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aNaphthyl Acetate No-Spec Ester /Kt

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Esterases are ubiquitous in nature and encompass a series of different enzymes acting upon select substrates. According to the methodology, a-naphthyl acetate is enzymatically hydrolyzed, liberating a free naphthol compound. This then couples with a diazonium compound, forming black colored deposits at sites of non-specific esterase activity. This enzyme is detected primarily in monocytes, macrophages and histocytes, and is normally absent in granulocytes. Lymphocytes may occasionally exhibit enzyme activity. A sodium fluoride inhibition procedure may be run to demonstrate monocyte inhibition. The procedure may be utilized with blood, bone marrow films, tissue-touch preparations, cytocentrifuge preparations and frozen sections. The enzyme does not survive paraffin processing.
Kit contains the following components: a-Naphthyl acetate solution 10 ml, Citrate Solution, pH 3.6±0.1 (25 °C), 27 mM 50 mL, Fast Blue BB Base solution 10 mL, Sodium nitrite solution 10 ml, Hematoxylin solution, Gill No. 3 50 ml, TRIZMAL™ 7.6 Concentrate 50 ml.
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