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A luminal epithelial stem cell that is a cell of origin for prostate cancer
By: Wang, X;Kruithof-de Julio, M;Economides, KD;Walker, D;Yu, H;Halili, MV;Hu, YP;Price, SM;Abate-Shen, C;Shen, MM;
Hematopoietic origin of pathological grooming in Hoxb8 mutant mice
By: Chen, SK;Tvrdik, P;Peden, E;Cho, S;Wu, S;Spangrude, G;Capecchi, MR;
Cytokine production in motor neurons by poliovirus replicon vector gene delivery
By: Bledsoe, AW;Jackson, CA;McPherson, S;Morrow, CD;
CXCL12 secretion by bone marrow stromal cells is dependent on cell contact and mediated by connexin-43 and connexin-45 gap junctions
By: Schajnovitz, A;Itkin, T;D'Uva, G;Kalinkovich, A;Golan, K;Ludin, A;Cohen, D;Shulman, Z;Avigdor, A;Nagler, A;Kollet, O;Seger, R;Lapidot, T;
Activation of Hedgehog signaling by loss of GNAS causes heterotopic ossification
By: Regard, JB;Malhotra, D;Gvozdenovic-Jeremic, J;Josey, M;Chen, M;Weinstein, LS;Lu, J;Shore, EM;Kaplan, FS;Yang, Y;
Enhanced detection of myeloperoxidase activity in deep tissues through luminescent excitation of near-infrared nanoparticles
By: Zhang, N;Francis, KP;Prakash, A;Ansaldi, D;
Paired immunoglobin-like receptor-B regulates the suppressive function and fate of myeloid-derived suppressor cells
By: Ma, G;Pan, PY;Eisenstein, S;Divino, CM;Lowell, CA;Takai, T;Chen, SH;
Lineage analysis of basal epithelial cells reveals their unexpected plasticity and supports a cell-of-origin model for prostate cancer heterogeneity
By: Wang, ZA;Mitrofanova, A;Bergren, SK;Abate-Shen, C;Cardiff, RD;Califano, A;Shen, MM;
Puma is required for p53-induced depletion of adult stem cells
By: Liu, D;Ou, L;Clemenson, GD;Chao, C;Lutske, ME;Zambetti, GP;Gage, FH;Xu, Y;
Molecular determinants of cetuximab efficacy
By: Vallböhmer, D;Zhang, W;Gordon, M;Yang, DY;Yun, J;Press, OA;Rhodes, KE;Sherrod, AE;Iqbal, S;Danenberg, KD;Groshen, S;Lenz, HJ;
Inflammatory manifestations of experimental lymphatic insufficiency
By: Tabibiazar, R;Cheung, L;Han, J;Swanson, J;Beilhack, A;An, A;Dadras, SS;Rockson, N;Joshi, S;Wagner, R;Rockson, SG;
Effects of retinoids on cancerous phenotype and apoptosis in organotypic cultures of ovarian carcinoma
By: Guruswamy, S;Lightfoot, S;Gold, MA;Hassan, R;Berlin, KD;Ivey, RT;Benbrook, DM;
Mutation of beta-glucosidase 2 causes glycolipid storage disease and impaired male fertility
By: Yildiz, Y;Matern, H;Thompson, B;Allegood, JC;Warren, RL;Ramirez, DM;Hammer, RE;Hamra, FK;Matern, S;Russell, DW;
Maternal high-fat diet triggers lipotoxicity in the fetal livers of nonhuman primates
By: McCurdy, CE;Bishop, JM;Williams, SM;Grayson, BE;Smith, MS;Friedman, JE;Grove, KL;
CDK5RAP2 regulates centriole engagement and cohesion in mice
By: Barrera, JA;Kao, LR;Hammer, RE;Seemann, J;Fuchs, JL;Megraw, TL;
Diet-induced obesity mediated by the JNK/DIO2 signal transduction pathway
By: Vernia, S;Cavanagh-Kyros, J;Barrett, T;Jung, DY;Kim, JK;Davis, RJ;
Role of the hypothalamic-pituitary-thyroid axis in metabolic regulation by JNK1
By: Sabio, G;Cavanagh-Kyros, J;Barrett, T;Jung, DY;Ko, HJ;Ong, H;Morel, C;Mora, A;Reilly, J;Kim, JK;Davis, RJ;
The role of JNK in the development of hepatocellular carcinoma
By: Das, M;Garlick, DS;Greiner, DL;Davis, RJ;
Modification of gastric mucin oligosaccharide expression in rhesus macaques after infection with Helicobacter pylori
By: Cooke, CL;An, HJ;Kim, J;Canfield, DR;Torres, J;Lebrilla, CB;Solnick, JV;
B cells suppress the inflammatory response in a mouse model of primary biliary cirrhosis
By: Moritoki, Y;Zhang, W;Tsuneyama, K;Yoshida, K;Wakabayashi, K;Yang, GX;Bowlus, C;Ridgway, WM;Ueno, Y;Ansari, AA;Coppel, RL;Mackay, IR;Flavell, RA;Gershwin, ME;Lian, ZX;
Disordered pancreatic inflammatory responses and inhibition of fibrosis in CD39-null mice
By: Künzli, BM;Nuhn, P;Enjyoji, K;Banz, Y;Smith, RN;Csizmadia, E;Schuppan, D;Berberat, PO;Friess, H;Robson, SC;
Free radical-dependent dysfunction of small-for-size rat liver grafts: prevention by plant polyphenols
By: Zhong, Z;Connor, HD;Froh, M;Bunzendahl, H;Lind, H;Lehnert, M;Mason, RP;Thurman, RG;Lemasters, JJ;
Therapeutic effect of cytotoxic T lymphocyte antigen 4/immunoglobulin on a murine model of primary biliary cirrhosis
By: Dhirapong, A;Yang, GX;Nadler, S;Zhang, W;Tsuneyama, K;Leung, P;Knechtle, S;Ansari, AA;Coppel, RL;Liu, FT;He, XS;Gershwin, ME;
The use of whole organ decellularization for the generation of a vascularized liver organoid
By: Baptista, PM;Siddiqui, MM;Lozier, G;Rodriguez, SR;Atala, A;Soker, S;
B-cell depletion with anti-CD20 ameliorates autoimmune cholangitis but exacerbates colitis in transforming growth factor-beta receptor II dominant negative mice
By: Moritoki, Y;Lian, ZX;Lindor, K;Tuscano, J;Tsuneyama, K;Zhang, W;Ueno, Y;Dunn, R;Kehry, M;Coppel, RL;Mackay, IR;Gershwin, ME;
B cell depletion therapy exacerbates murine primary biliary cirrhosis
By: Dhirapong, A;Lleo, A;Yang, GX;Tsuneyama, K;Dunn, R;Kehry, M;Packard, TA;Cambier, JC;Liu, FT;Lindor, K;Coppel, RL;Ansari, AA;Gershwin, ME;
Natural killer T cells exacerbate liver injury in a transforming growth factor beta receptor II dominant-negative mouse model of primary biliary cirrhosis
By: Chuang, YH;Lian, ZX;Yang, GX;Shu, SA;Moritoki, Y;Ridgway, WM;Ansari, AA;Kronenberg, M;Flavell, RA;Gao, B;Gershwin, ME;
Adoptive transfer of CD8(+) T cells from transforming growth factor beta receptor type II (dominant negative form) induces autoimmune cholangitis in mice
By: Yang, GX;Lian, ZX;Chuang, YH;Moritoki, Y;Lan, RY;Wakabayashi, K;Ansari, AA;Flavell, RA;Ridgway, WM;Coppel, RL;Tsuneyama, K;Mackay, IR;Gershwin, ME;
Deletion of interleukin-12p40 suppresses autoimmune cholangitis in dominant negative transforming growth factor beta receptor type II mice
By: Yoshida, K;Yang, GX;Zhang, W;Tsuda, M;Tsuneyama, K;Moritoki, Y;Ansari, AA;Okazaki, K;Lian, ZX;Coppel, RL;Mackay, IR;Gershwin, ME;
Differential mechanisms in the pathogenesis of autoimmune cholangitis versus inflammatory bowel disease in interleukin-2Ralpha(-/-) mice
By: Hsu, W;Zhang, W;Tsuneyama, K;Moritoki, Y;Ridgway, WM;Ansari, AA;Coppel, RL;Lian, ZX;Mackay, I;Gershwin, ME;
Differential catalytic properties and vascular topography of murine nucleoside triphosphate diphosphohydrolase 1 (NTPDase1) and NTPDase2 have implications for thromboregulation
By: Sévigny, J;Sundberg, C;Braun, N;Guckelberger, O;Csizmadia, E;Qawi, I;Imai, M;Zimmermann, H;Robson, SC;
CYT387, a novel JAK2 inhibitor, induces hematologic responses and normalizes inflammatory cytokines in murine myeloproliferative neoplasms
By: Tyner, JW;Bumm, TG;Deininger, J;Wood, L;Aichberger, KJ;Loriaux, MM;Druker, BJ;Burns, CJ;Fantino, E;Deininger, MW;
A phase 1 study of SU11248 in the treatment of patients with refractory or resistant acute myeloid leukemia (AML) or not amenable to conventional therapy for the disease
By: Fiedler, W;Serve, H;Döhner, H;Schwittay, M;Ottmann, OG;O'Farrell, AM;Bello, CL;Allred, R;Manning, WC;Cherrington, JM;Louie, SG;Hong, W;Brega, NM;Massimini, G;Scigalla, P;Berdel, WE;Hossfeld, DK;
The TWEAK-Fn14 system is a critical regulator of denervation-induced skeletal muscle atrophy in mice
By: Mittal, A;Bhatnagar, S;Kumar, A;Lach-Trifilieff, E;Wauters, S;Li, H;Makonchuk, DY;Glass, DJ;Kumar, A;
Disrupted cardiac development but normal hematopoiesis in mice deficient in the second CXCL12/SDF-1 receptor, CXCR7
By: Sierro, F;Biben, C;Martínez-Muñoz, L;Mellado, M;Ransohoff, RM;Li, M;Woehl, B;Leung, H;Groom, J;Batten, M;Harvey, RP;Martínez-A, C;Mackay, CR;Mackay, F;
Local injection of dsRNA targeting calcitonin receptor-like receptor (CLR) ameliorates Clostridium difficile toxin A-induced ileitis
By: Bhargava, A;Clifton, MS;Mhaske, P;Mhsake, P;Liao, M;Pothoulakis, C;Leeman, SE;Grady, EF;
JNK and PTEN cooperatively control the development of invasive adenocarcinoma of the prostate
By: Hübner, A;Mulholland, DJ;Standen, CL;Karasarides, M;Cavanagh-Kyros, J;Barrett, T;Chi, H;Greiner, DL;Tournier, C;Sawyers, CL;Flavell, RA;Wu, H;Davis, RJ;
Antithrombogenic property of bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells in nanofibrous vascular grafts
By: Hashi, CK;Zhu, Y;Yang, GY;Young, WL;Hsiao, BS;Wang, K;Chu, B;Li, S;
Differences in gastric carcinoma microenvironment stratify according to EBV infection intensity: implications for possible immune adjuvant therapy
By: Strong, MJ;Xu, G;Coco, J;Baribault, C;Vinay, DS;Lacey, MR;Strong, AL;Lehman, TA;Seddon, MB;Lin, Z;Concha, M;Baddoo, M;Ferris, M;Swan, KF;Sullivan, DE;Burow, ME;Taylor, CM;Flemington, EK;
Specific caspase interactions and amplification are involved in selective neuronal vulnerability in Huntington's disease
By: Hermel, E;Gafni, J;Propp, SS;Leavitt, BR;Wellington, CL;Young, JE;Hackam, AS;Logvinova, AV;Peel, AL;Chen, SF;Hook, V;Singaraja, R;Krajewski, S;Goldsmith, PC;Ellerby, HM;Hayden, MR;Bredesen, DE;Ellerby, LM;
Blockade of KCa3.1 ameliorates renal fibrosis through the TGF-?1/Smad pathway in diabetic mice
By: Huang, C;Shen, S;Ma, Q;Chen, J;Gill, A;Pollock, CA;Chen, XM;
RAGE deficiency improves postinjury sciatic nerve regeneration in type 1 diabetic mice
By: Juranek, JK;Geddis, MS;Song, F;Zhang, J;Garcia, J;Rosario, R;Yan, SF;Brannagan, TH;Schmidt, AM;
Donor treatment with carbon monoxide can yield islet allograft survival and tolerance
By: Wang, H;Lee, SS;Gao, W;Czismadia, E;McDaid, J;Ollinger, R;Soares, MP;Yamashita, K;Bach, FH;
Pentoxifylline promotes recovery of erectile function in a rat model of postprostatectomy erectile dysfunction
By: Albersen, M;Fandel, TM;Zhang, H;Banie, L;Lin, G;De Ridder, D;Lin, CS;Lue, TF;
IKKbeta inhibition protects against bone and cartilage destruction in a rat model of rheumatoid arthritis
By: Schopf, L;Savinainen, A;Anderson, K;Kujawa, J;DuPont, M;Silva, M;Siebert, E;Chandra, S;Morgan, J;Gangurde, P;Wen, D;Lane, J;Xu, Y;Hepperle, M;Harriman, G;Ocain, T;Jaffee, B;
CD34 expression by hair follicle stem cells is required for skin tumor development in mice
By: Trempus, CS;Morris, RJ;Ehinger, M;Elmore, A;Bortner, CD;Ito, M;Cotsarelis, G;Nijhof, JG;Peckham, J;Flagler, N;Kissling, G;Humble, MM;King, LC;Adams, LD;Desai, D;Amin, S;Tennant, RW;
Metastasis suppressor NM23-H1 promotes repair of UV-induced DNA damage and suppresses UV-induced melanomagenesis
By: Jarrett, SG;Novak, M;Dabernat, S;Daniel, JY;Mellon, I;Zhang, Q;Harris, N;Ciesielski, MJ;Fenstermaker, RA;Kovacic, D;Slominski, A;Kaetzel, DM;
Malignant progression and blockade of angiogenesis in a murine transgenic model of neuroblastoma
By: Chesler, L;Goldenberg, DD;Seales, IT;Satchi-Fainaro, R;Grimmer, M;Collins, R;Struett, C;Nguyen, KN;Kim, G;Tihan, T;Bao, Y;Brekken, RA;Bergers, G;Folkman, J;Weiss, WA;
p38 regulates cyclooxygenase-2 in human mammary epithelial cells and is activated in premalignant tissue
By: Gauthier, ML;Pickering, CR;Miller, CJ;Fordyce, CA;Chew, KL;Berman, HK;Tlsty, TD;
SD-208, a novel transforming growth factor beta receptor I kinase inhibitor, inhibits growth and invasiveness and enhances immunogenicity of murine and human glioma cells in vitro and in vivo
By: Uhl, M;Aulwurm, S;Wischhusen, J;Weiler, M;Ma, JY;Almirez, R;Mangadu, R;Liu, YW;Platten, M;Herrlinger, U;Murphy, A;Wong, DH;Wick, W;Higgins, LS;Weller, M;
Characterization of oncocytes in deep esophageal glands
By: Gonzalez, G;Huang, Q;Mashimo, H;
Cardiac inflammation after local irradiation is influenced by the kallikrein-kinin system
By: Sridharan, V;Tripathi, P;Sharma, SK;Moros, EG;Corry, PM;Lieblong, BJ;Kaschina, E;Unger, T;Thöne-Reineke, C;Hauer-Jensen, M;Boerma, M;
Hypoxia triggers hedgehog-mediated tumor-stromal interactions in pancreatic cancer
By: Spivak-Kroizman, TR;Hostetter, G;Posner, R;Aziz, M;Hu, C;Demeure, MJ;Von Hoff, D;Hingorani, SR;Palculict, TB;Izzo, J;Kiriakova, GM;Abdelmelek, M;Bartholomeusz, G;James, BP;Powis, G;
Chronic exposure to low doses of lead results in renal infiltration of immune cells, NF-kappaB activation, and overexpression of tubulointerstitial angiotensin II
By: Rodríguez-Iturbe, B;Sindhu, RK;Quiroz, Y;Vaziri, ND;
Matrix metalloproteinase-9 inhibition ameliorates pathogenesis and improves skeletal muscle regeneration in muscular dystrophy
By: Li, H;Mittal, A;Makonchuk, DY;Bhatnagar, S;Kumar, A;
Muscle-specific expression of insulin-like growth factor 1 improves outcome in Lama2Dy-w mice, a model for congenital muscular dystrophy type 1A
By: Kumar, A;Yamauchi, J;Girgenrath, T;Girgenrath, M;
Advantages of human umbilical vein scaffolds derived from cesarean section vs. vaginal delivery for vascular tissue engineering
By: Hoenicka, M;Jacobs, VR;Huber, G;Schmid, FX;Birnbaum, DE;
The effect of stromal cell-derived factor-1?/heparin coating of biodegradable vascular grafts on the recruitment of both endothelial and smooth muscle progenitor cells for accelerated regeneration
By: Yu, J;Wang, A;Tang, Z;Henry, J;Li-Ping Lee, B;Zhu, Y;Yuan, F;Huang, F;Li, S;
Alk2 regulates early chondrogenic fate in FOP heterotopic endochondral ossification
By: Culbert, AL;Chakkalakal, SA;Theosmy, EG;Brennan, TA;Kaplan, FS;Shore, EM;
Characterization of oncocytes in deep esophageal glands
By: Gonzalez, G;Huang, Q;Mashimo, H;
Cell infiltration and growth in a low density, uncompressed three-dimensional electrospun nanofibrous scaffold
By: Blakeney, BA;Tambralli, A;Anderson, JM;Andukuri, A;Lim, DJ;Dean, DR;Jun, HW;
Altered adherent leukocyte profile on biomaterials in Toll-like receptor 4 deficient mice
By: Rogers, TH;Babensee, JE;
Proteomic analysis of a decellularized human vocal fold mucosa scaffold using 2D electrophoresis and high-resolution mass spectrometry
By: Welham, NV;Chang, Z;Smith, LM;Frey, BL;
Incorporation of double-walled microspheres into polymer nerve guides for the sustained delivery of glial cell line-derived neurotrophic factor
By: Kokai, LE;Ghaznavi, AM;Marra, KG;
Long-term calibration considerations during subcutaneous microdialysis sampling in mobile rats
By: Mou, X;Lennartz, MR;Loegering, DJ;Stenken, JA;
Reduction of ectopic bone growth in critically-sized rat mandible defects by delivery of rhBMP-2 from kerateine biomaterials
By: Kowalczewski, CJ;Tombyln, S;Wasnick, DC;Hughes, MR;Ellenburg, MD;Callahan, MF;Smith, TL;Van Dyke, ME;Burnett, LR;Saul, JM;
IgG deposition and activation of the classical complement pathway involvement in the activation of human granulocytes by decellularized porcine heart valve tissue
By: Bastian, F;Stelzmüller, ME;Kratochwill, K;Kasimir, MT;Simon, P;Weigel, G;
Intranasal delivery of caspase-9 inhibitor reduces caspase-6-dependent axon/neuron loss and improves neurological function after stroke
By: Akpan, N;Serrano-Saiz, E;Zacharia, BE;Otten, ML;Ducruet, AF;Snipas, SJ;Liu, W;Velloza, J;Cohen, G;Sosunov, SA;Frey, WH;Salvesen, GS;Connolly, ES;Troy, CM;
EGF61 polymorphism predicts complete pathologic response to cetuximab-based chemoradiation independent of KRAS status in locally advanced rectal cancer patients
By: Hu-Lieskovan, S;Vallbohmer, D;Zhang, W;Yang, D;Pohl, A;Labonte, MJ;Grimminger, PP;Hölscher, AH;Semrau, R;Arnold, D;Dellas, K;Debucquoy, A;Haustermans, K;Machiels, JP;Sempoux, C;Rödel, C;Bracko, M;Velenik, V;Lenz, HJ;
Intraperitoneal immunotherapy for metastatic ovarian carcinoma: Resistance of intratumoral collagen to antibody penetration
By: Choi, J;Credit, K;Henderson, K;Deverkadra, R;He, Z;Wiig, H;Vanpelt, H;Flessner, MF;
Caspase-6 activity in a BACHD mouse modulates steady-state levels of mutant huntingtin protein but is not necessary for production of a 586 amino acid proteolytic fragment
By: Gafni, J;Papanikolaou, T;Degiacomo, F;Holcomb, J;Chen, S;Menalled, L;Kudwa, A;Fitzpatrick, J;Miller, S;Ramboz, S;Tuunanen, PI;Lehtimäki, KK;Yang, XW;Park, L;Kwak, S;Howland, D;Park, H;Ellerby, LM;
Phototransduction in a transgenic mouse model of Nougaret night blindness
By: Moussaif, M;Rubin, WW;Kerov, V;Reh, R;Chen, D;Lem, J;Chen, CK;Hurley, JB;Burns, ME;Artemyev, NO;
Robust gene expression signature from formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded samples predicts prognosis of non-small-cell lung cancer patients
By: Xie, Y;Xiao, G;Coombes, KR;Behrens, C;Solis, LM;Raso, G;Girard, L;Erickson, HS;Roth, J;Heymach, JV;Moran, C;Danenberg, K;Minna, JD;Wistuba, II;
HER-2 gene amplification, HER-2 and epidermal growth factor receptor mRNA and protein expression, and lapatinib efficacy in women with metastatic breast cancer
By: Press, MF;Finn, RS;Cameron, D;Di Leo, A;Geyer, CE;Villalobos, IE;Santiago, A;Guzman, R;Gasparyan, A;Ma, Y;Danenberg, K;Martin, AM;Williams, L;Oliva, C;Stein, S;Gagnon, R;Arbushites, M;Koehler, MT;
Biomarkers for cetuximab-based neoadjuvant radiochemotherapy in locally advanced rectal cancer
By: Grimminger, PP;Danenberg, P;Dellas, K;Arnold, D;Rödel, C;Machiels, JP;Haustermans, K;Debucquoy, A;Velenik, V;Sempoux, C;Bracko, M;Hölscher, AH;Semrau, R;Yang, D;Danenberg, K;Lenz, HJ;Vallböhmer, D;
Calpain activation in Huntington's disease
By: Gafni, J;Ellerby, LM;
Epidermal growth factor receptor messenger RNA expression, gene dosage, and gefitinib sensitivity in non-small cell lung cancer
By: Dziadziuszko, R;Witta, SE;Cappuzzo, F;Park, S;Tanaka, K;Danenberg, PV;Barón, AE;Crino, L;Franklin, WA;Bunn, PA;Varella-Garcia, M;Danenberg, KD;Hirsch, FR;
Vascular endothelial growth factor messenger RNA expression level is preserved in liver metastases compared with corresponding primary colorectal cancer
By: Kuramochi, H;Hayashi, K;Uchida, K;Miyakura, S;Shimizu, D;Vallböhmer, D;Park, S;Danenberg, KD;Takasaki, K;Danenberg, PV;
Elevation of plasma high-density lipoproteins inhibits development of experimental abdominal aortic aneurysms
By: Torsney, E;Pirianov, G;Charolidi, N;Shoreim, A;Gaze, D;Petrova, S;Laing, K;Meisinger, T;Xiong, W;Baxter, BT;Cockerill, GW;
An Acvr1 R206H knock-in mouse has fibrodysplasia ossificans progressiva
By: Chakkalakal, SA;Zhang, D;Culbert, AL;Convente, MR;Caron, RJ;Wright, AC;Maidment, AD;Kaplan, FS;Shore, EM;
ECM compliance regulates osteogenesis by influencing MAPK signaling downstream of RhoA and ROCK
By: Khatiwala, CB;Kim, PD;Peyton, SR;Putnam, AJ;
Targeting angiogenesis using a C-type atrial natriuretic factor-conjugated nanoprobe and PET
By: Liu, Y;Pressly, ED;Abendschein, DR;Hawker, CJ;Woodard, GE;Woodard, PK;Welch, MJ;
Antireflux surgery normalizes cyclooxygenase-2 expression in squamous epithelium of the distal esophagus
By: Vallböhmer, D;DeMeester, SR;Oh, DS;Banki, F;Kuramochi, H;Shimizu, D;Hagen, JA;Danenberg, KD;Danenberg, PV;Chandrasoma, PT;Peters, JH;DeMeester, TR;
Recombinant vascular endothelial growth factor 121 attenuates hypertension and improves kidney damage in a rat model of preeclampsia
By: Li, Z;Zhang, Y;Ying Ma, J;Kapoun, AM;Shao, Q;Kerr, I;Lam, A;O'Young, G;Sannajust, F;Stathis, P;Schreiner, G;Karumanchi, SA;Protter, AA;Pollitt, NS;
Antioxidant-rich diet relieves hypertension and reduces renal immune infiltration in spontaneously hypertensive rats
By: Rodriguez-Iturbe, B;Zhan, CD;Quiroz, Y;Sindhu, RK;Vaziri, ND;
CD36 and Na/K-ATPase-?1 form a proinflammatory signaling loop in kidney
By: Kennedy, DJ;Chen, Y;Huang, W;Viterna, J;Liu, J;Westfall, K;Tian, J;Bartlett, DJ;Tang, WH;Xie, Z;Shapiro, JI;Silverstein, RL;
The SIRT1 deacetylase protects mice against the symptoms of metabolic syndrome
By: Caron, AZ;He, X;Mottawea, W;Seifert, EL;Jardine, K;Dewar-Darch, D;Cron, GO;Harper, ME;Stintzi, A;McBurney, MW;
Can cytoplasmic nucleophosmin be detected by immunocytochemical staining of cell smears in acute myeloid leukemia?
