult, the seric concentration of AFP is very low, apart from when the patient presents with a hepatocarcinoma or teteratoma. The genes that code for AFP and serum albumin are syntenic genes that are situated on the long arm of chromosome 4.

After birth the organism inverts the production of AFP so that it declines rapidly and also considerably increases the production of serum albumin.

There are commercial antibodies against AFP for the diagnosis of tumors that produce this protein but they almost always produce so much tissue background that a clear view becomes impossible.

Histosonda Alpha Fetoprotein is a single stranded DNA fragment of 311 nucleotides that is targeted against the RNA of AFP. Its use is centered on the diagnosis of primitive liver tumors and embryonic tumors of the gonads.

Up to 70% of hepatocarcinomas are producers of AFP. The use of this probe combined with Histosonda® Serum Albumin permits the demonstration of primitive liver tumors and their difference from metastatic tumors in the liver.

The embryonic tumors of the gonads and midline can show an important degree of complexity and distinct levels of differentiation not well recognizable with conventional histological techniques. Histosonda® Alpha Fetal Protein permits the identification of the number and localization of cells producing AFP in a tissue section.

Intended for research use only (RUO).
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