By: Mattsson, G;Turner, SH;Cordell, J;Ferguson, DJ;Schuh, A;Grimwade, LF;Bench, AJ;Weinberg, OK;Marafioti, T;George, TI;Arber, DA;Erber, WN;Mason, DY;
Development of UV-induced squamous cell carcinomas is suppressed in the absence of SPARC
By: Aycock, RL;Bradshaw, AC;Sage, EH;Starcher, B;
RXR? ablation in epidermal keratinocytes enhances UVR-induced DNA damage, apoptosis, and proliferation of keratinocytes and melanocytes
By: Wang, Z;Coleman, DJ;Bajaj, G;Liang, X;Ganguli-Indra, G;Indra, AK;
Lethal Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever virus infection in interferon ?/? receptor knockout mice is associated with high viral loads, proinflammatory responses, and coagulopathy
By: Zivcec, M;Safronetz, D;Scott, D;Robertson, S;Ebihara, H;Feldmann, H;
Stem cell therapy extends incubation and survival time in prion-infected mice in a time window-dependant manner
By: Relaño-Ginés, A;Lehmann, S;Bencsik, A;Herva, ME;Torres, JM;Crozet, CA;
Macroscopic cartilage formation with embryonic stem-cell-derived mesodermal progenitor cells
By: Nakayama, N;Duryea, D;Manoukian, R;Chow, G;Han, CY;
1?,25-Dihydroxyvitamin-D3-3-bromoacetate regulates AKT/mTOR signaling cascades: a therapeutic agent for psoriasis
By: Datta Mitra, A;Raychaudhuri, SP;Abria, CJ;Mitra, A;Wright, R;Ray, R;Kundu-Raychaudhuri, S;
Generation of hepatocyte-like cells from human embryonic stem cells
By: Rambhatla, L;Chiu, CP;Kundu, P;Peng, Y;Carpenter, MK;
Role of muscle c-Jun NH2-terminal kinase 1 in obesity-induced insulin resistance
By: Sabio, G;Kennedy, NJ;Cavanagh-Kyros, J;Jung, DY;Ko, HJ;Ong, H;Barrett, T;Kim, JK;Davis, RJ;
Multipotent menstrual blood stromal stem cells: isolation, characterization, and differentiation
By: Patel, AN;Park, E;Kuzman, M;Benetti, F;Silva, FJ;Allickson, JG;
Matricellular protein CCN1 promotes regression of liver fibrosis through induction of cellular senescence in hepatic myofibroblasts
By: Kim, KH;Chen, CC;Monzon, RI;Lau, LF;
Mesenchymal stem cells from adipose and bone marrow promote angiogenesis via distinct cytokine and protease expression mechanisms
By: Kachgal, S;Putnam, AJ;
Requirement of the ATM/p53 tumor suppressor pathway for glucose homeostasis
By: Armata, HL;Golebiowski, D;Jung, DY;Ko, HJ;Kim, JK;Sluss, HK;
Signal transduction cross talk mediated by Jun N-terminal kinase-interacting protein and insulin receptor substrate scaffold protein complexes
By: Standen, CL;Kennedy, NJ;Flavell, RA;Davis, RJ;
Requirement of JIP1-mediated c-Jun N-terminal kinase activation for obesity-induced insulin resistance
By: Morel, C;Standen, CL;Jung, DY;Gray, S;Ong, H;Flavell, RA;Kim, JK;Davis, RJ;
Allogeneic adipose-derived stem cells with low immunogenicity constructing tissue-engineered bone for repairing bone defects in pigs
By: Ren, ML;Peng, W;Yang, ZL;Sun, XJ;Zhang, SC;Wang, ZG;Zhang, B;
Fetal exposure of rhesus macaques to bisphenol a alters cellular development of the conducting airway by changing epithelial secretory product expression
By: Van Winkle, LS;Murphy, SR;Boetticher, MV;VandeVoort, CA;
Tubular expression of heat-shock protein 27 inhibits fibrogenesis in obstructive nephropathy
By: Vidyasagar, A;Reese, SR;Hafez, O;Huang, LJ;Swain, WF;Jacobson, LM;Torrealba, JR;Chammas, PE;Wilson, NA;Djamali, A;
Oleic acid inhibits stearic acid-induced inhibition of cell growth and pro-inflammatory responses in human aortic endothelial cells
By: Harvey, KA;Walker, CL;Xu, Z;Whitley, P;Pavlina, TM;Hise, M;Zaloga, GP;Siddiqui, RA;
Upregulation of the apelin-APJ pathway promotes neointima formation in the carotid ligation model in mouse
By: Kojima, Y;Kundu, RK;Cox, CM;Leeper, NJ;Anderson, JA;Chun, HJ;Ali, ZA;Ashley, EA;Krieg, PA;Quertermous, T;
Nox2 is a mediator of chronic CsA nephrotoxicity
By: Djamali, A;Reese, S;Hafez, O;Vidyasagar, A;Jacobson, L;Swain, W;Kolehmainen, C;Huang, L;Wilson, NA;Torrealba, JR;
NIM811, a mitochondrial permeability transition inhibitor, prevents mitochondrial depolarization in small-for-size rat liver grafts
By: Zhong, Z;Theruvath, TP;Currin, RT;Waldmeier, PC;Lemasters, JJ;
Renal and cardiac endothelial heterogeneity impact acute vascular rejection in pig-to-baboon xenotransplantation
By: Knosalla, C;Yazawa, K;Behdad, A;Bodyak, N;Shang, H;Bühler, L;Houser, S;Gollackner, B;Griesemer, A;Schmitt-Knosalla, I;Schuurman, HJ;Awwad, M;Sachs, DH;Cooper, DK;Yamada, K;Usheva, A;Robson, SC;
Simvastatin inhibits smoke-induced airway epithelial injury: implications for COPD therapy
By: Davis, BB;Zeki, AA;Bratt, JM;Wang, L;Filosto, S;Walby, WF;Kenyon, NJ;Goldkorn, T;Schelegle, ES;Pinkerton, KE;
A mouse model for breast cancer induced by amplification and overexpression of the neu promoter and transgene
By: Weinstein, EJ;Kitsberg, DI;Leder, P;
The membrane mucin MUC4 is elevated in breast tumor lymph node metastases relative to matched primary tumors and confers aggressive properties to breast cancer cells
By: Workman, HC;Miller, JK;Ingalla, EQ;Kaur, RP;Yamamoto, DI;Beckett, LA;Young, LJ;Cardiff, RD;Borowsky, AD;Carraway, KL;Sweeney, C;Carraway, KL;
IL-33 induces IL-13-dependent cutaneous fibrosis
By: Rankin, AL;Mumm, JB;Murphy, E;Turner, S;Yu, N;McClanahan, TK;Bourne, PA;Pierce, RH;Kastelein, R;Pflanz, S;
CD44 Reciprocally regulates the differentiation of encephalitogenic Th1/Th17 and Th2/regulatory T cells through epigenetic modulation involving DNA methylation of cytokine gene promoters, thereby cont
By: Guan, H;Nagarkatti, PS;Nagarkatti, M;
The alternative complement pathway propagates inflammation and injury in murine ischemic stroke
By: Elvington, A;Atkinson, C;Zhu, H;Yu, J;Takahashi, K;Stahl, GL;Kindy, MS;Tomlinson, S;
Anti-mitochondrial antibodies and primary biliary cirrhosis in TGF-beta receptor II dominant-negative mice
By: Oertelt, S;Lian, ZX;Cheng, CM;Chuang, YH;Padgett, KA;He, XS;Ridgway, WM;Ansari, AA;Coppel, RL;Li, MO;Flavell, RA;Kronenberg, M;Mackay, IR;Gershwin, ME;
Multiple Chlamydia pneumoniae antigens prime CD8+ Tc1 responses that inhibit intracellular growth of this vacuolar pathogen
By: Wizel, B;Starcher, BC;Samten, B;Chroneos, Z;Barnes, PF;Dzuris, J;Higashimoto, Y;Appella, E;Sette, A;
Allergen-induced airway hyperreactivity is diminished in CD81-deficient mice
By: Deng, J;Yeung, VP;Tsitoura, D;DeKruyff, RH;Umetsu, DT;Levy, S;
Neurogenic exacerbation of microglial and astrocyte responses to Neisseria meningitidis and Borrelia burgdorferi
By: Chauhan, VS;Sterka, DG;Gray, DL;Bost, KL;Marriott, I;
Prophylactic and therapeutic targeting of the neurokinin-1 receptor limits neuroinflammation in a murine model of pneumococcal meningitis
By: Chauhan, VS;Kluttz, JM;Bost, KL;Marriott, I;
Genomic instability resulting from Blm deficiency compromises development, maintenance, and function of the B cell lineage
By: Babbe, H;McMenamin, J;Hobeika, E;Wang, J;Rodig, SJ;Reth, M;Leder, P;
Validation of a preclinical spinal safety model: effects of intrathecal morphine in the neonatal rat
By: Westin, BD;Walker, SM;Deumens, R;Grafe, M;Yaksh, TL;
Differential activation of valvulogenic, chondrogenic, and osteogenic pathways in mouse models of myxomatous and calcific aortic valve disease
By: Cheek, JD;Wirrig, EE;Alfieri, CM;James, JF;Yutzey, KE;
Inhibiting TGF-beta signaling restores immune surveillance in the SMA-560 glioma model
By: Tran, TT;Uhl, M;Ma, JY;Janssen, L;Sriram, V;Aulwurm, S;Kerr, I;Lam, A;Webb, HK;Kapoun, AM;Kizer, DE;McEnroe, G;Hart, B;Axon, J;Murphy, A;Chakravarty, S;Dugar, S;Protter, AA;Higgins, LS;Wick, W;Weller, M;Wong, DH;
Differential expression of embryonic epicardial progenitor markers and localization of cardiac fibrosis in adult ischemic injury and hypertensive heart disease
By: Braitsch, CM;Kanisicak, O;van Berlo, JH;Molkentin, JD;Yutzey, KE;
Differential expression of cartilage and bone-related proteins in pediatric and adult diseased aortic valves
By: Wirrig, EE;Hinton, RB;Yutzey, KE;
MicroRNA-1826 directly targets beta-catenin (CTNNB1) and MEK1 (MAP2K1) in VHL-inactivated renal cancer
By: Hirata, H;Hinoda, Y;Ueno, K;Nakajima, K;Ishii, N;Dahiya, R;
Serine proteases and protease-activated receptor 2-dependent allodynia: a novel cancer pain pathway
By: Lam, DK;Schmidt, BL;
Slc4a11 gene disruption in mice: cellular targets of sensorineuronal abnormalities
By: Lopez, IA;Rosenblatt, MI;Kim, C;Galbraith, GC;Jones, SM;Kao, L;Newman, D;Liu, W;Yeh, S;Pushkin, A;Abuladze, N;Kurtz, I;
Hepatitis C virus core protein decreases lipid droplet turnover: a mechanism for core-induced steatosis
By: Harris, C;Herker, E;Farese, RV;Ott, M;
Lysyl oxidase-like-2 (LOXL2) is a major isoform in chondrocytes and is critically required for differentiation
By: Iftikhar, M;Hurtado, P;Bais, MV;Wigner, N;Stephens, DN;Gerstenfeld, LC;Trackman, PC;
Mice lacking ?-tubulin acetyltransferase 1 are viable but display ?-tubulin acetylation deficiency and dentate gyrus distortion
By: Kim, GW;Li, L;Gorbani, M;You, L;Yang, XJ;
Meningioma 1 is required for appropriate osteoblast proliferation, motility, differentiation, and function
By: Zhang, X;Dowd, DR;Moore, MC;Kranenburg, TA;Meester-Smoor, MA;Zwarthoff, EC;MacDonald, PN;
The small molecule inhibitor G6 significantly reduces bone marrow fibrosis and the mutant burden in a mouse model of Jak2-mediated myelofibrosis
By: Kirabo, A;Park, SO;Wamsley, HL;Gali, M;Baskin, R;Reinhard, MK;Zhao, ZJ;Bisht, KS;Keser?, GM;Cogle, CR;Sayeski, PP;
NOD2 mediates inflammatory responses of primary murine glia to Streptococcus pneumoniae
By: Liu, X;Chauhan, VS;Young, AB;Marriott, I;
Pathway pathology: histological differences between ErbB/Ras and Wnt pathway transgenic mammary tumors
By: Rosner, A;Miyoshi, K;Landesman-Bollag, E;Xu, X;Seldin, DC;Moser, AR;MacLeod, CL;Shyamala, G;Gillgrass, AE;Cardiff, RD;
Interleukin-1 as a phenotypic immunomodulator in keratinizing squamous metaplasia of the ocular surface in Sjögren's syndrome
By: Chen, YT;Nikulina, K;Lazarev, S;Bahrami, AF;Noble, LB;Gallup, M;McNamara, NA;
Genetic ablation of TWEAK augments regeneration and post-injury growth of skeletal muscle in mice
By: Mittal, A;Bhatnagar, S;Kumar, A;Paul, PK;Kuang, S;Kumar, A;
Preclinical efficacy of a carboxylesterase 2-activated prodrug of doxazolidine
By: Barthel, BL;Zhang, Z;Rudnicki, DL;Coldren, CD;Polinkovsky, M;Sun, H;Koch, GG;Chan, DC;Koch, TH;
Novel fiber-dependent entry mechanism for adenovirus serotype 5 in lacrimal acini
By: Xie, J;Chiang, L;Contreras, J;Wu, K;Garner, JA;Medina-Kauwe, L;Hamm-Alvarez, SF;
NOD2 plays an important role in the inflammatory responses of microglia and astrocytes to bacterial CNS pathogens
By: Chauhan, VS;Sterka, DG;Furr, SR;Young, AB;Marriott, I;
Regulation of lung injury and fibrosis by p53-mediated changes in urokinase and plasminogen activator inhibitor-1
By: Bhandary, YP;Shetty, SK;Marudamuthu, AS;Ji, HL;Neuenschwander, PF;Boggaram, V;Morris, GF;Fu, J;Idell, S;Shetty, S;
Matrix metalloproteinase inhibitor batimastat alleviates pathology and improves skeletal muscle function in dystrophin-deficient mdx mice
By: Kumar, A;Bhatnagar, S;Kumar, A;
Physiological and neuroendocrine responses to chronic variable stress in male California mice (Peromyscus californicus): Influence of social environment and paternal state
By: De Jong, TR;Harris, BN;Perea-Rodriguez, JP;Saltzman, W;
An inducible cartilage oligomeric matrix protein mouse model recapitulates human pseudoachondroplasia phenotype
By: Posey, KL;Veerisetty, AC;Liu, P;Wang, HR;Poindexter, BJ;Bick, R;Alcorn, JL;Hecht, JT;
Laminin-111 protein therapy reduces muscle pathology and improves viability of a mouse model of merosin-deficient congenital muscular dystrophy
By: Rooney, JE;Knapp, JR;Hodges, BL;Wuebbles, RD;Burkin, DJ;
Gender differences in rat erythrocyte and brain docosahexaenoic acid composition: role of ovarian hormones and dietary omega-3 fatty acid composition
By: McNamara, RK;Able, J;Jandacek, R;Rider, T;Tso, P;
Morpho-regulation of ectodermal organs: integument pathology and phenotypic variations in K14-Noggin engineered mice through modulation of bone morphogenic protein pathway
By: Plikus, M;Wang, WP;Liu, J;Wang, X;Jiang, TX;Chuong, CM;
Valproic acid activates the PI3K/Akt/mTOR pathway in muscle and ameliorates pathology in a mouse model of Duchenne muscular dystrophy
By: Gurpur, PB;Liu, J;Burkin, DJ;Kaufman, SJ;
Skeletal abnormalities in mice lacking extracellular matrix proteins, thrombospondin-1, thrombospondin-3, thrombospondin-5, and type IX collagen
By: Posey, KL;Hankenson, K;Veerisetty, AC;Bornstein, P;Lawler, J;Hecht, JT;
Fibulin-4 regulates expression of the tropoelastin gene and consequent elastic-fibre formation by human fibroblasts
By: Chen, Q;Zhang, T;Roshetsky, JF;Ouyang, Z;Essers, J;Fan, C;Wang, Q;Hinek, A;Plow, EF;Dicorleto, PE;
By: Jackson, MF;Li, N;Rodgers, BD;
Conjunctival stromal tumor: report of 4 cases
By: Herwig, MC;Wells, JR;Grossniklaus, HE;
Epigenetic changes through DNA methylation contribute to uterine stromal cell decidualization
By: Gao, F;Ma, X;Rusie, A;Hemingway, J;Ostmann, AB;Chung, D;Das, SK;
Early overnutrition results in early-onset arcuate leptin resistance and increased sensitivity to high-fat diet
By: Glavas, MM;Kirigiti, MA;Xiao, XQ;Enriori, PJ;Fisher, SK;Evans, AE;Grayson, BE;Cowley, MA;Smith, MS;Grove, KL;
The thyroid axis is regulated by NCoR1 via its actions in the pituitary
By: Costa-e-Sousa, RH;Astapova, I;Ye, F;Wondisford, FE;Hollenberg, AN;
A surgical model in male obese rats uncovers protective effects of bile acids post-bariatric surgery
By: Kohli, R;Setchell, KD;Kirby, M;Myronovych, A;Ryan, KK;Ibrahim, SH;Berger, J;Smith, K;Toure, M;Woods, SC;Seeley, RJ;
Proliferating macrophages associated with high grade, hormone receptor negative breast cancer and poor clinical outcome
By: Campbell, MJ;Tonlaar, NY;Garwood, ER;Huo, D;Moore, DH;Khramtsov, AI;Au, A;Baehner, F;Chen, Y;Malaka, DO;Lin, A;Adeyanju, OO;Li, S;Gong, C;McGrath, M;Olopade, OI;Esserman, LJ;
Combination of O6-methylguanine-DNA methyltransferase and thymidylate synthase for the prediction of fluoropyrimidine efficacy
By: Nakajima, TE;Yamada, Y;Shimoda, T;Matsubara, J;Kato, K;Hamaguchi, T;Shimada, Y;Okayama, Y;Oka, T;Shirao, K;
Semaphorin 3B is a 1,25-Dihydroxyvitamin D3-induced gene in osteoblasts that promotes osteoclastogenesis and induces osteopenia in mice
By: Sutton, AL;Zhang, X;Dowd, DR;Kharode, YP;Komm, BS;Macdonald, PN;
5-fluorouracil-related gene expression levels in primary colorectal cancer and corresponding liver metastasis
By: Kuramochi, H;Hayashi, K;Uchida, K;Miyakura, S;Shimizu, D;Vallbohmer, D;Park, S;Danenberg, KD;Takasaki, K;Danenberg, PV;
Combined evaluation of dihydropyrimidine dehydrogenase and thymidine phosphorylate mRNA levels in tumor predicts the histopathological effect of 5-fluorouracil-based chemoradiotherapy
By: Tateishi, Y;Tatemoto, Y;Ohno, S;Morishita, K;Ueta, E;Yamamoto, T;
Elevated PCNA+ tumor-associated macrophages in breast cancer are associated with early recurrence and non-Caucasian ethnicity
By: Mukhtar, RA;Moore, AP;Nseyo, O;Baehner, FL;Au, A;Moore, DH;Twomey, P;Campbell, MJ;Esserman, LJ;
Zinc supplementation augments in vivo antitumor effect of chemotherapy by restoring p53 function
By: Margalit, O;Simon, AJ;Yakubov, E;Puca, R;Yosepovich, A;Avivi, C;Jacob-Hirsch, J;Gelernter, I;Harmelin, A;Barshack, I;Rechavi, G;D'Orazi, G;Givol, D;Amariglio, N;
Impacts of fluorouracil-metabolizing enzymes on the outcomes of patients treated with S-1 alone or S-1 plus cisplatin for first-line treatment of advanced gastric cancer
By: Koizumi, W;Tanabe, S;Azuma, M;Ishido, K;Nishimura, K;Sasaki, T;Nakatani, K;Higuchi, K;Nakayama, N;Katada, C;
Molecular determinants of irinotecan efficacy
By: Vallböhmer, D;Iqbal, S;Yang, DY;Rhodes, KE;Zhang, W;Gordon, M;Fazzone, W;Schultheis, AM;Sherrod, AE;Danenberg, KD;Lenz, HJ;
Generating CK19-positive cells with hair-like structures from Wharton's jelly mesenchymal stromal cells
By: Aljitawi, OS;Xiao, Y;Zhang, D;Stehno-Bittel, L;Garimella, R;Hopkins, RA;Detamore, MS;
Prolonged treatment of fair-skinned mice with topical forskolin causes persistent tanning and UV protection
By: Spry, ML;Vanover, JC;Scott, T;Abona-Ama, O;Wakamatsu, K;Ito, S;D'Orazio, JA;
Stem cell factor rescues tyrosinase expression and pigmentation in discreet anatomic locations in albino mice
By: Vanover, JC;Spry, ML;Hamilton, L;Wakamatsu, K;Ito, S;D'Orazio, JA;
In situ forming collagen-hyaluronic acid membrane structures: mechanism of self-assembly and applications in regenerative medicine
By: Chung, EJ;Jakus, AE;Shah, RN;
Endothelin-1 is a transcriptional target of p53 in epidermal keratinocytes and regulates ultraviolet-induced melanocyte homeostasis
By: Hyter, S;Coleman, DJ;Ganguli-Indra, G;Merrill, GF;Ma, S;Yanagisawa, M;Indra, AK;
Hydroxyapatite whisker-reinforced polyetherketoneketone bone ingrowth scaffolds
By: Converse, GL;Conrad, TL;Merrill, CH;Roeder, RK;
Enhanced osteocalcin expression by osteoblast-like cells (MC3T3-E1) exposed to bioactive coating glass (SiO2-CaO-P2O5-MgO-K2O-Na2O system) ions
By: Varanasi, VG;Saiz, E;Loomer, PM;Ancheta, B;Uritani, N;Ho, SP;Tomsia, AP;Marshall, SJ;Marshall, GW;
Impacts of excision repair cross-complementing gene 1 (ERCC1), dihydropyrimidine dehydrogenase, and epidermal growth factor receptor on the outcomes of patients with advanced gastric cancer
By: Matsubara, J;Nishina, T;Yamada, Y;Moriwaki, T;Shimoda, T;Kajiwara, T;Nakajima, TE;Kato, K;Hamaguchi, T;Shimada, Y;Okayama, Y;Oka, T;Shirao, K;
Progenitor cells identified by PDGFR-alpha expression in the developing and diseased human heart
By: Chong, JJ;Reinecke, H;Iwata, M;Torok-Storb, B;Stempien-Otero, A;Murry, CE;
Structure, chemical composition and mechanical properties of human and rat cementum and its interface with root dentin
By: Ho, SP;Yu, B;Yun, W;Marshall, GW;Ryder, MI;Marshall, SJ;
Growth factor supplementation improves native and engineered meniscus repair in vitro
By: Ionescu, LC;Lee, GC;Huang, KL;Mauck, RL;
Low expression of gamma-glutamyl hydrolase mRNA in primary colorectal cancer with the CpG island methylator phenotype
By: Kawakami, K;Ooyama, A;Ruszkiewicz, A;Jin, M;Watanabe, G;Moore, J;Oka, T;Iacopetta, B;Minamoto, T;
A novel chimeric lysin shows superiority to mupirocin for skin decolonization of methicillin-resistant and -sensitive Staphylococcus aureus strains
By: Pastagia, M;Euler, C;Chahales, P;Fuentes-Duculan, J;Krueger, JG;Fischetti, VA;
MR signal characteristics of viable and apoptotic human mesenchymal stem cells in matrix-associated stem cell implants for treatment of osteoarthritis
By: Nedopil, A;Klenk, C;Kim, C;Liu, S;Wendland, M;Golovko, D;Schuster, T;Sennino, B;McDonald, DM;Daldrup-Link, HE;
Aberrant mucosal wound repair in the absence of secretory leukocyte protease inhibitor
By: Angelov, N;Moutsopoulos, N;Jeong, MJ;Nares, S;Ashcroft, G;Wahl, SM;
Adenosine trisphosphate appears to act via different receptors in terminals versus somata of the hypothalamic neurohypophysial system
By: Knott, TK;Hussy, N;Cuadra, AE;Lee, RH;Ortiz-Miranda, S;Custer, EE;Lemos, JR;
Factor VIIa binding to endothelial cell protein C receptor: differences between mouse and human systems
By: Sen, P;Clark, CA;Gopalakrishnan, R;Hedner, U;Esmon, CT;Pendurthi, UR;Rao, LV;
Engineering of blood vessels from acellular collagen matrices coated with human endothelial cells
By: Amiel, GE;Komura, M;Shapira, O;Yoo, JJ;Yazdani, S;Berry, J;Kaushal, S;Bischoff, J;Atala, A;Soker, S;
Molecular determinants in targeted therapy for esophageal adenocarcinoma
By: Vallböhmer, D;Peters, JH;Kuramochi, H;Oh, D;Yang, D;Shimizu, D;DeMeester, SR;Hagen, JA;Chandrasoma, PT;Danenberg, KD;Danenberg, PV;DeMeester, TR;
Prospective evaluation to establish a dose response for clinical oral mucositis in patients undergoing head-and-neck conformal radiotherapy
By: Narayan, S;Lehmann, J;Coleman, MA;Vaughan, A;Yang, CC;Enepekides, D;Farwell, G;Purdy, JA;Laredo, G;Nolan, K;Pearson, FS;Vijayakumar, S;
Quantitation of fixative-induced morphologic and antigenic variation in mouse and human breast cancers
By: Cardiff, RD;Hubbard, NE;Engelberg, JA;Munn, RJ;Miller, CH;Walls, JE;Chen, JQ;Velásquez-García, HA;Galvez, JJ;Bell, KJ;Beckett, LA;Li, YJ;Borowsky, AD;
Mitotic spindle defects and chromosome mis-segregation induced by LDL/cholesterol-implications for Niemann-Pick C1, Alzheimer's disease, and atherosclerosis
By: Granic, A;Potter, H;
Long-term post-stroke changes include myelin loss, specific deficits in sensory and motor behaviors and complex cognitive impairment detected using active place avoidance
By: Zhou, J;Zhuang, J;Li, J;Ooi, E;Bloom, J;Poon, C;Lax, D;Rosenbaum, DM;Barone, FC;
SCD1 Expression is dispensable for hepatocarcinogenesis induced by AKT and Ras oncogenes in mice
By: Li, L;Wang, C;Calvisi, DF;Evert, M;Pilo, MG;Jiang, L;Yuneva, M;Chen, X;
The prognostic implications of macrophages expressing proliferating cell nuclear antigen in breast cancer depend on immune context
By: Campbell, MJ;Wolf, D;Mukhtar, RA;Tandon, V;Yau, C;Au, A;Baehner, F;van't Veer, L;Berry, D;Esserman, LJ;
Perinatal exposure to a high-fat diet is associated with reduced hepatic sympathetic innervation in one-year old male Japanese macaques
By: Grant, WF;Nicol, LE;Thorn, SR;Grove, KL;Friedman, JE;Marks, DL;
A low-cost microfluidic chip for rapid genotyping of malaria-transmitting mosquitoes
By: Liu, C;Mauk, MG;Hart, R;Bonizzoni, M;Yan, G;Bau, HH;
Skin regeneration in adult axolotls: a blueprint for scar-free healing in vertebrates
By: Seifert, AW;Monaghan, JR;Voss, SR;Maden, M;
Dysregulation of anti-inflammatory annexin A1 expression in progressive Crohns Disease
By: Sena, A;Grishina, I;Thai, A;Goulart, L;Macal, M;Fenton, A;Li, J;Prindiville, T;Oliani, SM;Dandekar, S;Goulart, L;Sankaran-Walters, S;
Amelioration of experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis by anatabine
By: Paris, D;Beaulieu-Abdelahad, D;Mullan, M;Ait-Ghezala, G;Mathura, V;Bachmeier, C;Crawford, F;Mullan, MJ;
Reversible behavioral deficits in rats during a cycle of demyelination-remyelination of the fimbria
By: Grin'kina, NM;Abdel-Baki, SG;Bergold, PJ;
p-Coumaric acid, a constituent of Sasa quelpaertensis Nakai, inhibits cellular melanogenesis stimulated by alpha-melanocyte stimulating hormone
By: An, SM;Lee, SI;Choi, SW;Moon, SW;Boo, YC;
Nicotinamide inhibits vasculogenic mimicry, an alternative vascularization pathway observed in highly aggressive melanoma
By: Itzhaki, O;Greenberg, E;Shalmon, B;Kubi, A;Treves, AJ;Shapira-Frommer, R;Avivi, C;Ortenberg, R;Ben-Ami, E;Schachter, J;Besser, MJ;Markel, G;
Human colonic crypts in culture: segregation of immunochemical markers in normal versus adenoma-derived
By: Dame, MK;Jiang, Y;Appelman, HD;Copley, KD;McClintock, SD;Aslam, MN;Attili, D;Elmunzer, BJ;Brenner, DE;Varani, J;Turgeon, DK;
Improved bone morphogenetic protein-2 retention in an injectable collagen matrix using bifunctional peptides
By: Hamilton, PT;Jansen, MS;Ganesan, S;Benson, RE;Hyde-Deruyscher, R;Beyer, WF;Gile, JC;Nair, SA;Hodges, JA;Grøn, H;
Identification and characterization of repopulating spermatogonial stem cells from the adult human testis
By: Izadyar, F;Wong, J;Maki, C;Pacchiarotti, J;Ramos, T;Howerton, K;Yuen, C;Greilach, S;Zhao, HH;Chow, M;Chow, YC;Rao, J;Barritt, J;Bar-Chama, N;Copperman, A;
Selective ablation of Ctip2/Bcl11b in epidermal keratinocytes triggers atopic dermatitis-like skin inflammatory responses in adult mice
By: Wang, Z;Zhang, LJ;Guha, G;Li, S;Kyrylkova, K;Kioussi, C;Leid, M;Ganguli-Indra, G;Indra, AK;
Matrix metalloproteinase-9 inhibition improves proliferation and engraftment of myogenic cells in dystrophic muscle of mdx mice
By: Hindi, SM;Shin, J;Ogura, Y;Li, H;Kumar, A;
Inhibition of epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition and pulmonary fibrosis by methacycline
By: Xi, Y;Tan, K;Brumwell, AN;Chen, SC;Kim, YH;Kim, TJ;Wei, Y;Chapman, HA;
Mechanisms of hearing loss after blast injury to the ear
By: Cho, SI;Gao, SS;Xia, A;Wang, R;Salles, FT;Raphael, PD;Abaya, H;Wachtel, J;Baek, J;Jacobs, D;Rasband, MN;Oghalai, JS;
Delayed cutaneous wound healing and aberrant expression of hair follicle stem cell markers in mice selectively lacking Ctip2 in epidermis
By: Liang, X;Bhattacharya, S;Bajaj, G;Guha, G;Wang, Z;Jang, HS;Leid, M;Indra, AK;Ganguli-Indra, G;
Leukocytes are recruited through the bronchial circulation to the lung in a spontaneously hypertensive rat model of COPD
By: Davis, BB;Shen, YH;Tancredi, DJ;Flores, V;Davis, RP;Pinkerton, KE;
Selective ablation of Ctip2/Bcl11b in epidermal keratinocytes triggers atopic dermatitis-like skin inflammatory responses in adult mice
By: Wang, Z;Zhang, LJ;Guha, G;Li, S;Kyrylkova, K;Kioussi, C;Leid, M;Ganguli-Indra, G;Indra, AK;
Insulin concentration modulates hepatic lipid accumulation in mice in part via transcriptional regulation of fatty acid transport proteins
By: Softic, S;Kirby, M;Berger, NG;Shroyer, NF;Woods, SC;Kohli, R;
Characterization of oncocytes in deep esophageal glands
By: Gonzalez, G;Huang, Q;Mashimo, H;
Use of a soluble epoxide hydrolase inhibitor in smoke-induced chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
By: Wang, L;Yang, J;Guo, L;Uyeminami, D;Dong, H;Hammock, BD;Pinkerton, KE;
Accelerated calvarial healing in mice lacking Toll-like receptor 4
By: Wang, D;Gilbert, JR;Cray, JJ;Kubala, AA;Shaw, MA;Billiar, TR;Cooper, GM;
Minocycline synergizes with N-acetylcysteine and improves cognition and memory following traumatic brain injury in rats
By: Abdel Baki, SG;Schwab, B;Haber, M;Fenton, AA;Bergold, PJ;
Organic dust, lipopolysaccharide, and peptidoglycan inhalant exposures result in bone loss/disease
By: Dusad, A;Thiele, GM;Klassen, LW;Gleason, AM;Bauer, C;Mikuls, TR;Duryee, MJ;West, WW;Romberger, DJ;Poole, JA;
Systemic Delivery of siRNA Down Regulates Brain Prion Protein and Ameliorates Neuropathology in Prion Disorder
By: Lehmann, S;Relano-Gines, A;Resina, S;Brillaud, E;Casanova, D;Vincent, C;Hamela, C;Poupeau, S;Laffont, M;Gabelle, A;Delaby, C;Belondrade, M;Arnaud, JD;Alvarez, MT;Maurel, JC;Maurel, P;Crozet, C;
Effects of late administration of pentoxifylline and tocotrienols in an image-guided rat model of localized heart irradiation
By: Sridharan, V;Tripathi, P;Sharma, S;Corry, PM;Moros, EG;Singh, A;Compadre, CM;Hauer-Jensen, M;Boerma, M;
Neuronal deletion of caspase 8 protects against brain injury in mouse models of controlled cortical impact and kainic acid-induced excitotoxicity
By: Krajewska, M;You, Z;Rong, J;Kress, C;Huang, X;Yang, J;Kyoda, T;Leyva, R;Banares, S;Hu, Y;Sze, CH;Whalen, MJ;Salmena, L;Hakem, R;Head, BP;Reed, JC;Krajewski, S;
Cigarette smoke induces nucleic-acid oxidation in lung fibroblasts
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Pharmacological induction of transforming growth factor-beta1 in rat models enhances radiation injury in the intestine and the heart
By: Boerma, M;Wang, J;Sridharan, V;Herbert, JM;Hauer-Jensen, M;
Dietary iron deficiency compromises normal development of elastic fibers in the aorta and lungs of chicks
By: Hill, CH;Ashwell, CM;Nolin, SJ;Keeley, F;Billingham, C;Hinek, A;Starcher, B;
A new small cell lung cancer (SCLC)-specific marker discovered through antigenic subtraction of neuroblastoma cells
By: Krueger, P;Nitz, C;Foster, R;MacDonald, C;Gelber, O;Lalehzadeh, G;Goodson, R;Winter, J;Gelber, C;
Intratumoral expression profiling of genes involved in angiogenesis in colorectal cancer patients treated with chemotherapy plus the VEGFR inhibitor PTK787/ZK 222584 (vatalanib)
By: Wilson, PM;Yang, D;Azuma, M;Shi, MM;Danenberg, KD;Lebwohl, D;Sherrod, A;Ladner, RD;Zhang, W;Danenberg, PV;Trarbach, T;Folprecht, G;Meinhardt, G;Lenz, HJ;
TS and ERCC-1 mRNA expressions and clinical outcome in patients with metastatic colon cancer in CONFIRM-1 and -2 clinical trials
By: Grimminger, PP;Shi, M;Barrett, C;Lebwohl, D;Danenberg, KD;Brabender, J;Vigen, CL;Danenberg, PV;Winder, T;Lenz, HJ;
Antigen-specific therapy promotes repair of myelin and axonal damage in established EAE
By: Wang, C;Gold, BG;Kaler, LJ;Yu, X;Afentoulis, ME;Burrows, GG;Vandenbark, AA;Bourdette, DN;Offner, H;
RNAscope: a novel in situ RNA analysis platform for formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded tissues
By: Wang, F;Flanagan, J;Su, N;Wang, LC;Bui, S;Nielson, A;Wu, X;Vo, HT;Ma, XJ;Luo, Y;
More than hypomyelination in Pol-III disorder
By: Vanderver, A;Tonduti, D;Bernard, G;Lai, J;Rossi, C;Carosso, G;Quezado, M;Wong, K;Schiffmann, R;
Pigment-independent cAMP-mediated epidermal thickening protects against cutaneous UV injury by keratinocyte proliferation
By: Scott, TL;Christian, PA;Kesler, MV;Donohue, KM;Shelton, B;Wakamatsu, K;Ito, S;D'Orazio, J;
Passive cigarette smoke exposure inhibits ultraviolet light B-induced skin tumors in SKH-1 hairless mice by blocking the nuclear factor kappa B signalling pathway
By: Gottipati, KR;Poulsen, H;Starcher, B;
Adenosquamous carcinoma of the skin: a case series
By: Fu, JM;McCalmont, T;Yu, SS;
Raman spectroscopy for the non-contact and non-destructive monitoring of collagen damage within tissues
By: Votteler, M;Carvajal Berrio, DA;Pudlas, M;Walles, H;Stock, UA;Schenke-Layland, K;
A combination of secondhand cigarette smoke and Chlamydia pneumoniae accelerates atherosclerosis
By: Zhao, X;Bu, DX;Hayfron, K;Pinkerton, KE;Bevins, CL;Lichtman, A;Wiedeman, J;
Detection of hydroxyapatite in calcified cardiovascular tissues
By: Lee, JS;Morrisett, JD;Tung, CH;
Injury induced neointima formation and its inhibition by retrovirus-mediated transfer of nitride oxide synthase gene in an in-vitro human saphenous vein culture model
By: Yu, H;Kumar, SR;Tang, L;Terramani, TT;Rowe, VL;Wang, Y;Nathwani, RA;Weaver, FA;Eton, D;
Expression of the cysteine protease legumain in vascular lesions and functional implications in atherogenesis
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Nitric oxide inhibits surfactant protein B gene expression in lung epithelial cells
By: Salinas, D;Sparkman, L;Berhane, K;Boggaram, V;
Acylation of the lipooligosaccharide of Haemophilus influenzae and colonization: an htrB mutation diminishes the colonization of human airway epithelial cells
By: Swords, WE;Chance, DL;Cohn, LA;Shao, J;Apicella, MA;Smith, AL;
Pulmonary veins in the normal lung and pulmonary hypertension due to left heart disease
By: Hunt, JM;Bethea, B;Liu, X;Gandjeva, A;Mammen, PP;Stacher, E;Gandjeva, MR;Parish, E;Perez, M;Smith, L;Graham, BB;Kuebler, WM;Tuder, RM;
Neuraminidase-1 is required for the normal assembly of elastic fibers
By: Starcher, B;d'Azzo, A;Keller, PW;Rao, GK;Nadarajah, D;Hinek, A;
Abrogation of neuraminidase reduces biofilm formation, capsule biosynthesis, and virulence of Porphyromonas gingivalis
By: Li, C;Kurniyati, ;Hu, B;Bian, J;Sun, J;Zhang, W;Liu, J;Pan, Y;Li, C;
Regulation of fat storage and reproduction by Krüppel-like transcription factor KLF3 and fat-associated genes in Caenorhabditis elegans
By: Zhang, J;Bakheet, R;Parhar, RS;Huang, CH;Hussain, MM;Pan, X;Siddiqui, SS;Hashmi, S;
Evaluation of the novel USPIO GEH121333 for MR imaging of cancer immune responses
By: Shi, Q;Pisani, LJ;Lee, YK;Messing, S;Ansari, C;Bhaumik, S;Lowery, L;Lee, BD;Meyer, DE;Daldrup-Link, HE;
A type XI collagen mutation leads to increased degradation of type II collagen in articular cartilage
By: Rodriguez, RR;Seegmiller, RE;Stark, MR;Bridgewater, LC;
Effect of perinatal secondhand tobacco smoke exposure on in vivo and intrinsic airway structure/function in non-human primates
By: Joad, JP;Kott, KS;Bric, JM;Peake, JL;Pinkerton, KE;
The effects of inhaled corticosteroids on intrinsic responsiveness and histology of airways from infant monkeys exposed to house dust mite allergen and ozone
By: Joad, JP;Kott, KS;Bric, JM;Schelegle, ES;Gershwin, LJ;Plopper, CG;Peake, JL;Pinkerton, KE;
Regulation of lipoprotein assembly, secretion and fatty acid ?-oxidation by Krüppel-like transcription factor, klf-3
By: Zhang, J;Hashmi, S;Cheema, F;Al-Nasser, N;Bakheet, R;Parhar, RS;Al-Mohanna, F;Gaugler, R;Hussain, MM;Hashmi, S;
Injections of adipose tissue-derived stem cells and stem cell lysate improve recovery of erectile function in a rat model of cavernous nerve injury
By: Albersen, M;Fandel, TM;Lin, G;Wang, G;Banie, L;Lin, CS;Lue, TF;
P2X7 receptors in neurohypophysial terminals: evidence for their role in arginine-vasopressin secretion
By: Cuadra, AE;Custer, EE;Bosworth, EL;Lemos, JR;
Structural and functional localization of airway effects from episodic exposure of infant monkeys to allergen and/or ozone
By: Joad, JP;Kott, KS;Bric, JM;Peake, JL;Plopper, CG;Schelegle, ES;Gershwin, LJ;Pinkerton, KE;
The effect of intracavernous injection of adipose tissue-derived stem cells on hyperlipidemia-associated erectile dysfunction in a rat model
By: Huang, YC;Ning, H;Shindel, AW;Fandel, TM;Lin, G;Harraz, AM;Lue, TF;Lin, CS;
Identification of the V600D mutation in Exon 15 of the BRAF oncogene in congenital, benign langerhans cell histiocytosis
By: Kansal, R;Quintanilla-Martinez, L;Datta, V;Lopategui, J;Garshfield, G;Nathwani, BN;
Regulation of maternal and fetal hemodynamics by heme oxygenase in mice
By: Zhao, H;Wong, RJ;Doyle, TC;Nayak, N;Vreman, HJ;Contag, CH;Stevenson, DK;
Partial carotid ligation is a model of acutely induced disturbed flow, leading to rapid endothelial dysfunction and atherosclerosis
By: Nam, D;Ni, CW;Rezvan, A;Suo, J;Budzyn, K;Llanos, A;Harrison, D;Giddens, D;Jo, H;
Neointimal hyperplasia on a cell-seeded polytetrafluoroethylene graft is promoted by transfer of tissue plasminogen activator gene and inhibited by transfer of nitric oxide synthase gene
By: Yu, H;Dai, W;Yang, Z;Romaguera, RL;Kirkman, P;Rowe, VL;
Asynchronous expression of the homeodomain protein CUX1 in Sertoli cells and spermatids during spermatogenesis in mice
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Maternal heme oxygenase 1 regulates placental vasculature development via angiogenic factors in mice
By: Zhao, H;Azuma, J;Kalish, F;Wong, RJ;Stevenson, DK;
Serum lactate dehydrogenase levels and glycolysis significantly correlate with tumor VEGFA and VEGFR expression in metastatic CRC patients
By: Azuma, M;Shi, M;Danenberg, KD;Gardner, H;Barrett, C;Jacques, CJ;Sherod, A;Iqbal, S;El-Khoueiry, A;Yang, D;Zhang, W;Danenberg, PV;Lenz, HJ;
Correlation of a simple direct measurement of muscle pO(2) to a clinical ischemia index and histology in a rat model of chronic severe hindlimb ischemia
By: Paek, R;Chang, DS;Brevetti, LS;Rollins, MD;Brady, S;Ursell, PC;Hunt, TK;Sarkar, R;Messina, LM;
Age-dependent increases in interstitial collagenase and MAP Kinase levels are exacerbated by superoxide dismutase deficiencies
By: Dasgupta, J;Kar, S;Van Remmen, H;Melendez, JA;
Zebrafish as a Natural Host Model for Vibrio cholerae Colonization and Transmission
By: Runft, DL;Mitchell, KC;Abuaita, BH;Allen, JP;Bajer, S;Ginsburg, K;Neely, MN;Withey, JH;
Intrinsic mechanical properties of the extracellular matrix affect the behavior of pre-osteoblastic MC3T3-E1 cells
By: Khatiwala, CB;Peyton, SR;Putnam, AJ;
Omega-3 fatty acid deficiency during perinatal development increases serotonin turnover in the prefrontal cortex and decreases midbrain tryptophan hydroxylase-2 expression in adult female rats: dissoc
By: McNamara, RK;Able, J;Liu, Y;Jandacek, R;Rider, T;Tso, P;Lipton, JW;
Special stains can distinguish hepatic necrosis with regenerative nodules from cirrhosis
By: Ferrell, LD;Greenberg, MS;
Suppression of melanogenesis by a newly synthesized compound, MHY966 via the nitric oxide/protein kinase G signaling pathway in murine skin
By: Choi, YJ;Uehara, Y;Park, JY;Chung, KW;Ha, YM;Kim, JM;Song, YM;Chun, P;Park, JW;Moon, HR;Chung, HY;
Liver regeneration is suppressed in small-for-size liver grafts after transplantation: involvement of c-Jun N-terminal kinase, cyclin D1, and defective energy supply
By: Zhong, Z;Schwabe, RF;Kai, Y;He, L;Yang, L;Bunzendahl, H;Brenner, DA;Lemasters, JJ;
Human lung cancer cells grown on acellular rat lung matrix create perfusable tumor nodules
By: Mishra, DK;Thrall, MJ;Baird, BN;Ott, HC;Blackmon, SH;Kurie, JM;Kim, MP;
Reconstruction of pulmonary artery with porcine small intestinal submucosa in a lamb surgical model: Viability and growth potential
By: Boni, L;Chalajour, F;Sasaki, T;Snyder, RL;Boyd, WD;Riemer, RK;Reddy, VM;
The immunomodulatory protein B7-H4 is overexpressed in breast and ovarian cancers and promotes epithelial cell transformation
By: Salceda, S;Tang, T;Kmet, M;Munteanu, A;Ghosh, M;Macina, R;Liu, W;Pilkington, G;Papkoff, J;
Comparative analysis of ear-hole closure identifies epimorphic regeneration as a discrete trait in mammals
By: Gawriluk, TR;Simkin, J;Thompson, KL;Biswas, SK;Clare-Salzler, Z;Kimani, JM;Kiama, SG;Smith, JJ;Ezenwa, VO;Seifert, AW;
Vertical sleeve gastrectomy reduces hepatic steatosis while increasing serum bile acids in a weight-loss-independent manner
By: Myronovych, A;Kirby, M;Ryan, KK;Zhang, W;Jha, P;Setchell, KD;Dexheimer, PJ;Aronow, B;Seeley, RJ;Kohli, R;
Survivin: a novel neuroendocrine marker for pheochromocytoma
By: Koch, CA;Vortmeyer, AO;Diallo, R;Poremba, C;Giordano, TJ;Sanders, D;Bornstein, SR;Chrousos, GP;Pacak, K;
Optimized adeno-associated virus 8 produces hepatocyte-specific Cre-mediated recombination without toxicity or affecting liver regeneration
By: Ho, KJ;Bass, CE;Kroemer, AH;Ma, C;Terwilliger, E;Karp, SJ;
Heme oxygenase-1 deficiency promotes the development of necrotizing enterocolitis-like intestinal injury in a newborn mouse model
By: Schulz, S;Wong, RJ;Jang, KY;Kalish, F;Chisholm, KM;Zhao, H;Vreman, HJ;Sylvester, KG;Stevenson, DK;
Upregulation of CD39/NTPDases and P2 receptors in human pancreatic disease
By: Künzli, BM;Berberat, PO;Giese, T;Csizmadia, E;Kaczmarek, E;Baker, C;Halaceli, I;Büchler, MW;Friess, H;Robson, SC;
Increased plasma corticosterone contributes to the development of alcoholic fatty liver in mice
By: Sun, X;Luo, W;Tan, X;Li, Q;Zhao, Y;Zhong, W;Sun, X;Brouwer, C;Zhou, Z;
Adipose stem cell side population in the mouse
By: Ramos, TV;Wang, T;Maki, CB;Pascual, M;Izadyar, F;
Regulation of fibronectin-EDA through CTGF domain-specific interactions with TGF?2 and its receptor TGF?RII
By: Khankan, R;Oliver, N;He, S;Ryan, SJ;Hinton, DR;
Induction of bone loss in DBA/1J mice immunized with citrullinated autologous mouse type II collagen in the absence of adjuvant
By: Dusad, A;Duryee, MJ;Shaw, AT;Klassen, LW;Anderson, DR;Wang, D;Ren, K;Gravallese, EM;O'Dell, JR;Mikuls, TR;Thiele, GM;
Environmental tobacco smoke and progesterone alter lung inflammation and mucous metaplasia in a mouse model of allergic airway disease
By: Mitchell, VL;Van Winkle, LS;Gershwin, LJ;
Survivin, a potential biomarker in the development of Barrett's adenocarcinoma
By: Vallböhmer, D;Peters, JH;Oh, D;Kuramochi, H;Shimizu, D;Demeester, SR;Hagen, JA;Chandrasoma, PT;Danenberg, KD;DeMeester, TR;Danenberg, P;
Environmental enrichment improves recent but not remote memory in association with a modified brain metabolic activation profile in adult mice
By: Leger, M;Bouet, V;Freret, T;Darmaillacq, AS;Dacher, M;Dauphin, F;Boulouard, M;Schumann-Bard, P;
Comparison of immunopathology and locomotor recovery in C57BL/6, BUB/BnJ, and NOD-SCID mice after contusion spinal cord injury
By: Luchetti, S;Beck, KD;Galvan, MD;Silva, R;Cummings, BJ;Anderson, AJ;
The relationship between proangiogenic gene expression levels in prostate cancer and their prognostic value for clinical outcomes
By: Mori, R;Dorff, TB;Xiong, S;Tarabolous, CJ;Ye, W;Groshen, S;Danenberg, KD;Danenberg, PV;Pinski, JK;
Both beta-actin and GAPDH are useful reference genes for normalization of quantitative RT-PCR in human FFPE tissue samples of prostate cancer
By: Mori, R;Wang, Q;Danenberg, KD;Pinski, JK;Danenberg, PV;
Postnatal constriction, ATP depletion, and cell death in the mature and immature ductus arteriosus
By: Levin, M;McCurnin, D;Seidner, SR;Yoder, B;Waleh, N;Goldbarg, S;Roman, C;Liu, BM;Borén, J;Clyman, RI;
Expression of CYP1C1 and CYP1A in Fundulus heteroclitus during PAH-induced carcinogenesis
By: Wang, L;Camus, AC;Dong, W;Thornton, C;Willett, KL;
Histopathological alterations of juvenile green (Acipenser medirostris) and white sturgeon (Acipenser transmontanus) exposed to graded levels of dietary methylmercury
By: Lee, JW;Kim, JW;De Riu, N;Moniello, G;Hung, SS;
Benzo[a]pyrene effects on glycine N-methyltransferase mRNA expression and enzyme activity in Fundulus heteroclitus embryos
By: Fang, X;Dong, W;Thornton, C;Willett, KL;
Spatial distribution and extent of electroporation by strong internal shock in intact structurally normal and chronically infarcted rabbit hearts
By: Kim, SC;Vasanji, A;Efimov, IR;Cheng, Y;
Benzo(a)pyrene decreases brain and ovarian aromatase mRNA expression in Fundulus heteroclitus
By: Dong, W;Wang, L;Thornton, C;Scheffler, BE;Willett, KL;
Disinfection of root canals with photon-initiated photoacoustic streaming
By: Peters, OA;Bardsley, S;Fong, J;Pandher, G;Divito, E;
Matrix metalloproteinase-2 or -9 deletions protect against hemorrhagic transformation during early stage of cerebral ischemia and reperfusion
By: Suofu, Y;Clark, JF;Broderick, JP;Kurosawa, Y;Wagner, KR;Lu, A;
Simultaneous in vivo imaging of melanin and lipofuscin in the retina with photoacoustic ophthalmoscopy and autofluorescence imaging
By: Zhang, X;Zhang, HF;Puliafito, CA;Jiao, S;
Heavy metal and mineral concentrations and their relationship to histopathological findings in the bowhead whale (Balaena mysticetus)
By: Rosa, C;Blake, JE;Bratton, GR;Dehn, LA;Gray, MJ;O'Hara, TM;
Efficacy of laser capture microdissection plus RT-PCR technique in analyzing gene expression levels in human gastric cancer and colon cancer
By: Makino, H;Uetake, H;Danenberg, K;Danenberg, PV;Sugihara, K;
An animal model to study lower urinary tract symptoms and erectile dysfunction: the hyperlipidaemic rat
By: Rahman, NU;Phonsombat, S;Bochinski, D;Carrion, RE;Nunes, L;Lue, TF;
Quantitative analysis of micro-CT imaging and histopathological signatures of experimental arthritis in rats
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Microspheres targeted with a mesothelin antibody and loaded with doxorubicin reduce tumor volume of human mesotheliomas in xenografts
By: Macura, SL;Steinbacher, JL;Macpherson, MB;Lathrop, MJ;Sayan, M;Hillegass, JM;Beuschel, SL;Perkins, TN;Spiess, PC;van der Vliet, A;Butnor, KJ;Shukla, A;Wadsworth, M;Landry, CC;Mossman, BT;
In vivo magnetic resonance imaging and optical imaging comparison of viable and nonviable mesenchymal stem cells with a bifunctional label
By: Sutton, EJ;Henning, TD;Boddington, S;Demos, S;Krug, C;Meier, R;Kornak, J;Zhao, S;Baehner, R;Sharifi, S;Daldrup-Link, H;
Thymidylate synthase, dihydropyrimidine dehydrogenase, ERCC1, and thymidine phosphorylase gene expression in primary and metastatic gastrointestinal adenocarcinoma tissue in patients treated on a phas
By: Uchida, K;Danenberg, PV;Danenberg, KD;Grem, JL;
Loss of heterozygosity at thymidylate synthase locus in Barrett's metaplasia, dysplasia, and carcinoma sequences
By: Kuramochi, H;Uchida, K;Peters, JH;Shimizu, D;Vallbohmer, D;Schneider, S;Danenberg, KD;Danenberg, PV;
The multi-hit hypothesis of primary biliary cirrhosis: polyinosinic-polycytidylic acid (poly I:C) and murine autoimmune cholangitis
By: Ambrosini, YM;Yang, GX;Zhang, W;Tsuda, M;Shu, S;Tsuneyama, K;Leung, PS;Ansari, AA;Coppel, RL;Gershwin, ME;
Local expression of CYP19A1 and CYP19A2 in developing and adult killifish (Fundulus heteroclitus)
By: Dong, W;Willett, KL;
Reducing estrogen synthesis in developing boars increases testis size and total sperm production
By: At-Taras, EE;Berger, T;McCarthy, MJ;Conley, AJ;Nitta-Oda, BJ;Roser, JF;
MMP-28 as a regulator of myelination
By: Werner, SR;Dotzlaf, JE;Smith, RC;
Lrp5 and Lrp6 play compensatory roles in mouse intestinal development
By: Zhong, Z;Baker, JJ;Zylstra-Diegel, CR;Williams, BO;
In vitro expression of androgen and estrogen receptors in prepubertal and adult rat epididymis
By: Zaya, R;Hennick, C;Pearl, CA;
AhR-mediated gene expression in the developing mouse telencephalon
By: Gohlke, JM;Stockton, PS;Sieber, S;Foley, J;Portier, CJ;
Selective ablation of surface enamel caries with a pulsed Nd:YAG dental laser
By: Harris, DM;White, JM;Goodis, H;Arcoria, CJ;Simon, J;Carpenter, WM;Fried, D;Burkart, J;Yessik, M;Myers, T;
Evaluation of adult equine bone marrow- and adipose-derived progenitor cell chondrogenesis in hydrogel cultures
By: Kisiday, JD;Kopesky, PW;Evans, CH;Grodzinsky, AJ;McIlwraith, CW;Frisbie, DD;
Liver X receptor activation decreases the severity of experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis
By: Hindinger, C;Hinton, DR;Kirwin, SJ;Atkinson, RD;Burnett, ME;Bergmann, CC;Stohlman, SA;
Effect of heme oxygenase-1 deficiency on placental development
By: Zhao, H;Wong, RJ;Kalish, FS;Nayak, NR;Stevenson, DK;
In vitro and in vivo optimization of infrared laser treatment for injured peripheral nerves
By: Anders, JJ;Moges, H;Wu, X;Erbele, ID;Alberico, SL;Saidu, EK;Smith, JT;Pryor, BA;
Expression of Pbx1b during mammalian organogenesis
By: Schnabel, CA;Selleri, L;Jacobs, Y;Warnke, R;Cleary, ML;
Implications of adipose-derived stromal cells in a 3D culture system for osteogenic differentiation: an in vitro and in vivo investigation
By: Shen, FH;Werner, BC;Liang, H;Shang, H;Yang, N;Li, X;Shimer, AL;Balian, G;Katz, AJ;
Inducible immortality in hTERT-human mesenchymal stem cells
By: Piper, SL;Wang, M;Yamamoto, A;Malek, F;Luu, A;Kuo, AC;Kim, HT;
A novel strategy of spine defect repair with a degradable bioactive scaffold preloaded with adipose-derived stromal cells
By: Liang, H;Li, X;Shimer, AL;Balian, G;Shen, FH;
Differentiation of human bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells on decellularized extracellular matrix materials
By: Hoganson, DM;Meppelink, AM;Hinkel, CJ;Goldman, SM;Liu, XH;Nunley, RM;Gaut, JP;Vacanti, JP;
Adhesion of mesenchymal stem cells to polymer scaffolds occurs via distinct ECM ligands and controls their osteogenic differentiation
By: Chastain, SR;Kundu, AK;Dhar, S;Calvert, JW;Putnam, AJ;
Immunotherapy with injectable hydrogels to treat obstructive nephropathy
By: Soranno, DE;Lu, HD;Weber, HM;Rai, R;Burdick, JA;
Inorganic-organic hybrid scaffolds for osteochondral regeneration
By: Munoz-Pinto, DJ;McMahon, RE;Kanzelberger, MA;Jimenez-Vergara, AC;Grunlan, MA;Hahn, MS;
Astrocyte expression of a dominant-negative interferon-gamma receptor
By: Hindinger, C;Gonzalez, JM;Bergmann, CC;Fuss, B;Hinton, DR;Atkinson, RD;Macklin, WB;Stohlman, SA;
Adjuvant-induced arthritis induces c-Fos chronically in neurons in the hippocampus
By: Carter, JL;Lubahn, C;Lorton, D;Osredkar, T;Der, TC;Schaller, J;Evelsizer, S;Flowers, S;Ruff, N;Reese, B;Bellinger, DL;
Notch pathway regulation of neural crest cell development in vivo
By: Mead, TJ;Yutzey, KE;
Angioneural crosstalk in scaffolds with oriented microchannels for regenerative spinal cord injury repair
By: Saglam, A;Perets, A;Canver, AC;Li, HL;Kollins, K;Cohen, G;Fischer, I;Lazarovici, P;Lelkes, PI;
Membrane-type 1 matrix metalloproteinase is required for normal alveolar development
By: Atkinson, JJ;Holmbeck, K;Yamada, S;Birkedal-Hansen, H;Parks, WC;Senior, RM;
Effect of an experimental proteasome inhibitor on the cytoskeleton, cytosolic protein turnover, and induction in the neuronal cells in vitro
By: Csizmadia, V;Raczynski, A;Csizmadia, E;Fedyk, ER;Rottman, J;Alden, CL;
In vitro evaluation of elastin-like polypeptide-collagen composite scaffold for bone tissue engineering
By: Amruthwar, SS;Janorkar, AV;
Liganded vitamin D receptor displays anti-hypertrophic activity in the murine heart
By: Chen, S;Gardner, DG;
VE-cadherin-CreERT2 transgenic mouse: a model for inducible recombination in the endothelium
By: Monvoisin, A;Alva, JA;Hofmann, JJ;Zovein, AC;Lane, TF;Iruela-Arispe, ML;
A virulent strain of porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus does not up-regulate interleukin-10 levels in vitro or in vivo
By: Subramaniam, S;Sur, JH;Kwon, B;Pattnaik, AK;Osorio, FA;
Dual inhibition of ?-oryzanol on cellular melanogenesis: inhibition of tyrosinase activity and reduction of melanogenic gene expression by a protein kinase A-dependent mechanism
By: Jun, HJ;Lee, JH;Cho, BR;Seo, WD;Kang, HW;Kim, DW;Cho, KJ;Lee, SJ;
IL-33 accelerates cutaneous wound healing involved in upregulation of alternatively activated macrophages
By: Yin, H;Li, X;Hu, S;Liu, T;Yuan, B;Gu, H;Ni, Q;Zhang, X;Zheng, F;
Ospemifene inhibits the growth of dimethylbenzanthracene-induced mammary tumors in Sencar mice
By: Wurz, GT;Read, KC;Marchisano-Karpman, C;Gregg, JP;Beckett, LA;Yu, Q;Degregorio, MW;
A mutation in the start codon of ?-crystallin D leads to nuclear cataracts in the Dahl SS/Jr-Ctr strain
By: Johnson, AC;Lee, JW;Harmon, AC;Morris, Z;Wang, X;Fratkin, J;Rapp, JP;Gomez-Sanchez, E;Garrett, MR;
Vitamin E provides protection for bone in mature hindlimb unloaded male rats
By: Smith, BJ;Lucas, EA;Turner, RT;Evans, GL;Lerner, MR;Brackett, DJ;Stoecker, BJ;Arjmandi, BH;
Genetic analysis of congenital cystic adenomatoid malformation reveals a novel pulmonary gene: fatty acid binding protein-7 (brain type)
By: Wagner, AJ;Stumbaugh, A;Tigue, Z;Edmondson, J;Paquet, AC;Farmer, DL;Hawgood, S;
Epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) mRNA levels and protein expression levels in primary colorectal cancer and corresponding liver metastases
By: Kuramochi, H;Hayashi, K;Nakajima, G;Kamikozuru, H;Yamamoto, M;Danenberg, KD;Danenberg, PV;
Combined VEGF and LMP-1 delivery enhances osteoprogenitor cell differentiation and ectopic bone formation
By: Wang, X;Cui, F;Madhu, V;Dighe, AS;Balian, G;Cui, Q;
The role of monocyte-derived cells and inflammation in baboon ductus arteriosus remodeling
By: Waleh, N;Seidner, S;McCurnin, D;Yoder, B;Liu, BM;Roman, C;Mauray, F;Clyman, RI;
Effect of light exposure on metalloporphyrin-treated newborn mice
By: Schulz, S;Wong, RJ;Kalish, FS;Zhao, H;Jang, KY;Vreman, HJ;Stevenson, DK;
Quantitative, tissue-specific analysis of cyclooxygenase gene expression in the pathogenesis of Barrett's adenocarcinoma
By: Kuramochi, H;Vallböhmer, D;Uchida, K;Schneider, S;Hamoui, N;Shimizu, D;Chandrasoma, PT;DeMeester, TR;Danenberg, KD;Danenberg, PV;Peters, JH;
Nociceptin/orphanin FQ inhibition with SB612111 ameliorates dextran sodium sulfate-induced colitis
By: Alt, C;Lam, JS;Harrison, MT;Kershaw, KM;Samuelsson, S;Toll, L;D'Andrea, A;
Accelerated renal fibrosis in cardiorenal syndrome is associated with long-term increase in urine neutrophil gelatinase-associated lipocalin levels
By: Entin-Meer, M;Ben-Shoshan, J;Maysel-Auslender, S;Levy, R;Goryainov, P;Schwartz, I;Barshack, I;Avivi, C;Sharir, R;Keren, G;
Messenger RNA expression of TS and ERCC1 in colorectal cancer and matched liver metastasis
By: Kobayashi, H;Sugihara, K;Uetake, H;Higuchi, T;Yasuno, M;Enomoto, M;Iida, S;Azuma, M;Mori, R;Omori, A;Lenz, HJ;Danenberg, KD;Danenberg, PV;
Messenger RNA expression of COX-2 and angiogenic factors in primary colorectal cancer and corresponding liver metastasis
By: Kobayashi, H;Sugihara, K;Uetake, H;Higuchi, T;Yasuno, M;Enomoto, M;Iida, S;Lenz, HJ;Danenberg, KD;Danenberg, PV;
Pluripotent marker expression and differentiation of human second trimester Mesenchymal Stem Cells
By: Gonzalez, R;Maki, CB;Pacchiarotti, J;Csontos, S;Pham, JK;Slepko, N;Patel, A;Silva, F;
Vitronectin and collagen I differentially regulate osteogenesis in mesenchymal stem cells
By: Kundu, AK;Putnam, AJ;
High-fat diet feeding causes rapid, non-apoptotic cleavage of caspase-3 in astrocytes
By: Guyenet, SJ;Nguyen, HT;Hwang, BH;Schwartz, MW;Baskin, DG;Thaler, JP;
Endoplasmic reticulum protein BI-1 modulates unfolded protein response signaling and protects against stroke and traumatic brain injury
By: Krajewska, M;Xu, L;Xu, W;Krajewski, S;Kress, CL;Cui, J;Yang, L;Irie, F;Yamaguchi, Y;Lipton, SA;Reed, JC;
The anti-inflammatory effects of soluble epoxide hydrolase inhibitors are independent of leukocyte recruitment
By: Davis, BB;Liu, JY;Tancredi, DJ;Wang, L;Simon, SI;Hammock, BD;Pinkerton, KE;
Omega-3 fatty acid deficiency does not alter the effects of chronic fluoxetine treatment on central serotonin turnover or behavior in the forced swim test in female rats
By: McNamara, RK;Able, JA;Liu, Y;Jandacek, R;Rider, T;Tso, P;Lipton, JW;
DPD is a molecular determinant of capecitabine efficacy in colorectal cancer
By: Vallböhmer, D;Yang, DY;Kuramochi, H;Shimizu, D;Danenberg, KD;Lindebjerg, J;Nielsen, JN;Jakobsen, A;Danenberg, PV;
B cells promote hepatic inflammation, biliary cyst formation, and salivary gland inflammation in the NOD.c3c4 model of autoimmune cholangitis
By: Moritoki, Y;Tsuda, M;Tsuneyama, K;Zhang, W;Yoshida, K;Lian, ZX;Yang, GX;Ridgway, WM;Wicker, LS;Ansari, AA;Gershwin, ME;
The behavioral and biochemical effects of BDNF containing polymers implanted in the hippocampus of rats
By: Sirianni, RW;Olausson, P;Chiu, AS;Taylor, JR;Saltzman, WM;
Clinical significance of insulin-like growth factor type 1 receptor and epidermal growth factor receptor in patients with advanced gastric cancer
By: Matsubara, J;Yamada, Y;Nakajima, TE;Kato, K;Hamaguchi, T;Shirao, K;Shimada, Y;Shimoda, T;
Immune profile of squamous metaplasia development in autoimmune regulator-deficient dry eye
By: Chen, YT;Li, S;Nikulina, K;Porco, T;Gallup, M;McNamara, N;
Novel biologically-inspired rosette nanotube PLLA scaffolds for improving human mesenchymal stem cell chondrogenic differentiation
By: Childs, A;Hemraz, UD;Castro, NJ;Fenniri, H;Zhang, LG;
Tendon tissue engineering: adipose-derived stem cell and GDF-5 mediated regeneration using electrospun matrix systems
By: James, R;Kumbar, SG;Laurencin, CT;Balian, G;Chhabra, AB;
Carriers of a novel frame-shift insertion in WNT16a possess elevated pancreatic expression of TCF7L2
By: Howard, EW;Been, LF;Lerner, M;Brackett, D;Lightfoot, S;Bullen, EC;Sanghera, DK;
CD5- mantle cell lymphoma
By: Liu, Z;Dong, HY;Gorczyca, W;Tsang, P;Cohen, P;Stephenson, CF;Berger, CS;Wu, CD;Weisberger, J;
Ultrasound enhances recombinant human BMP-2 induced ectopic bone formation in a rat model
By: Wijdicks, CA;Virdi, AS;Sena, K;Sumner, DR;Leven, RM;
High orotate phosphoribosyltransferase gene expression predicts complete response to chemoradiotherapy in patients with squamous cell carcinoma of the esophagus
By: Kajiwara, T;Nishina, T;Hyodo, I;Moriwaki, T;Endo, S;Nasu, J;Hori, S;Matsuura, B;Hiasa, Y;Onji, M;
Individual variation in paternal responses of virgin male California mice (Peromyscus californicus): behavioral and physiological correlates
By: de Jong, TR;Korosi, A;Harris, BN;Perea-Rodriguez, JP;Saltzman, W;
The effects of combined cyclic stretch and pressure on the aortic valve interstitial cell phenotype
By: Thayer, P;Balachandran, K;Rathan, S;Yap, CH;Arjunon, S;Jo, H;Yoganathan, AP;
Predictive values of 5-fluorouracil pathway genes for S-1 treatment in patients with advanced gastric cancer
By: Jeung, HC;Rha, SY;Shin, SJ;Lim, SJ;Roh, JK;Noh, SH;Chung, HC;
Immunohistochemical analysis of advanced human breast carcinomas reveals downregulation of protein kinase C alpha
By: Kerfoot, C;Huang, W;Rotenberg, SA;
Image analysis algorithms for immunohistochemical assessment of cell death events and fibrosis in tissue sections
By: Krajewska, M;Smith, LH;Rong, J;Huang, X;Hyer, ML;Zeps, N;Iacopetta, B;Linke, SP;Olson, AH;Reed, JC;Krajewski, S;
Multiple roles for elastic fibers in the skin
By: Starcher, B;Aycock, RL;Hill, CH;
Dichotomous metabolism of Enterococcus faecalis induced by haematin starvation modulates colonic gene expression
By: Allen, TD;Moore, DR;Wang, X;Casu, V;May, R;Lerner, MR;Houchen, C;Brackett, DJ;Huycke, MM;
Thymidylate synthase, dihydropyrimidine dehydrogenase, thymidine phosphorylase, orotate phosphoribosyltransferase mRNA expression in lung cancer metastatic lymph node samples obtained by endobronchial
By: Nakajima, T;Yasufuku, K;Suzuki, M;Hiroshima, K;Nakatani, Y;Fujisawa, T;Yoshino, I;
Utility of immunohistochemistry for endothelial markers in distinguishing epithelioid hemangioendothelioma from carcinoma metastatic to bone
By: Gill, R;O'Donnell, RJ;Horvai, A;
Biospecimens and biorepositories for the community pathologist
By: Dash, RC;Robb, JA;Booker, DL;Foo, WC;Witte, DL;Bry, L;
Second-hand smoke increases bronchial hyperreactivity and eosinophilia in a murine model of allergic aspergillosis
By: Seymour, BW;Schelegle, ES;Pinkerton, KE;Friebertshauser, KE;Peake, JL;Kurup, VP;Coffman, RL;Gershwin, LJ;
Engineered vascular tissue fabricated from aggregated smooth muscle cells
By: Gwyther, TA;Hu, JZ;Christakis, AG;Skorinko, JK;Shaw, SM;Billiar, KL;Rolle, MW;
Inhibition of melanogenesis by tyrosinase siRNA in human melanocytes
By: An, SM;Koh, JS;Boo, YC;
Fixation temperature affects DNA integrity in the testis as measured by the TUNEL assay
By: Dutta, D;Park, I;Mills, NC;
Hybrid coaxial electrospun nanofibrous scaffolds with limited immunological response created for tissue engineering
By: Gluck, JM;Rahgozar, P;Ingle, NP;Rofail, F;Petrosian, A;Cline, MG;Jordan, MC;Roos, KP;Maclellan, WR;Shemin, RJ;Heydarkhan-Hagvall, S;
HB-EGF improves intestinal microcirculation after hemorrhagic shock
By: Zhang, HY;Radulescu, A;Chen, Y;Besner, GE;
Efficient inhibition of in-stent restenosis by controlled stent-based inhibition of elastase: a pilot study
By: Ganaha, F;Ohashi, K;Do, YS;Lee, J;Sugimoto, K;Minamiguchi, H;Elkins, CJ;Sameni, D;Modanlou, S;Ali, M;Kao, EY;Kay, MA;Waugh, JM;Dake, MD;
The mouse mammary carcinoma 4T1: characterization of the cellular landscape of primary tumours and metastatic tumour foci
By: DuPré, SA;Redelman, D;Hunter, KW;
Local vascularized flaps for augmentation of Reinke's space
By: Dailey, SH;Gunderson, M;Chan, R;Torrealba, J;Kimura, M;Welham, NV;
Association between gallstone-evoked pain, inflammation and proliferation of nerves in the gallbladder: a possible explanation for clinical differences
By: Hennig, R;Zanli, J;Osman, T;Esposito, I;Berhane, T;Vetrhus, M;Søndenaa, K;Büchler, MW;Friess, H;
Soy isoflavones avert chronic inflammation-induced bone loss and vascular disease
By: Droke, EA;Hager, KA;Lerner, MR;Lightfoot, SA;Stoecker, BJ;Brackett, DJ;Smith, BJ;
Uranyl soil extraction and fluorescence enhancement by nanoporous silica gel: pH effects
By: Chen, CC;Pestov, D;Nelson, JD;Anderson, JE;Tepper, G;
Preclinical evaluation of VB6-845: an anti-EpCAM immunotoxin with reduced immunogenic potential
By: Entwistle, J;Brown, JG;Chooniedass, S;Cizeau, J;MacDonald, GC;
p-coumaric acid not only inhibits human tyrosinase activity in vitro but also melanogenesis in cells exposed to UVB
By: An, SM;Koh, JS;Boo, YC;
Monocyte chemoattractant protein-1 or macrophage inflammatory protein-1alpha deficiency does not affect angiotensin II-induced intimal hyperplasia in carotid artery ligation model
By: Zhang, LN;da Cunha, V;Martin-McNulty, B;Rutledge, J;Vergona, R;Sullivan, ME;Wang, YX;
Momilactione B inhibits protein kinase A signaling and reduces tyrosinase-related proteins 1 and 2 expression in melanocytes
By: Lee, JH;Cho, B;Jun, HJ;Seo, WD;Kim, DW;Cho, KJ;Lee, SJ;
Ontogeny of androgen and estrogen receptor expression in porcine testis: effect of reducing testicular estrogen synthesis
By: Ramesh, R;Pearl, CA;At-Taras, E;Roser, JF;Berger, T;
Titanium implants induce expression of matrix metalloproteinases in bone during osseointegration
By: Shubayev, VI;Brånemark, R;Steinauer, J;Myers, RR;
Role for endogenous estrogen in prepubertal Sertoli cell maturation
By: Kao, E;Villalon, R;Ribeiro, S;Berger, T;
Findings of osseous sclerotic bodies: a unique sequence of cutaneous bone formation in nephrogenic systemic fibrosis
By: Kartono, F;Basile, A;Roshdieh, B;Schwimer, C;Shitabata, PK;
Immunolocalization of insulin-like growth factor-I (IGF-I) and its receptors (IGF-IR) in the equine epididymis
By: Minjung, Y;Jiang, J;Chung, KH;
Prognostic value of the androgen receptor and its coactivators in patients with D1 prostate cancer
By: Mori, R;Wang, Q;Quek, ML;Tarabolous, C;Cheung, E;Ye, W;Groshen, S;Hawes, D;Togo, S;Shimada, H;Danenberg, KD;Danenberg, PV;Pinski, JK;
The effects of allergens and tobacco smoke on the laryngeal mucosa of guinea pigs
By: Mouadeb, DA;Belafsky, PC;Birchall, M;Hood, C;Konia, T;Pinkerton, KE;
Severe anisakiasis and cutaneous myxoma in a California yellowtail, Seriola lalandi Valenciennes
By: Keller, M;Han, S;Snekvik, K;
Culture and comparison of feline myeloid dendritic cells vs macrophages
By: Sprague, WS;Pope, M;Hoover, EA;
Antibiotic prophylaxis in an animal model of chronic peritoneal exposure
By: Choi, J;Credit, K;Henderson, K;Deverkadra, R;Vanpelt, HM;He, Z;Flessner, MF;
The gene expression profile of cardia intestinal metaplasia is similar to that of Barrett's esophagus, not gastric intestinal metaplasia
By: Oh, DS;DeMeester, SR;Tanaka, K;Marjoram, P;Kuramochi, H;Vallbohmer, D;Danenberg, K;Chandrasoma, PT;DeMeester, TR;Hagen, JA;
Cdx-2 expression in squamous and metaplastic columnar epithelia of the esophagus
By: Vallböhmer, D;DeMeester, SR;Peters, JH;Oh, DS;Kuramochi, H;Shimizu, D;Hagen, JA;Danenberg, KD;Danenberg, PV;DeMeester, TR;Chandrasoma, PT;
A comparison of in situ and in vitro techniques for bursting pressure testing of canine jejunum
By: Curran, KM;Fransson, BA;Gay, JM;
Histologic findings in free-ranging Sarasota Bay bottlenose dolphin (Tursiops truncatus) skin: mercury, selenium, and seasonal factors
By: Miller, DL;Woshner, V;Styer, EL;Ferguson, S;Knott, KK;Gray, MJ;Wells, RS;O'Hara, TM;
Mechanoreceptivity of prehensile tail skin varies between ateline and cebine primates
By: Organ, JM;Muchlinski, MN;Deane, AS;
A biomechanical study of laparoscopic 4S-modified Roeder and Weston knot strength in 3-0 polyglactin 910 and 3-0 polydioxanone
By: Fugazzi, RW;Fransson, BA;Curran, KM;Davis, HM;Gay, JM;
Ovine model for auricular reconstruction: porous polyethylene implants
By: Hohman, MH;Lindsay, RW;Pomerantseva, I;Bichara, DA;Zhao, X;Johnson, M;Kulig, KM;Sundback, CA;Randolph, MA;Vacanti, JP;Cheney, ML;Hadlock, TA;
Macroscopic, histologic, and ultrastructural lesions associated with avian keratin disorder in black-capped chickadees (Poecile atricapillus)
By: Van Hemert, C;Armién, AG;Blake, JE;Handel, CM;O'Hara, TM;
Relationship of lymphoid lesions to disease course in mucosal feline immunodeficiency virus type C infection
By: Obert, LA;Hoover, EA;
Silk fibroin conduits: a cellular and functional assessment of peripheral nerve repair
By: Ghaznavi, AM;Kokai, LE;Lovett, ML;Kaplan, DL;Marra, KG;
Laser microdissection allows detection of abnormal gene expression in cystic adenomatoid malformation of the lung
By: Jancelewicz, T;Nobuhara, K;Hawgood, S;
Distraction osteogenesis-induced muscle fibrosis may not be associated with TGF-?1
By: Koplin, SA;Su, L;Salamat, S;Torrealba, J;McCarthy, J;Mitchell, J;Olabisi, R;Noonan, KJ;
Elastin defects in the lungs of avian and murine models of homocysteinemia
By: Starcher, B;Hill, CH;
Combining histology and biochemical measurements of connective tissue components in small samples of lung: application to bleomycin-induced fibrosis in the mouse
By: Starcher, B;Kuhn, C;
Tryptophan hydroxylase 1 expression is increased in phenotype-altered canine and human degenerative myxomatous mitral valves
By: Disatian, S;Lacerda, C;Orton, EC;
Ketamine-xylazine-acepromazine compared with isoflurane for anesthesia during liver transplantation in rodents
By: He, S;Atkinson, C;Qiao, F;Chen, X;Tomlinson, S;
Differentiation of multipotent vascular stem cells contributes to vascular diseases
By: Tang, Z;Wang, A;Yuan, F;Yan, Z;Liu, B;Chu, JS;Helms, JA;Li, S;
Impact of dihydropyrimidine dehydrogenase and ?-glutamyl hydrolase on the outcomes of patients treated with gemcitabine or S-1 as adjuvant chemotherapy for advanced pancreatic cancer
By: Nakamura, A;Hayashi, K;Nakajima, G;Kamikozuru, H;Okuyama, R;Kuramochi, H;Hatori, T;Yamamoto, M;
Bone morphogenetic protein-2 decreases microRNA-30b and microRNA-30c to promote vascular smooth muscle cell calcification
By: Balderman, JA;Lee, HY;Mahoney, CE;Handy, DE;White, K;Annis, S;Lebeche, D;Hajjar, RJ;Loscalzo, J;Leopold, JA;
Factor VIIa binding to endothelial cell protein C receptor protects vascular barrier integrity in vivo
By: Sundaram, J;Keshava, S;
Leberresektion bei Diabetes mellitus: Untersuchungen zur Organregeneration bei Mäusen und zum perioperativen Risiko bei Menschen
By: Reuter, S;
Synthesis of cetyl myristoleate and evaluation of its therapeutic efficacy in a murine model of collagen-induced arthritis
By: Hunter Jr, KW;Gault, RA;Stehouwer, JS;
Impact of CD39 and purinergic signalling on the growth and metastasis of colorectal cancer
By: Künzli, BM;Bernlochner, MI;Rath, S;Käser, S;Csizmadia, E;Enjyoji, K;Cowan, P;d'Apice, A;Dwyer, K;Rosenberg, R;Perren, A;Friess, H;Maurer, CA;Robson, SC;
Transient exposure to transforming growth factor beta 3 improves the mechanical properties of mesenchymal stem cell-laden cartilage constructs in a density-dependent manner
By: Huang, AH;Stein, A;Tuan, RS;Mauck, RL;
Glucose tolerance in mice is linked to the dose of the p53 transactivation domain
By: Franck, D;Tracy, L;Armata, HL;Delaney, CL;
Analysis of immunohistochemical markers in bone marrow sections to evaluate for myelodysplastic syndromes and acute myeloid leukemias
By: Dunphy, CH;O'Malley, DP;Perkins, SL;Chang, CC;
Intraluminal Laminated Thrombus of an Abdominal Arotic Aneurysm
By: Dams, S;Rutten, IMCM;Peters, IGWM;d Putter - 2006, S;
Sperm morphology assessment using strict (tygerberg) criteria
By: Menkveld, R;
Endothelial cell protein C receptor-mediated redistribution and tissue-level accumulation of factor VIIa
By: Clark, CA;Vatsyayan, R;Hedner, U;Esmon, CT;Pendurthi, UR;Rao, LV;
LY293111 improves efficacy of gemcitabine therapy on pancreatic cancer in a fluorescent orthotopic model in athymic mice
By: Hennig, R;Ventura, J;Segersvard, R;Ward, E;Ding, XZ;Rao, SM;Jovanovic, BD;Iwamura, T;Talamonti, MS;Bell, RH;Adrian, TE;
Anatomic Closure of the Premature Patent Ductus Arteriosus: The Role of CD14+/CD163+ Mononuclear Cells and VEGF in Neointimal Mound Formation
By: Waleh, N;Seidner, S;McCurnin, D;Giavedoni, L;
Bio-distribution of pharmacologically administered recombinant factor VIIa (rFVIIa)
By: Gopalakrishnan, R;Hedner, U;Ghosh, S;Nayak, RC;Allen, TC;Pendurthi, UR;Rao, LV;
Injectable and photopolymerizable tissue-engineered auricular cartilage using poly(ethylene glycol) dimethacrylate copolymer hydrogels
By: Papadopoulos, A;Bichara, DA;Zhao, X;Ibusuki, S;Randolph, MA;Anseth, KS;Yaremchuk, MJ;
Interactions between biomaterials and the sclera: Implications on myopia progression
By: Su, J;
Enhancement of matrix production and cell proliferation in human annulus cells under bioreactor culture
By: Yang, X;Wang, D;Hao, J;Gong, M;Arlet, V;Balian, G;Shen, FH;Li, XJ;
Stem cell antigen-1 in skeletal muscle function
By: Bernstein, HS;Samad, T;Cholsiripunlert, S;Khalifian, S;Gong, W;Ritner, C;Aurigui, J;Ling, V;Wilschut, KJ;Bennett, S;Hoffman, J;Oishi, P;
By: Chen, SK;
Role of the mixed-lineage protein kinase pathway in the metabolic stress response to obesity
By: Kant, S;Barrett, T;Vertii, A;Noh, YH;Jung, DY;Kim, JK;Davis, RJ;
Analysis of the mRNA expression of chemotherapy-related genes in colorectal carcinoma using the danenberg tumor profile method
By: Sasaki, S;Watanabe, T;Nakayama, H;
CD4+ CD25+ Foxp3+ regulatory T cells protect against T cell-mediated fulminant hepatitis in a TGF-?-dependent manner in mice
By: Wei, HX;Chuang, YH;Li, B;Wei, H;Sun, R;
In vivo Technique for Cellular Calcium Waves Documentation: A Light Microscopy Method
By: Embi, AA;Menes, M;
Quantitative analysis of the enzymes associated with 5-fluorouracil metabolism in prostate cancer biopsies
By: Tanaka, T;
Biological response to nano-scale titanium dioxide (TiO2): role of particle dose, shape, and retention
By: Silva, RM;Teesy, C;Franzi, L;Weir, A;Westerhoff, P;Evans, JE;Pinkerton, KE;
Impaired growth of denervated muscle contributes to contracture formation following neonatal brachial plexus injury
By: Nikolaou, S;Peterson, E;Kim, A;Wylie, C;Cornwall, R;
Physicochemical decellularization of composite flexor tendon-bone interface grafts
By: Bronstein, JA;Woon, CY;Farnebo, S;Behn, AW;Schmitt, T;Pham, H;Castillo, AB;Chang, J;
Osteogenic potential of poly(ethylene glycol)-poly(dimethylsiloxane) hybrid hydrogels
By: Munoz-Pinto, DJ;Jimenez-Vergara, AC;Hou, Y;Hayenga, HN;Rivas, A;Grunlan, M;Hahn, MS;
Synthetic osteogenic extracellular matrix formed by coated silicon dioxide nanosprings
By: Hass, JL;Garrison, EM;Wicher, SA;Knapp, B;Bridges, N;McLlroy, D;Arrizabalaga, G;
In situ hybridization using the bDNA technology
By: Antao, VP;Player, AN;Kolberg, JA;
Generation and characterization of neurospheres from canine adipose tissue-derived stromal cells
By: Lim, JH;Boozer, L;Mariani, CL;Piedrahita, JA;Olby, NJ;
Directed fluorescence sensor element for standoff detection of uranium in soil
By: Pestov, D;Chen, CC;Nelson, JD;Anderson, JE;
Distinctive contact between CD34+ hematopoietic progenitors and CXCL12+ CD271+ mesenchymal stromal cells in benign and myelodysplastic bone marrow
By: Flores-Figueroa, E;Varma, S;Montgomery, K;
Quantitative analysis of muscle histologic method in rodent facial nerve injury
By: Hadlock, TA;Kim, SW;Weinberg, JS;Knox, CJ;Hohman, MH;Heaton, JT;
p-Coumaric acid inhibition of CREB phosphorylation reduces cellular melanogenesis
By: Jun, H;Lee, JH;Cho, BR;Seo, WD;Kim, DW;
Sustained growth factor delivery promotes axonal regeneration in long gap peripheral nerve repair
By: Kokai, LE;Bourbeau, D;Weber, D;McAtee, J;Marra, KG;
A discussion of quality control outcomes from recycled reagents
CD4+ T Cell Responses and the Role of IL-10 in T Cell-mediated Neuroprotection After Facial Nerve Axotomy
By: Xin, J;
Localization and characterization of the interactions between Basigin gene products and Monocarboxlate Transporters in the olfactory bulb of the mouse
By: Gambon, PL;
Lactoferrin expression and secretion in the stallion epididymis
By: Pearl, CA;Roser, JF;
Extracellular Matrix Remodeling, Integrin Expression, and Downstream Signaling Pathways Influence the Osteogenic Differentiation of Mesenchymal Stem Cells on Poly(Lactide-Co-Glycolide) Substrates
By: Kundu, AK;Khatiwala, CB;
Rotating microgravity-bioreactor cultivation enhances the hepatic differentiation of mouse embryonic stem cells on biodegradable polymer scaffolds
By: Wang, Y;Zhang, Y;Zhang, S;Peng, G;Liu, T;Li, Y;Xiang, D;Wassler, MJ;Shelat, HS;Geng, Y;
Epstein–Barr virus replication linked to B cell proliferation in inflamed areas of colonic mucosa of patients with inflammatory bowel disease
By: Sankaran-Walters, S;Ransibrahmanakul, K;
Nursing supports neonatal porcine testicular development
By: Rahman, KM;Lovich, JE;Lam, C;Camp, ME;
Chemotherapy-induced apoptosis in a transgenic model of neuroblastoma proceeds through p53 induction
By: Chesler, L;Goldenberg, DD;Collins, R;Grimmer, M;Kim, GE;Tihan, T;Nguyen, K;Yakovenko, S;Matthay, KK;Weiss, WA;
Adult zebrafish model of streptococcal infection
By: Phelps, HA;Runft, DL;Neely, MN;
Beyond Th1 and Th2: A non-classical immune pathway induced by Interleukin (IL)-23 complements IL-12 in immunity to Cryptococcus neoformans infection
By: Kleinschek, MA;
A mouse model of chronic idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis
By: Limjunyawong, N;Mitzner, W;
Altered growth rates, carcass fatty acid concentrations, and tissue histology in first-feeding steelhead fed a fish-meal-and fish-oil-free diet
By: Twibell, RG;Gannam, AL;Ostrand, SL;
Valve Interstitial Cell Phenotypes and Signaling Pathways Involved with Canine Myxomatous Degenerative Mitral Valve Disease
By: Disatian, S;
Biology of breast cancer in Nigerian women: A pilot study
By: Adisa, CA;Eleweke, N;Alfred, AA;Campbell, MJ;
MR Signal Characteristics of Viable and Apoptotic Human Mesenchymal Stem Cells in MASI for Treatment of Osteoarthritis
By: Nedopil, A;Klenk, C;Kim, C;Liu, S;
Knockdown of ZBED6 is not associated with changes in murine preadipocyte proliferation or differentiation
By: Zhang, W;Cline, MA;Liu, D;Gilbert, ER;
Effects of varying density patterns and passes on depth of penetration in facial skin utilizing the carbon dioxide laser with automated scanner
By: Grover, S;Apfelberg, DB;Smoller, B;
The Role of Sulfatide in Alzheimer's Disease
By: Beasley Jr, CB;
Oxidative damage to nucleic acids in severe emphysema
By: Deslee, G;Woods, JC;Moore, C;
Role of the cJun NH2-Terminal Kinase (JNK) in Cancer: A Dissertation
By: Cellurale, CA;
The Development of a Porcine Model to Evaluate Wound Healing and Infection of Transcutaneous Osseointegrated Weight-Bearing Prostheses
By: Colbert, K;
The effect of adipose-derived stem cells on augmentation ileocystoplasty: A pilot study
By: Harraz, AM;Lin, G;Banie, L;Wang, G;Shindel, AW;
Autophagy Blockade Sensitizes Prostate Cancer Cells towards Src Family Kinase Inhibitors
By: Lo, SH;Evans, CP;Lam, KS;Kung, HJ;Wu, Z;Chang, PC;
Microtubules, Microtubule-associated Proteins and Testosterone; Involvement in Benomyl-induced Testicular Toxicity
By: Garcia, AR;
A Novel Technique for Image-Guided Local Heart Irradiation in the Rat
By: Sharma, S;Moros, EG;Boerma, M;Sridharan, V;Han, EY;Clarkson, R;Hauer-Jensen, M;Corry, PM;
Mild Traumatic Brain Injury Results in Depressed Cerebral Glucose Uptake: An 18FDG PET Study
By: Selwyn, R;Hockenbury, N;Jaiswal, S;
Photoacoustic microscopy of nanoparticles in cells and tissues
By: Cook, JR;
A membrane-based, high-efficiency, microfluidic debubbler
By: Liu, C;Thompson, JA;Bau, HH;
Fine-needle aspiration diagnosis of plasmacytoma presenting as breast masses in a patient on estrogen therapy for prostate cancer
By: Vetto, JT;Beer, TM;Fidda, N;Ham, B;Jimenez-Lee, R;Schmidt, W;
Interleukin-1 receptor mediates the interplay between CD4+ T cells and ocular resident cells to promote keratinizing squamous metaplasia in Sjögren's syndrome
By: Chen, YT;Lazarev, S;Bahrami, AF;Noble, LB;
Understanding the tumor-host interaction, the key to more effective anti-cancer treatment
By: Roodhart, JML;
Autophagy Blockade Sensitizes Prostate Cancer Cells towards Src Family Kinase Inhibitors
By: Wu, Z;Chang, PC;Yang, JC;Chu, CY;Wang, LY;Chen, NT;Ma, AH;Desai, SJ;Lo, SH;Evans, CP;Lam, KS;Kung, HJ;
Pathogenesis of Acquired Cytopenias in Simian Betaretrovirus (SRV) Infection of Rhesus (Macaca Mulatta) and Cynomolgus (Macaca Fascicularis) …
By: Montiel, NA;
Immunosuppressive properties of Wharton's jelly derived mesenchymal stromal cells in the treatment of graft versus host disease in rat model
By: Rodriguez, L;Virginia, Y;
RNAscope for In situ Detection of Transcriptionally Active Human Papillomavirus in Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma
By: Wang, H;Wang, MX;Su, N;Wang, LC;Wu, X;Bui, S;Nielsen, A;Vo, HT;Nguyen, N;Luo, Y;Ma, XJ;
Evolution of renal interstitial inflammation and NF-?B activation in spontaneously hypertensive rats
By: Rodríguez-Iturbe, B;Quiroz, Y;Ferrebuz, A;
Characterization of oncocytes in deep esophageal glands
By: Gonzalez, G;Huang, Q;Mashimo, H;
Efficient large-scale generation of functional hepatocytes from mouse embryonic stem cells grown in a rotating bioreactor with exogenous growth factors and hormones
By: Zhang, S;Zhang, Y;Chen, L;Liu, T;Li, Y;Wang, Y;Geng, Y;
Interstitial Fluid Physiology as It Relates to Glucose Monitoring Technologies: Modulation of the Foreign Body Reaction for Implants in the Subcutaneous …
By: Mou, X;Lennartz, MR;Loegering, DJ;
Correlating structure with solute and water transport in a chronic model of peritoneal inflammation
By: Flessner, MF;Choi, J;Vanpelt, H;He, Z;Credit, K;Henegar, J;Hughson, M;
Tissue Engineering Approaches for the Treatment of Knee Joint Damage
By: McMahon, RE;
Dried plum prevents bone loss in a male osteoporosis model via IGF-I and the RANK pathway
By: Franklin, M;Bu, SY;Lerner, MR;Lancaster, EA;Bellmer, D;Marlow, D;Lightfoot, SA;Arjmandi, BH;Brackett, DJ;Lucas, EA;Smith, BJ;
Evaluation of in vitro and in vivo anti-melanogenic activity of a newly synthesized strong tyrosinase inhibitor (E)-3-(2,4 dihydroxybenzylidene)pyrrolidine-2,5-dione (3-DBP)
By: Chung, KW;Park, YJ;Choi, YJ;Park, MH;Ha, YM;
Successful creation of tissue-engineered autologous auricular cartilage in an immunocompetent large animal model
By: Bichara, DA;Pomerantseva, I;Zhao, X;Zhou, L;Kulig, KM;Tseng, A;Kimura, AM;Johnson, MA;Vacanti, JP;Randolph, MA;Sundback, CA;
Effects of Two Levels of Quantitative Feed Restriction for a 7-or 14-Days Period on Broilers Blood Parameters
By: Jahanpour, H;Seidavi, A;Qotbi, AAA;
Discovery of mechanosensitive microrna and messenger RNA in mouse arterial endothelium and in cultured endothelial cells
By: Ni, CW;
The effect of fibrinogen, collagen type I, and fibronectin on mesenchymal stem cell growth and differentiation into osteoblasts
By: Linsley, C;Wu, B;Tawil, B;
The role of keratinocytic RXR [alpha] in regulating melanocyte homeostasis and carcinogen induced melanomagenesis
By: Hyter, SD;
Opposite effects of high and low doses of interleukin-2 on T cell-mediated hepatitis in mice (interleukin-2 on hepatitis)
By: Zhang, X;Wei, HX;Rui, S;Wei, H;Tian, Z;
Simultaneous in vivo imaging of melanin and lipofuscin in the retina with multimodal photoacoustic ophthalmoscopy
By: Zhang, X;Zhang, HF;Zhou, L;Jiao, S;
Effect of the infection with porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus on the regulation of cytokines-tumor necrosis factor-alpha and interleukin-10
By: Subramaniam, S;
Adoptive transfer of CD8+ T cells from dnTGF?RII mice induces autoimmune cholangitis into Rag1?/? mice
By: Yang, GX;Lian, ZX;Chuang, YH;Moritoki, Y;
Trichloroethylene metabolism in the rat ovary reduces oocyte fertilizability
By: Wu, KL;Berger, T;
Selective modulation of scleral proteoglycan mRNA levels during minus lens compensation and recovery
By: Siegwart Jr, JT;Strang, CE;
Intervertebral disc tissue engineering using a novel hyaluronic acid-nanofibrous scaffold (HANFS) amalgam
By: Nesti, LJ;Li, WJ;Shanti, RM;Jiang, YJ;Jackson, W;Freedman, BA;Kuklo, TR;Giuliani, JR;Tuan, RS;
Scaffolds with oriented microchannels for angioneural regenerative engineering
By: Saglam, A;
Heterogeneous differentiation of human mesenchymal stem cells in response to extended culture in extracellular matrices
By: Santiago, JA;Pogemiller, R;Ogle, BM;
Histology for Finfish
By: Mumford, SL;
Protective actions of green tea polyphenols and alfacalcidol on bone microstructure in female rats with chronic inflammation
By: Shen, CL;Yeh, JK;Samathanam, C;Cao, JJ;
Hepatic differentiation of mouse embryonic stem cells in three-dimensional polymer scaffolds
By: Liu, T;Zhang, S;Chen, X;Li, G;
Scleral reinforcement through host tissue integration with biomimetic enzymatically degradable semi-interpenetrating polymer network
By: Su, J;Wall, ST;Healy, KE;
The adaptive nature of the bone-periodontal ligament-cementum complex in a ligature-induced periodontitis rat model
By: Lee, JH;Lin, JD;Fong, JI;Ryder, MI;Ho, SP;
Autologous bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stem cell transplantation as a therapy for neuronal ceroid lipofuscinosis
By: Sanders, DN;
Progressive metaplastic and dysplastic changes in mouse pancreas induced by cyclooxygenase-2 overexpression
By: Colby, JK;Klein, RD;McArthur, MJ;Conti, CJ;Kiguchi, K;Kawamoto, T;Riggs, PK;Pavone, AI;Sawicki, J;Fischer, SM;
Hyperpolarized 13C MR spectroscopic imaging can be used to monitor Everolimus treatment in vivo in an orthotopic rodent model of glioblastoma
By: Chaumeil, MM;Ozawa, T;Park, IW;Scott, K;James, CD;
Systemic bone loss and induction of coronary vessel disease in a rat model of chronic inflammation
By: Smith, BJ;Lerner, MR;Bu, SY;Lucas, EA;Hanas, JS;Lightfoot, SA;Postier, RG;Bronze, MS;Brackett, DJ;
Murine mammary carcinoma 4T1 induces a leukemoid reaction with splenomegaly: association with tumor-derived growth factors
By: duPre, SA;Hunter Jr, KW;
The Role of Lipoproteins/cholesterol in Genomic Instability and Chromosome Mis-segregation in Alzheimer's and Cardiovascular Disease
By: Granic, A;
An Ectopic Synthesis of the Melanin in the Adipocytes of the Morbidly Obese Subjects
By: Randhawa, MK;
Hybrid polyethylene glycol hydrogels for tissue engineering applications
By: Pinto, DJM;
In vivo vibrometry inside the apex of the mouse cochlea using spectral domain optical coherence tomography
By: Gao, SS;Raphael, PD;Wang, R;Park, J;Xia, A;Applegate, BE;Oghalai, JS;
Transforming growth factor ?2-induced myofibroblastic differentiation of human retinal pigment epithelial cells: Regulation by extracellular matrix proteins and hepatocyte growth factor
By: Gamulescu, MA;Chen, Y;He, S;Spee, C;Jin, M;
Microanatomy of passerine hard-cornified tissues: beak and claw structure of the black-capped chickadee (Poecile atricapillus)
By: Van Hemert, C;Handel, CM;Blake, JE;Swor, RM;O'Hara, TM;
Mouse models of human bladder cancer as a tool for drug discovery
By: Seager, C;Puzio-Kuter, AM;Cordon-Cardo, C;McKiernan, J;Abate-Shen, C;
295 Possible dopaminergic mechanism regulating the equine corpus luteum
By: Dille, EA;King, SS;Jones, KL;Roser, JF;
Collagen Orientation in the Anterior Mitral Valve Leaflet
By: Shultz, T;Rauch, M;Kuhl, E;
Modulation of the foreign body reaction for implants in the subcutaneous space: microdialysis probes as localized drug delivery/sampling devices
By: Mou, X;Lennartz, MR;Loegering, DJ;Stenken, JA;
Laser capture microdissection of embryonic cells and preparation of RNA for microarray assays
By: Redmond, LC;Pang, CJ;Dumur, C;Haar, JL;Lloyd, JA;
Dynamic compression stimulates proteoglycan synthesis by mesenchymal stem cells in the absence of chondrogenic cytokines
By: Kisiday, JD;Frisbie, DD;McIlwraith, CW;Grodzinsky, AJ;
Detection of apoptosis in tissue sections
By: Csizmadia, E;Csizmadia, V;
Corneal wound healing, a newly identified function of CAP37, is mediated by protein kinase C delta (PKCd)
By: Griffith, GL;Kasus-Jacobi, A;Lerner, MR;Pereira, HA;
Axonally synthesized ATF4 transmits a neurodegenerative signal across brain regions
By: Baleriola, J;Walker, CA;Jean, YY;Crary, JF;Troy, CM;Nagy, PL;Hengst, U;
Reduced expression of MYC increases longevity and enhances healthspan
By: Hofmann, JW;Zhao, X;De Cecco, M;Peterson, AL;Pagliaroli, L;Manivannan, J;Hubbard, GB;Ikeno, Y;Zhang, Y;Feng, B;Li, X;Serre, T;Qi, W;Van Remmen, H;Miller, RA;Bath, KG;de Cabo, R;Xu, H;Neretti, N;Sedivy, JM;
Human Disease Modeling Reveals Integrated Transcriptional and Epigenetic Mechanisms of NOTCH1 Haploinsufficiency
By: Theodoris, CV;Li, M;White, MP;Liu, L;He, D;Pollard, KS;Bruneau, BG;Srivastava, D;
Cytoplasmic tyrosine phosphatase Shp2 coordinates hepatic regulation of bile acid and FGF15/19 signaling to repress bile acid synthesis
By: Li, S;Hsu, DD;Li, B;Luo, X;Alderson, N;Qiao, L;Ma, L;Zhu, HH;He, Z;Suino-Powell, K;Ji, K;Li, J;Shao, J;Xu, HE;Li, T;Feng, GS;
Molecular and Genetic Analysis of Collagen Type IV Mutant Mouse Models of Spontaneous Intracerebral Hemorrhage Identify Mechanisms for Stroke Prevention
By: Jeanne, M;Jorgensen, J;Gould, DB;
Ion channel TRPV1-dependent activation of PTP1B suppresses EGFR-associated intestinal tumorigenesis
By: de Jong, PR;Takahashi, N;Harris, AR;Lee, J;Bertin, S;Jeffries, J;Jung, M;Duong, J;Triano, AI;Lee, J;Niv, Y;Herdman, DS;Taniguchi, K;Kim, CW;Dong, H;Eckmann, L;Stanford, SM;Bottini, N;Corr, M;Raz, E;
Hepatic SIRT1 attenuates hepatic steatosis and controls energy balance in mice by inducing fibroblast growth factor 21
By: Li, Y;Wong, K;Giles, A;Jiang, J;Lee, JW;Adams, AC;Kharitonenkov, A;Yang, Q;Gao, B;Guarente, L;Zang, M;
Instillation versus inhalation of multiwalled carbon nanotubes: exposure-related health effects, clearance, and the role of particle characteristics
By: Silva, RM;Doudrick, K;Franzi, LM;TeeSy, C;Anderson, DS;Wu, Z;Mitra, S;Vu, V;Dutrow, G;Evans, JE;Westerhoff, P;Van Winkle, LS;Raabe, OG;Pinkerton, KE;
Retinoid-X-receptors (a/ß) in melanocytes modulate innate immune responses and differentially regulate cell survival following UV irradiation
By: Coleman, DJ;Garcia, G;Hyter, S;Jang, HS;Chagani, S;Liang, X;Larue, L;Ganguli-Indra, G;Indra, AK;
Eosinophil-dependent skin innervation and itching following contact toxicant exposure in mice
By: Lee, JJ;Protheroe, CA;Luo, H;Ochkur, SI;Scott, GD;Zellner, KR;Raish, RJ;Dahl, MV;Vega, ML;Conley, O;Condjella, RM;Kloeber, JA;Neely, JL;Patel, YS;Maizer, P;Mazzolini, A;Fryer, AD;Jacoby, NW;Jacoby, DB;Lee, NA;
Bioengineered implantable scaffolds as a tool to study stromal-derived factors in metastatic cancer models
By: Bersani, F;Lee, J;Yu, M;Morris, R;Desai, R;Ramaswamy, S;Toner, M;Haber, DA;Parekkadan, B;
Engineering vascular tissue with functional smooth muscle cells derived from human iPS cells and nanofibrous scaffolds
By: Wang, Y;Hu, J;Jiao, J;Liu, Z;Zhou, Z;Zhao, C;Chang, LJ;Chen, YE;Ma, PX;Yang, B;
TMPRSS2:ERG blocks neuroendocrine and luminal cell differentiation to maintain prostate cancer proliferation
By: Mounir, Z;Lin, F;Lin, VG;Korn, JM;Yu, Y;Valdez, R;Aina, OH;Buchwalter, G;Jaffe, AB;Korpal, M;Zhu, P;Brown, M;Cardiff, RD;Rocnik, JL;Yang, Y;Pagliarini, R;
Local immunotherapy via delivery of interleukin-10 and transforming growth factor ß antagonist for treatment of chronic kidney disease
By: Rodell, CB;Rai, R;Faubel, S;Burdick, JA;Soranno, DE;
Bone regeneration with osteogenically enhanced mesenchymal stem cells and their extracellular matrix proteins
By: Clough, BH;McCarley, MR;Krause, U;Zeitouni, S;Froese, JJ;McNeill, EP;Chaput, CD;Sampson, HW;Gregory, CA;
Small molecule-directed specification of sclerotome-like chondroprogenitors and induction of a somitic chondrogenesis program from embryonic stem cells
By: Zhao, J;Li, S;Trilok, S;Tanaka, M;Jokubaitis-Jameson, V;Wang, B;Niwa, H;Nakayama, N;
Reciprocal regulation of autophagy and dNTP pools in human cancer cells
By: Chen, W;Zhang, L;Zhang, K;Zhou, B;Kuo, ML;Hu, S;Chen, L;Tang, M;Chen, YR;Yang, L;Ann, DK;Yen, Y;
Basis for enhanced barrier function of pigmented skin
By: Man, MQ;Lin, TK;Santiago, JL;Celli, A;Zhong, L;Huang, ZM;Roelandt, T;Hupe, M;Sundberg, JP;Silva, KA;Crumrine, D;Martin-Ezquerra, G;Trullas, C;Sun, R;Wakefield, JS;Wei, ML;Feingold, KR;Mauro, TM;Elias, PM;
Topical Acyclothymidine Dinucleosides (aTds) Promote Non-UV-Mediated Endogenous Defense Mechanisms in Guinea Pig Skin
By: Nugent, JS;Vince, R;Raza, A;
Enhanced in vitro transcytosis of simian immunodeficiency virus mediated by vaccine-induced antibody predicts transmitted/founder strain number after rectal challenge
By: Gupta, S;Pegu, P;Venzon, DJ;Gach, JS;Ma, ZM;Landucci, G;Miller, CJ;Franchini, G;Forthal, DN;
Bone remodeling after MR imaging-guided high-intensity focused ultrasound ablation: evaluation with MR imaging, CT, Na(18)F-PET, and histopathologic examination in a swine model
By: Bucknor, MD;Rieke, V;Seo, Y;Horvai, AE;Hawkins, RA;Majumdar, S;Link, TM;Saeed, M;
Reactive DESI-MS Imaging of Biological Tissues with Dicationic Ion-Pairing Compounds
By: Lostun, D;Perez, CJ;Licence, P;Barrett, DA;Ifa, DR;
Alternatively spliced myeloid differentiation protein-2 inhibits TLR4-mediated lung inflammation
By: Tumurkhuu, G;Dagvadorj, J;Jones, HD;Chen, S;Shimada, K;Crother, TR;Arditi, M;
NUCongenital heart disease linked to maternal autoimmunity against cardiac myosin LL
By: Cole, CR;Yutzey, KE;Brar, AK;Goessling, LS;Van Vickle-Chavez, SJ;Cunningham, MW;Eghtesady, P;
Lipolysis of visceral adipocyte triglyceride by pancreatic lipases converts mild acute pancreatitis to severe pancreatitis independent of necrosis and inflammation
By: Patel, K;Trivedi, RN;Durgampudi, C;Noel, P;Cline, RA;DeLany, JP;Navina, S;Singh, VP;
Spatial organization and coordination of slow waves in the mouse anorectum
By: Hall, KA;Ward, SM;Cobine, CA;Keef, KD;
Spatial organization and coordination of slow waves in the mouse anorectum
By: Armata, HL;Chamberland, S;Watts, L;Ko, HJ;Lee, Y;Jung, DY;Kim, JK;Sluss, HK;
Aerosol Droplet Delivery of Mesoporous Silica Nanoparticles: A Strategy for Respiratory-Based Therapeutics
By: Li, X;Xue, M;Raabe, OG;Aaron, HL;Eisen, EA;Evans, JE;Hayes, FA;Inaga, S;Tagmout, A;Takeuchi, M;Vulpe, C;Zink, JI;Risbud, SH;Pinkerton, KE;
Short versus long silver nanowires: a comparison of in vivo pulmonary effects post instillation
By: Silva, RM;Xu, J;Saiki, C;Anderson, DS;Franzi, LM;Vulpe, CD;Gilbert, B;Van Winkle, LS;Pinkerton, KE;
Porous magnesium/PLGA composite scaffolds for enhanced bone regeneration following tooth extraction
By: Brown, A;Zaky, S;Ray, H;Sfeir, C;
The synergistic effect of micro-topography and biochemical culture environment to promote angiogenesis and osteogenic differentiation of human mesenchymal stem cells
By: Song, S;Kim, EJ;Bahney, CS;Miclau, T;Marcucio, R;Roy, S;
Electrospun bilayer fibrous scaffolds for enhanced cell infiltration and vascularization in vivo
By: Pu, J;Yuan, F;Li, S;Komvopoulos, K;
Photoactivated miR-148b-nanoparticle conjugates improve closure of critical size mouse calvarial defects
By: Qureshi, AT;Doyle, A;Chen, C;Coulon, D;Dasa, V;Del Piero, F;Levi, B;Monroe, WT;Gimble, JM;Hayes, DJ;
Engineering D-helix of antithrombin in alpha-1-proteinase inhibitor confers antiinflammatory properties on the chimeric serpin
By: Yang, L;Dinarvand, P;Qureshi, SH;Rezaie, AR;
Cerebral vascular leak in a mouse model of amyloid neuropathology
By: Tanifum, EA;Starosolski, ZA;Fowler, SW;Jankowsky, JL;Annapragada, AV;
microRNA alterations driving acute and late stages of radiation-induced fibrosis in a murine skin model
By: Simone, BA;Ly, D;Savage, JE;Hewitt, SM;Dan, TD;Ylaya, K;Shankavaram, U;Lim, M;Jin, L;Camphausen, K;Mitchell, JB;Simone, NL;
A single intramuscular vaccination of mice with the HSV-1 VC2 virus with mutations in the glycoprotein K and the membrane protein UL20 confers full protection against lethal intravaginal challenge wit
By: Stanfield, BA;Stahl, J;Chouljenko, VN;Subramanian, R;Charles, AS;Saied, AA;Walker, JD;Kousoulas, KG;
Increased iron sequestration in alveolar macrophages in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
By: Philippot, Q;Deslée, G;Adair-Kirk, TL;Woods, JC;Byers, D;Conradi, S;Dury, S;Perotin, JM;Lebargy, F;Cassan, C;Le Naour, R;Holtzman, MJ;Pierce, RA;
Loss of keratinocytic RXRa combined with activated CDK4 or oncogenic NRAS generates UVB-induced melanomas via loss of p53 and PTEN in the tumor microenvironment
By: Coleman, DJ;Chagani, S;Hyter, S;Sherman, AM;Löhr, CV;Liang, X;Ganguli-Indra, G;Indra, AK;
Role of tissue factor in Mycobacterium tuberculosis-induced inflammation and disease pathogenesis
By: Kothari, H;Keshava, S;Vatsyayan, R;Mackman, N;Rao, LV;Pendurthi, UR;
Restoration of compact Golgi morphology in advanced prostate cancer enhances susceptibility to galectin-1-induced apoptosis by modifying mucin O-glycan synthesis
By: Petrosyan, A;Holzapfel, MS;Muirhead, DE;Cheng, PW;
Bioartificial heart: a human-sized porcine model--the way ahead
By: Weymann, A;Patil, NP;Sabashnikov, A;Jungebluth, P;Korkmaz, S;Li, S;Veres, G;Soos, P;Ishtok, R;Chaimow, N;Pätzold, I;Czerny, N;Schies, C;Schmack, B;Popov, AF;Simon, AR;Karck, M;Szabo, G;
UTF1, a putative marker for spermatogonial stem cells in stallions
By: Jung, H;Roser, JF;Yoon, M;
Deferoxamine reduces intracerebral hemorrhage-induced white matter damage in aged rats
By: Ni, W;Okauchi, M;Hatakeyama, T;Gu, Y;Keep, RF;Xi, G;Hua, Y;
A Novel Triple Repeat Mutant Tau Transgenic Model That Mimics Aspects of Pick's Disease and Fronto-Temporal Tauopathies
By: Rockenstein, E;Overk, CR;Ubhi, K;Mante, M;Patrick, C;Adame, A;Bisquert, A;Trejo-Morales, M;Spencer, B;Masliah, E;
Distinct gene expression profiles of proximal and distal colorectal cancer: implications for cytotoxic and targeted therapy
By: Maus, MK;Hanna, DL;Stephens, CL;Astrow, SH;Yang, D;Grimminger, PP;Loupakis, F;Hsiang, JH;Zeger, G;Wakatsuki, T;Barzi, A;Lenz, HJ;
Lizard tail regeneration: regulation of two distinct cartilage regions by Indian hedgehog
By: Lozito, TP;Tuan, RS;
Ozone-induced airway epithelial cell death, the neurokinin-1 receptor pathway, and the postnatal developing lung
By: Murphy, SR;Oslund, KL;Hyde, DM;Miller, LA;Van Winkle, LS;Schelegle, ES;
Aspirin-triggered resolvin D1 down-regulates inflammatory responses and protects against endotoxin-induced acute kidney injury
By: Chen, J;Shetty, S;Zhang, P;Gao, R;Hu, Y;Wang, S;Li, Z;Fu, J;
Single nucleotide polymorphisms in AREG and EREG are prognostic biomarkers in locally advanced gastric cancer patients after surgery with curative intent
By: Wakatsuki, T;Stintzing, S;Zhang, W;Yang, D;Azuma, M;Ning, Y;Yamauchi, S;Matsusaka, S;Volz, NB;Sunakawa, Y;Koizumi, W;Watanabe, M;Barzi, A;El Khoueiry, AB;Shah, MA;Lenz, HJ;
Non-cell-autonomous driving of tumour growth supports sub-clonal heterogeneity
By: Marusyk, A;Tabassum, DP;Altrock, PM;Almendro, V;Michor, F;Polyak, K;
Intratumoral gene expression of 5-fluorouracil pharmacokinetics-related enzymes in stage I and II non-small cell lung cancer patients treated with uracil-tegafur after surgery: a prospective multi-ins
By: Eguchi, K;Oyama, T;Tajima, A;Abiko, T;Sawafuji, M;Horio, H;Hashizume, T;Matsutani, N;Kato, R;Nakayama, M;Kawamura, M;Kobayashi, K;
Effects of age, nursing, and oral IGF1 supplementation on neonatal porcine cervical development
By: Camp, ME;Wiley, AA;Boulos, MB;Rahman, KM;Bartol, FF;Bagnell, CA;
Microhemorrhage is an early event in the pulmonary fibrotic disease of PECAM-1 deficient FVB/n mice
By: Lishnevsky, M;Young, LC;Woods, SJ;Groshong, SD;Basaraba, RJ;Gilchrist, JM;Higgins, DM;Gonzalez-Juarrero, M;Bass, TA;Muller, WA;Schenkel, AR;
The TWEAK-Fn14 dyad is involved in age-associated pathological changes in skeletal muscle
By: Tajrishi, MM;Sato, S;Shin, J;Zheng, TS;Burkly, LC;Kumar, A;
A Tocotrienol-Enriched Formulation Protects against Radiation-Induced Changes in Cardiac Mitochondria without Modifying Late Cardiac Function or Structure
By: Sridharan, V;Tripathi, P;Aykin-Burns, N;Krager, KJ;Sharma, SK;Moros, EG;Melnyk, SB;Pavliv, O;Hauer-Jensen, M;Boerma, M;
Morphological Study of the Encystment and Excystment of Vermamoeba vermiformis Revealed Original Traits
By: Fouque, E;Yefimova, M;Trouilhé, MC;Quellard, N;Fernandez, B;Rodier, MH;Thomas, V;Humeau, P;Héchard, Y;
A natural flavonoid glucoside icariin inhibits Th1 and Th17 cell differentiation and ameliorates experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis
By: Shen, R;Deng, W;Li, C;Zeng, G;
Dramatic Changes in Muscle Contractile and Structural Properties After Two Botulinum Toxin Injections
By: Minamoto, VB;Suzuki, KP;Bremner, SN;Lieber, RL;Ward, SR;
Citrobacter rodentium-induced colitis: A robust model to study mucosal immune responses in the gut
By: Koroleva, EP;Halperin, S;Gubernatorova, EO;Spencer, CM;Tumanov, AV;
Vitamin E-diffused highly cross-linked UHMWPE particles induce less osteolysis compared to highly cross-linked virgin UHMWPE particles in vivo
By: Bichara, DA;Malchau, E;Sillesen, NH;Cakmak, S;Nielsen, GP;Muratoglu, OK;
Neuropeptide Y promotes adipogenesis in chicken adipose cells in vitro
By: Zhang, W;Bai, S;Liu, D;Cline, MA;Gilbert, ER;
Tumor necrosis-initiated complement activation stimulates proliferation of medulloblastoma cells
By: Maurer, AJ;Bonney, PA;Toho, LC;Glenn, CA;Agarwal, S;Battiste, JD;Fung, KM;Sughrue, ME;
Conditions for seeding and promoting neo-auricular cartilage formation in a fibrous collagen scaffold
By: Zhao, X;Bichara, DA;Zhou, L;Kulig, KM;Tseng, A;Bowley, CM;Vacanti, JP;Pomerantseva, I;Sundback, CA;Randolph, MA;
Prognostic significance of histologic features in canine renal cell carcinomas: 70 nephrectomies
By: Edmondson, EF;Hess, AM;Powers, BE;
Magnetically guided recellularization of decellularized stented porcine pericardium-derived aortic valve for TAVI
By: Ghodsizad, A;Bordel, V;Wiedensohler, H;Elbanayosy, A;Koerner, MM;Gonzalez Berjon, JM;Barrios, R;Farag, M;Zeriouh, M;Loebe, M;Noon, GP;Koegler, G;Karck, M;Ruhparwar, A;
Biochemical properties of tissue-engineered cartilage
By: Pappa, AK;Caballero, M;Dennis, RG;Skancke, MD;Narayan, RJ;Dahl, JP;van Aalst, JA;
Genistein decreases cellular redox potential, partially suppresses cell growth in HL-60 leukemia cells and sensitizes cells to ?-radiation-induced cell death
By: Kim, IG;Kim, JS;Lee, JH;Cho, EW;
Superoxide dismutase 1 inhibits alpha-melanocyte stimulating hormone and ultraviolet B-induced melanogenesis in murine skin
By: Oh, CT;Lee, D;Koo, K;Lee, J;Yoon, HS;Choi, YM;Kwon, TR;Kim, BJ;
NAD+ protects against EAE by regulating CD4+ T-cell differentiation
By: Tullius, SG;Biefer, HR;Li, S;Trachtenberg, AJ;Edtinger, K;Quante, M;Krenzien, F;Uehara, H;Yang, X;Kissick, HT;Kuo, WP;Ghiran, I;de la Fuente, MA;Arredouani, MS;Camacho, V;Tigges, JC;Toxavidis, V;El Fatimy, R;Smith, BD;Vasudevan, A;ElKhal, A;
Thymidine phosphorylase mRNA expression may be a predictor of response to post-operative adjuvant chemotherapy with S-1 in patients with stage III colorectal cancer
By: Ogawa, M;Watanabe, M;Mitsuyama, Y;Anan, T;Ohkuma, M;Kobayashi, T;Eto, K;Yanaga, K;
Pulmonary Effects of Silver Nanoparticle Size, Coating, and Dose over Time upon Intratracheal Instillation
By: Silva, RM;Anderson, DS;Franzi, LM;Peake, JL;Edwards, PC;Van Winkle, LS;Pinkerton, KE;
Lung region and racing affect mechanical properties of equine pulmonary microvasculature
By: Stack, A;Derksen, FJ;Williams, KJ;Robinson, NE;Jackson, WF;
Characterization of oncocytes in deep esophageal glands
By: Gonzalez, G;Huang, Q;Mashimo, H;
The Tsk2/+ Mouse Fibrotic Phenotype Is Due to a Gain-of-Function Mutation in the PIIINP Segment of the Col3a1 Gene
By: Long, KB;Li, Z;Burgwin, CM;Choe, SG;
Evaluating the role of nucleic acid antigens in murine models of systemic lupus erythematosus
By: Watkins, AA;Bonegio, RG;Rifkin, IR;
Extensively Expanded Auricular Chondrocytes Form Neocartilage In Vivo
By: Tseng, A;Pomerantseva, I;Cronce, MJ;Kimura, AM;
Accumulation of extracellular hyaluronan by hyaluronan synthase 3 promotes tumor growth and modulates the pancreatic cancer microenvironment
By: Kultti, A;Zhao, C;Singha, NC;Zimmerman, S;Osgood, RJ;Symons, R;Jiang, P;Li, X;Thompson, CB;Infante, JR;Jacobetz, MA;Tuveson, DA;Frost, GI;Shepard, HM;Huang, Z;
Transforming growth factor Beta 1 augments calvarial defect healing and promotes suture regeneration
By: Shakir, S;MacIsaac, ZM;Naran, S;Smith, DM;Bykowski, MR;Cray, JJ;Craft, TK;Wang, D;Weiss, L;Campbell, PG;Mooney, MP;Losee, JE;Cooper, GM;
Allergic airway inflammation is differentially exacerbated by daytime and nighttime ultrafine and submicron fine ambient particles: heme oxygenase-1 as an indicator of PM-mediated allergic inflammatio
By: Carosino, CM;Bein, KJ;Plummer, LE;Castañeda, AR;Zhao, Y;Wexler, AS;Pinkerton, KE;
Cardiovascular and thermoregulatory biomarkers of heat stroke severity in a conscious rat model
By: Quinn, CM;Duran, RM;Audet, GN;Charkoudian, N;Leon, LR;
Expression level of dihydropyrimidine dehydrogenase is associated with clinical outcome in patients with T1G3 bladder cancer treated with Bacillus Calmette-Guerin
By: Ide, H;Kikuchi, E;Mikami, S;Miyajima, A;Oya, M;
Oppimateriaali kuudesta histologisesta värjäyksestä
By: Nikki, KM;Mölsä, L;
Toll-like receptor 4 mediates the regenerative effects of bone grafts for calvarial bone repair
By: Wang, D;Gilbert, JR;Shaw, MA;Shakir, S;Losee, JE;Billiar, TR;Cooper, GM;
Real-time imaging of glioblastoma using bioluminescence in a U-87 MG xenograft model mouse
By: Kim, W;Kang, BR;Kim, HY;Cho, SM;Lee, YD;
Benzo[a]pyrene effects on reproductive endpoints in Fundulus heteroclitus
By: Booc, F;Thornton, C;Lister, A;MacLatchy, D;Willett, KL;
Multi-wavelength photoacoustic imaging of inducible tyrosinase reporter gene expression in xenograft tumors
By: Paproski, RJ;Heinmiller, A;Wachowicz, K;Zemp, RJ;
Coronavirus-induced demyelination of neural pathways triggers neurogenic bladder overactivity in a mouse model of multiple sclerosis
By: McMillan, MT;Pan, XQ;Smith, AL;Newman, DK;Weiss, SR;Ruggieri, MR;Malykhina, AP;
Dysregulation of matricellular proteins is an early signature of pathology in laminin-deficient muscular dystrophy
By: Mehuron, T;Kumar, A;Duarte, L;Yamauchi, J;Accorsi, A;Girgenrath, M;
Image analysis algorithms for immunohistochemical assessment of cell death
By: Krajewski, S;Wang, J;Khan, T;Liu, J;Sze, CH;Krajewska, M;
Gene-environment interaction models to unmask susceptibility mechanisms in Parkinson's disease
By: Chou, VP;Ko, N;Holman, TR;Manning-Bog, AB;
Interactions of eosinophils with nerves
By: Roth-Carter, QR;Jacoby, DB;Nie, Z;
Constitutively Active Akt1 Cooperates with KRas(G12D) to Accelerate In Vivo Pancreatic Tumor Onset and Progression
By: Albury, TM;Pandey, V;Gitto, SB;Dominguez, L;Spinel, LP;Talarchek, J;Klein-Szanto, AJ;Testa, JR;Altomare, DA;
Effects of Dietary Fish Oil and Green Tea Powder Supplementation on Broiler Chickens Immunity
By: Seidavi, A;Asadpour, L;Dadashbeiki, M;
Valvular interstitial cell transformation: implications for aortic valve calcification
By: Boroomand, S;
Multiplex Fluorescent RNA In Situ Hybridization Via RNAscope
By: Wang, H;Su, N;Wang, LC;Wu, X;Bui, S;
Quantitative ultrasensitive bright-field RNA in situ hybridization with RNAscope
By: Wang, H;Su, N;Wang, LC;Wu, X;Bui, S;Nielsen, A;Vo, HT;Luo, Y;Ma, XJ;
Epidermal closure regulates histolysis during mammalian (Mus) digit regeneration
By: Simkin, J;Sammarco, MC;Dawson, LA;Tucker, C;
Dual-color ultrasensitive bright-field RNA in situ hybridization with RNAscope
By: Wang, H;Su, N;Wang, LC;Wu, X;Bui, S;Nielsen, A;Vo, HT;Luo, Y;Ma, XJ;
Stem Cells and Their Niches in Angiogenesis: Vascular Endothelial Stem Cells, Hematopoietic Progenitors and Hematopoietic Effector Cells
By: Fang, S;
Aberrant CD45 (Leukocyte Common Antigen Staining o
By: Gilbert E. Herman and Edna Elfont, Histopathology
Air Monitoring Requirements for Medical Laboratori
By: Dana Pfaff, Manager R&D, AirScan Environmental Tec
Color Coding Surgical Margins with the Davidson Ma
By: Anthony V. Parkinson, C. Ron Cannon, and Steven T.
Current Concepts in Pathologic Diagnosis of Bacter
By: Washington C. Winn, Jr., Microbiology Laboratory,
Effect of Decalcification and Fixation in Paraffin
By: Janet M. Arber, M.D., Daniel A. Arber, M.D., Kay A
d-Limonene: Is it A Safe, Effective Alternative to
By: Unknown
Preservation of Estrogen Receptor in Paraffin Sect
By: Christine M. Bromley, Patricia L. Palechek, and Jo
Estrogen Receptor Specific ER1D5 Epitope Stability
By: Unknown
Fixation of Frozen Sections for Mohs Processing
By: Norma L. Anderson, HT (ASCP)
George Grubler and Karl Hollborn: Two founders of
By: Michael Titford, Pathology Department, University
Immunocytochemistry Methodology
By: Biomeda Corporation, Copyright © 1996.
Improving Microwave-Assisted Immunostaining
By: Joseph N. Pastore, Cathy Clampett, Joan Miller, Ke
Minimizing Artifacts in Tissue Processing: The The
By: Maria Wynnchuk, Pathology Department, Women's Coll
Uranyl Nitrate Radiation Safety Survey
By: Kenneth C. Lamson, Certified Industrial Hygienist,
Pharmacological HIF2a inhibition improves VHL disease-associated phenotypes in zebrafish model
By: Metelo, AM;Noonan, HR;Li, X;Jin, Y;Baker, R;Kamentsky, L;Zhang, Y;van Rooijen, E;Shin, J;Carpenter, AE;Yeh, JR;Peterson, RT;Iliopoulos, O;
Deletion of autophagy inducer RB1CC1 results in degeneration of the retinal pigment epithelium
By: Yao, J;Jia, L;Khan, N;Lin, C;Mitter, SK;Boulton, ME;Dunaief, JL;Klionsky, DJ;Guan, JL;Thompson, DA;Zacks, DN;
Grb2 monomer-dimer equilibrium determines normal versus oncogenic function
By: Ahmed, Z;Timsah, Z;Suen, KM;Cook, NP;
p38 [gamma] and [delta] promote heart hypertrophy by targeting the mTOR-inhibitory protein DEPTOR for degradation
By: González-Terán, B;López, JA;Rodríguez, E;
Comparative analysis of ear-hole closure identifies epimorphic regeneration as a discrete trait in mammals
By: Gawriluk, TR;Simkin, J;Thompson, KL;Biswas, SK;Clare-Salzler, Z;Kimani, JM;Kiama, SG;Smith, JJ;Ezenwa, VO;Seifert, AW;
IRF8 acts in lineage-committed rather than oligopotent progenitors to control neutrophil vs monocyte production
By: Yáñez, A;Ng, MY;Hassanzadeh-Kiabi, N;Goodridge, HS;
Dnmt3a loss predisposes murine hematopoietic stem cells to malignant transformation
By: Mayle, A;Yang, L;Rodriguez, B;Zhou, T;Chang, E;Curry, CV;Challen, GA;Li, W;Wheeler, D;Rebel, VI;Goodell, MA;
Obesity Contributes to Ovarian Cancer Metastatic Success through Increased Lipogenesis, Enhanced Vascularity, and Decreased Infiltration of M1 Macrophages
By: Liu, Y;Metzinger, MN;Lewellen, KA;Cripps, SN;Carey, KD;Harper, EI;Shi, Z;Tarwater, L;Grisoli, A;Lee, E;Slusarz, A;Yang, J;Loughran, EA;Conley, K;Johnson, JJ;Klymenko, Y;Bruney, L;Liang, Z;Dovichi, NJ;Cheatham, B;Leevy, WM;Stack, MS;
Label-Free Neurosurgical Pathology with Stimulated Raman Imaging
By: Lu, FK;Calligaris, D;Olubiyi, OI;Norton, I;Yang, W;
The acinar differentiation determinant PTF1A inhibits initiation of pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma
By: Krah, NM;De La O, JP;Swift, GH;Hoang, CQ;Willet, SG;Chen Pan, F;Cash, GM;Bronner, MP;Wright, CV;MacDonald, RJ;Murtaugh, LC;
Excitatory transmission onto AgRP neurons is regulated by cJun NH2-terminal kinase 3 in response to metabolic stress
By: Vernia, S;Morel, C;Madara, JC;Cavanagh-Kyros, J;Barrett, T;Chase, K;Kennedy, NJ;Jung, DY;Kim, JK;Aronin, N;Flavell, RA;Lowell, BB;Davis, RJ;
Hepatic ATF6 Increases Fatty Acid Oxidation to Attenuate Hepatic Steatosis in Mice through Peroxisome Proliferator-Activated Receptor Alpha
By: Chen, X;Zhang, F;Gong, Q;Cui, A;Zhuo, S;Hu, Z;
Arterial Remodeling in B-Type Natriuretic Peptide Knock-Out Females
By: Holditch, SJ;Schreiber, CA;Burnett, JC;Ikeda, Y;
Abnormalities of plasma cytokines and spleen in senile APP/PS1/Tau transgenic mouse model
By: Yang, SH;Kim, J;Lee, MJ;Kim, Y;
Characterisation of a fibre optic Raman probe within a hypodermic needle
By: Petterson, IEI;Day, JCC;Fullwood, LM;
Engineered composite tissue as a bioartificial limb graft
By: Jank, BJ;Xiong, L;Moser, PT;Guyette, JP;Ren, X;Cetrulo, CL;Leonard, DA;Fernandez, L;Fagan, SP;Ott, HC;
6-month aortic valve implantation of an off-the-shelf tissue-engineered valve in sheep
By: Syedain, Z;Reimer, J;Schmidt, J;Lahti, M;Berry, J;Bianco, R;Tranquillo, RT;
Desmoplasia in Primary Tumors and Metastatic Lesions of Pancreatic Cancer
By: Whatcott, CJ;Diep, CH;Jiang, P;Watanabe, A;LoBello, J;Sima, C;Hostetter, G;Shepard, HM;Von Hoff, DD;Han, H;
Inhibition of kinin B1 receptors attenuates pulmonary hypertension and vascular remodeling
By: Murugesan, P;Hildebrandt, T;Bernlöhr, C;Lee, D;Khang, G;Doods, H;Wu, D;
A three-drug nanoscale drug delivery system designed for preferential lymphatic uptake for the treatment of metastatic melanoma
By: Doddapaneni, BS;Kyryachenko, S;Chagani, SE;Alany, RG;Rao, DA;Indra, AK;Alani, AW;
Fibroblast Growth Factor 21 Mediates Glycemic Regulation by Hepatic JNK
By: Vernia, S;Cavanagh-Kyros, J;Barrett, T;Tournier, C;Davis, RJ;
Defects of Lipid Synthesis Are Linked to the Age-Dependent Demyelination Caused by Lamin B1 Overexpression
By: Rolyan, H;Tyurina, YY;Hernandez, M;Amoscato, AA;Sparvero, LJ;Nmezi, BC;Lu, Y;Estécio, MR;Lin, K;Chen, J;He, RR;Gong, P;Rigatti, LH;Dupree, J;Bayir, H;Kagan, VE;Casaccia, P;Padiath, QS;
Palovarotene Inhibits Heterotopic Ossification and Maintains Limb Mobility and Growth in Mice With the Human ACVR1(R206H) Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva (FOP) Mutation
By: Chakkalakal, SA;Uchibe, K;Convente, MR;Zhang, D;Economides, AN;Kaplan, FS;Pacifici, M;Iwamoto, M;Shore, EM;
HIF modulation of Wnt signaling regulates skeletal myogenesis in vivo
By: Majmundar, AJ;Lee, DS;Skuli, N;Mesquita, RC;Kim, MN;Yodh, AG;Nguyen-McCarty, M;Li, B;Simon, MC;
23814, an Inhibitory Antibody of Ligand-Mediated Notch1 Activation, Modulates Angiogenesis and Inhibits Tumor Growth without Gastrointestinal Toxicity
By: Proia, T;Jiang, F;Bell, A;Nicoletti, R;Kong, L;Kreuter, K;Poling, L;Winston, WM;Flaherty, M;Weiler, S;Perino, S;O'Hagan, R;Lin, J;Gyuris, J;Okamura, H;
Presence of multiple lesion types with vastly different microenvironments in C3HeB/FeJ mice following aerosol infection with Mycobacterium tuberculosis
By: Irwin, SM;Driver, E;Lyon, E;Schrupp, C;Ryan, G;Gonzalez-Juarrero, M;Basaraba, RJ;Nuermberger, EL;Lenaerts, AJ;
The SWI/SNF BAF-A complex is essential for neural crest development
By: Chandler, RL;Magnuson, T;
Can a river-reservoir interface serve as nursery habitat for riverine fishes?
By: Acre, MR;
CCL-4 enhances prostate cancer migration and invasion by modulating integrin expression
By: Rohena-Rivera, K;Sánchez-Vázquez, MM;
Synthesis of an Endogenous Steroidal Na Pump Inhibitor Marinobufagenin, Implicated in Human Cardiovascular Diseases, Is Initiated by CYP27A1 via Bile Acid Pathway
By: Fedorova, OV;Zernetkina, VI;Shilova, VY;Grigorova, YN;Juhasz, O;Wei, W;Marshall, CA;Lakatta, EG;Bagrov, AY;
Pro-atherogenic role of smooth muscle Nox4-based NADPH oxidase
By: Tong, X;Khandelwal, AR;Wu, X;Xu, Z;Yu, W;Chen, C;Zhao, W;Yang, J;Qin, Z;Weisbrod, RM;Seta, F;Ago, T;Lee, KS;Hammock, BD;Sadoshima, J;Cohen, RA;Zeng, C;
Regulation of impaired angiogenesis in diabetic dermal wound healing by microRNA-26a
By: Icli, B;Nabzdyk, CS;Lujan-Hernandez, J;Cahill, M;Auster, ME;Wara, AK;Sun, X;Ozdemir, D;Giatsidis, G;Orgill, DP;Feinberg, MW;
Simulation of early calcific aortic valve disease in a 3D platform: A role for myofibroblast differentiation
By: Hjortnaes, J;Goettsch, C;Hutcheson, JD;
Venous Endothelial Marker COUP-TFII Regulates the Distinct Pathologic Potentials of Adult Arteries and Veins
By: Cui, X;Lu, YW;Lee, V;Kim, D;Dorsey, T;Wang, Q;Lee, Y;Vincent, P;Schwarz, J;Dai, G;
Effects of local irradiation combined with sunitinib on early remodeling, mitochondria, and oxidative stress in the rat heart
By: Sridharan, V;Thomas, CJ;Cao, M;Melnyk, SB;Pavliv, O;Joseph, J;Singh, SP;Sharma, S;Moros, EG;Boerma, M;
A disintegrin and metalloprotease with thrombospondin type I motif 7: a new protease for connective tissue growth factor in hepatic progenitor/oval cell niche
By: Pi, L;Jorgensen, M;Oh, SH;Protopapadakis, Y;Gjymishka, A;Brown, A;Robinson, P;Liu, C;Scott, EW;Schultz, GS;Petersen, BE;
1a,25-Dihydroxyvitamin D3 Regulates Mitochondrial Oxygen Consumption and Dynamics in Human Skeletal Muscle Cells
By: Ryan, ZC;Craig, TA;Folmes, CD;Wang, X;Lanza, IR;Sc
A comparison of tissue engineering based repair of calvarial defects using adipose stem cells from normal and osteoporotic rats
By: Pei, M;Li, J;McConda, DB;Wen, S;Clovis, NB;Danley, SS;
Oral quercetin administration transiently protects respiratory function in dystrophin deficient mice
By: Selsby, JT;Ballmann, CG;Spaulding, HR;Ross, JW;Quindry, JC;
Activated mutant forms of PIK3CA cooperate with RasV12 or c-Met to induce liver tumor formation in mice via AKT2/mTORC1 cascade
By: Wang, C;Che, L;Hu, J;Zhang, S;Jiang, L;Latte, G;Demartis, MI;Tao, J;Gui, B;Pilo, MG;Ribback, S;Dombrowski, F;Evert, M;Calvisi, DF;Chen, X;
Evaluation of articular cartilage progenitor cells for the repair of articular defects in an equine model
By: Frisbie, DD;McCarthy, HE;Archer, CW;Barrett, MF;McIlwraith, CW;
Marinobufagenin-induced vascular fibrosis is a likely target for mineralocorticoid antagonists
By: Fedorova, OV;Emelianov, IV;Bagrov, KA;Grigorova, YN;Wei, W;Juhasz, O;Frolova, EV;Marshall, CA;Lakatta, EG;Konradi, AO;Bagrov, AY;
Uterine artery dysfunction in pregnant ACE2 knockout mice is associated with placental hypoxia and reduced umbilical blood flow velocity
By: Yamaleyeva, LM;Pulgar, VM;Lindsey, SH;Yamane, L;Varagic, J;McGee, C;daSilva, M;Lopes Bonfa, P;Gurley, SB;Brosnihan, KB;
Vaginal progesterone, but not 17a-hydroxyprogesterone caproate, has antiinflammatory effects at the murine maternal-fetal interface
By: Furcron, AE;Romero, R;Plazyo, O;Unkel, R;Xu, Y;Hassan, SS;Chaemsaithong, P;Mahajan, A;Gomez-Lopez, N;
Cardiac mTOR rescues the detrimental effects of diet-induced obesity in the heart after ischemia-reperfusion
By: Aoyagi, T;Higa, JK;Aoyagi, H;Yorichika, N;Shimada, BK;Matsui, T;
Diabetes modifies the relationships among carotid plaque calcification, composition and inflammation
By: Menegazzo, L;Poncina, N;Albiero, M;Menegolo, M;Grego, F;Avogaro, A;Fadini, GP;
Next-generation technologies for spatial proteomics: Integrating ultra-high speed MALDI-TOF and high mass resolution MALDI FTICR imaging mass spectrometry for protein analysis
By: Spraggins, JM;Rizzo, DG;Moore, JL;Noto, MJ;Skaar, EP;Caprioli, RM;
Studying the distribution of deep Raman spectroscopy signals using liquid tissue phantoms with varying optical properties
By: Vardaki, MZ;Gardner, B;Stone, N;Matousek, P;
Poor cell block adequacy rate for molecular testing improved with the addition of Diff-Quik-stained smears: Need for better cell block processing
By: Harada, S;Agosto-Arroyo, E;Levesque, JA;Alston, E;Janowski, KM;Coshatt, GM;Eltoum, IA;
Corneal Sensitivity to Hyperosmolar Eye Drops: A Novel Behavioral Assay to Assess Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy
By: Yorek, MS;Davidson, EP;Poolman, P;Coppey, LJ;Obrosov, A;Holmes, A;Kardon, RH;Yorek, MA;
Tumorigenicity Testing in Athymic Mice of Cultured Human Melanocytes for Transplantation in Engineered Skin Substitutes
By: Boyce, ST;Zimmerman, RL;Supp, DM;
Automated Analysis and Classification of Histological Tissue Features by Multi-Dimensional Microscopic Molecular Profiling
By: Riordan, DP;Varma, S;West, RB;Brown, PO;
Spag17 deficiency results in skeletal malformations and bone abnormalities
By: Teves, ME;Sundaresan, G;Cohen, DJ;Hyzy, SL;Kajan, I;Maczis, M;Zhang, Z;Costanzo, RM;Zweit, J;Schwartz, Z;Boyan, BD;Strauss, JF;
Smooth Muscle-Targeted Overexpression of Peroxisome Proliferator Activated Receptor-? Disrupts Vascular Wall Structure and Function
By: Kleinhenz, JM;Murphy, TC;Pokutta-Paskaleva, AP;Gleason, RL;Lyle, AN;Taylor, WR;Blount, MA;Cheng, J;Yang, Q;Sutliff, RL;Hart, CM;
Differentiation and Distribution of Marrow Stem Cells in Flex-Flow Environments Demonstrate Support of the Valvular Phenotype
By: Rath, S;Salinas, M;Villegas, AG;Ramaswamy, S;
Primary Myofibroblasts Maintain Short-Term Viability following Submucosal Injection in Syngeneic, Immune-Competent Mice Utilizing Murine Colonoscopy
By: Khalil, HA;Lei, NY;Nie, W;Lewis, MS;Stelzner, MG;Martín, MG;Dunn, JC;Yoo, J;
Conditional Deletion of Fgfr1 in the Proximal and Distal Tubule Identifies Distinct Roles in Phosphate and Calcium Transport
By: Han, X;Yang, J;Li, L;Huang, J;King, G;Quarles, LD;
Chronic Cigarette Smoking Impairs Erectile Function through Increased Oxidative Stress and Apoptosis, Decreased nNOS, Endothelial and Smooth Muscle Contents in a Rat Model
By: Huang, YC;Chin, CC;Chen, CS;Shindel, AW;Ho, DR;Lin, CS;Shi, CS;
Magnetic Resonance Imaging Is Sensitive to Pathological Amelioration in a Model for Laminin-Deficient Congenital Muscular Dystrophy (MDC1A)
By: Vohra, R;Accorsi, A;Kumar, A;Walter, G;Girgenrath, M;
Treatment with hESC-Derived Myocardial Precursors Improves Cardiac Function after a Myocardial Infarction
By: Ye, J;Gaur, M;Zhang, Y;Sievers, RE;Woods, BJ;Aurigui, J;Bernstein, HS;Yeghiazarians, Y;
Coronary Injury Score Correlates with Proliferating Cells and Alpha-Smooth Muscle Actin Expression in Stented Porcine Coronary Arteries
By: Swier, VJ;Tang, L;Krueger, KD;Radwan, MM;Del Core, MG;Agrawal, DK;
Evaluation of MCF10A as a Reliable Model for Normal Human Mammary Epithelial Cells
By: Qu, Y;Han, B;Yu, Y;Yao, W;Bose, S;Karlan, BY;Giuliano, AE;Cui, X;
Melanin Transfer in Human 3D Skin Equivalents Generated Exclusively from Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells
By: Gledhill, K;Guo, Z;Umegaki-Arao, N;Higgins, CA;Itoh, M;Christiano, AM;
Microsphere-based gradient implants for osteochondral regeneration: a long-term study in sheep
By: Mohan, N;Gupta, V;Sridharan, BP;Mellott, AJ;Easley, JT;Palmer, RH;Galbraith, RA;Key, VH;Berkland, CJ;Detamore, MS;
Characterisation of a fibre optic Raman probe within a hypodermic needle
By: Petterson, IEI;Day, JCC;Fullwood, LM;
(Z)-5-(2,4-Dihydroxybenzylidene)thiazolidine-2,4-dionePrevents UVB-Induced Melanogenesis and Wrinkle Formationthrough Suppressing Oxidative Stress in HRM-2 Hairless Mice
By: Lee, B;Moon, KM;Kim, SJ;Kim, SH;Kim, DH;
Characterization of oncocytes in deep esophageal glands
By: Gonzalez, G;Huang, Q;Mashimo, H;
Histological Effect of Basic Fibroblast Growth Factor on Chronic Vocal Fold Scarring in a Rat Model
By: Tateya, I;Tateya, T;Sohn, JH;Bless, DM;
Abnormal Vessel Architecture Persists in the Microvasculature of the Massive Weight Loss Patient
By: Katzel, EB;Shakir, S;Kostereva, N;Lannau, B;Gimbel, M;Nguyen, VT;De La Cruz, C;Marra, K;Gusenoff, JA;
Simultaneous visualization of two Citrus tristeza virus genotypes provides new insights into the structure of multi-component virus populations in a host
By: Bergua, M;Phelan, DM;Bak, A;Bloom, DC;Folimonova, SY;
Optimizing Biomaterials for Tissue Engineering Human Bone Using Mesenchymal Stem Cells
By: Weinand, C;Neville, CM;Weinberg, E;Tabata, Y;Vacanti, JP;
A novel culture system for adult porcine intestinal crypts
By: Khalil, HA;Lei, NY;Brinkley, G;Scott, A;Wang, J;Kar, UK;Jabaji, ZB;Lewis, M;Martín, MG;Dunn, JC;Stelzner, MG;
Rapid isolation of bone marrow mesenchymal stromal cells using integrated centrifuge-based technology
By: Meppelink, AM;Wang, XH;Bradica, G;Barron, K;Hiltz, K;
First in vivo evaluation of biomimetic fluorosurfactant polymer-coated expanded polytetrafluoroethylene vascular grafts in a porcine carotid artery bypass model
By: Bastijanic, JM;Marchant, RE;Kligman, F;Allemang, MT;Lakin, RO;Kendrick, D;Kashyap, VS;Kottke-Marchant, K;
Adequacy of core needle biopsy specimens and fine-needle aspirates for molecular testing of lung adenocarcinomas
By: Schneider, F;Smith, MA;Lane, MC;Pantanowitz, L;Dacic, S;Ohori, NP;
Bevacizumab clearance through the iridocorneal angle following intravitreal injection in a rat model
By: Gal-Or, O;Dotan, A;Dachbash, M;Tal, K;Nisgav, Y;Weinberger, D;Ehrlich, R;Livnat, T;
Efficacy of topical aflibercept versus topical bevacizumab for the prevention of corneal neovascularization in a rat model
By: Sella, R;Gal-Or, O;Livny, E;Dachbash, M;Nisgav, Y;Weinberger, D;Livnat, T;Bahar, I;
Propionibacterium acnes infected intervertebral discs cause vertebral bone marrow lesions consistent with Modic changes
By: Dudli, S;Liebenberg, E;Magnitsky, S;Miller, S;Demir-Deviren, S;Lotz, JC;
The antimicrobial protein, CAP37, is upregulated in pyramidal neurons during Alzheimer's disease
By: Brock, AJ;Kasus-Jacobi, A;Lerner, M;Logan, S;Adesina, AM;Anne Pereira, H;
[(11)C]acetate PET Imaging is not Always Associated with Increased Lipogenesis in Hepatocellular Carcinoma in Mice
By: Li, L;Che, L;Wang, C;Blecha, JE;Li, X;VanBrocklin, HF;Calvisi, DF;Puchowicz, M;Chen, X;Seo, Y;
By: Kabadi, PK;Vantangoli, MM;Rodd, AL;Leary, E;
Limited efficacy of BMS-911543 in a murine model of Janus kinase 2 V617F myeloproliferative neoplasm
By: Pomicter, AD;Eiring, AM;Senina, AV;Zabriskie, MS;Marvin, JE;Prchal, JT;O'Hare, T;Deininger, MW;
Strain-specific induction of endometrial periglandular fibrosis in mice exposed during adulthood to the endocrine disrupting chemical bisphenol A
By: Kendziorski, JA;Belcher, SM;
Gene expression profiling of the effects of organic dust in lung epithelial and THP-1 cells reveals inductive effects on inflammatory and immune response genes
By: Boggaram, V;Loose, DS;Gottipati, KR;Natarajan, K;Mitchell, CT;
Delayed but not Early Treatment with DNase Reduces Organ Damage and Improves Outcome in a Murine Model of Sepsis
By: Mai, SH;Khan, M;Dwivedi, DJ;Ross, CA;Zhou, J;Gould, TJ;Gross, PL;Weitz, JI;Fox-Robichaud, AE;Liaw, PC;Canadian Critical Care Translational Biology Group, ;
Astragaloside IV enhances diabetic wound healing involving upregulation of alternatively activated macrophages
By: Luo, X;Huang, P;Yuan, B;Liu, T;Lan, F;Lu, X;Dai, L;Liu, Y;Yin, H;
A Highly Specific Monoclonal Antibody for Botulinum Neurotoxin Type A-Cleaved SNAP25
By: Rhéaume, C;Cai, BB;Wang, J;Fernández-Salas, E;Aoki, KR;Francis, J;Broide, RS;
Effects of Local Heart Irradiation in a Glutathione S-Transferase Alpha 4-Null Mouse Model
By: Boerma, M;Singh, P;Sridharan, V;Tripathi, P;Sharma, S;Singh, SP;
Irradiation inhibits the maturation and mineralization of osteoblasts via the activation of Nrf2/HO-1 pathway
By: Kook, SH;Kim, KA;Ji, H;Lee, D;Lee, JC;
Activation of canonical Wnt/ß-catenin signaling inhibits H2O2-induced decreases in proliferation and differentiation of human periodontal ligament fibroblasts
By: Kook, SH;Lee, D;Cho, ES;Heo, JS;Poudel, SB;Ahn, YH;Hwang, JW;Ji, H;Kim, JG;Lee, JC;
A mouse model of endocardial fibroelastosis
By: Clark, ES;Pepper, VK;Best, CA;Onwuka, EA;Yi, T;Tara, S;Cianciolo, R;Baker, P;Shinoka, T;Breuer, CK;
Mouse model of endoscopically ablated enteric nervous system
By: Khalil, HA;Kobayashi, M;Rana, P;Wagner, JP;Scott, A;Yoo, J;Dunn, JC;
The paracrine effect of adipose-derived stem cells inhibits osteoarthritis progression
By: Kuroda, K;Kabata, T;Hayashi, K;Maeda, T;Kajino, Y;Iwai, S;Fujita, K;Hasegawa, K;Inoue, D;Sugimoto, N;Tsuchiya, H;
Inhibition of Interferon Regulatory Factor 4 Suppresses Th1 and Th17 Cell Differentiation and Ameliorates Experimental Autoimmune Encephalomyelitis
By: Yang, C;He, D;Yin, C;Tan, J;
Introduction of Zinc-salt Fixation for Effective Detection of Immune Cell-related Markers by Immunohistochemistry
By: Mori, H;Soonsawad, P;Schuetter, L;Chen, Q;Hubbard, NE;Cardiff, RD;Borowsky, AD;
Evidence for glycosylation as a regulator of the pigmentary system: key roles of sialyl(a2-6)gal/GalNAc-terminated glycans in melanin synthesis and transfer
By: Diwakar, G;Klump, V;Lazova, R;Pawelek, J;
Aerosolized Silver Nanoparticles in the Rat Lung and Pulmonary Responses over Time
By: Silva, RM;Anderson, DS;Peake, J;Edwards, PC;Patchin, ES;Guo, T;Gordon, T;Chen, LC;Sun, X;Van Winkle, LS;Pinkerton, KE;
Role of the bradykinin B2 receptor in a rat model of local heart irradiation
By: Lieblong, BJ;Sridharan, V;Srivastava, AK;Moros, EG;Sharma, SK;Boerma, M;
Book lung development in the embryo, postembryo and first instar of the cobweb spider, Parasteatoda tepidariorum C. L Koch, 1841 (Araneomorphae, Theridiidae)
By: Farley, RD;
Afferent Innervation, Muscle Spindles, and Contractures Following Neonatal Brachial Plexus Injury in a Mouse Model
By: Nikolaou, S;Hu, L;Cornwall, R;
Functional and Histological Evaluation following Canine Vocal Fold Reconstruction Using Composite Thyroid Ala Perichondrium Flaps
By: Hoffman, MR;Glab, R;Gunderson, M;Maytag, AL;Yang, DT;Jiang, JJ;Dailey, SH;
Rheological Properties and In Vivo Performance Characteristics of Soft Tissue Fillers
By: Hee, CK;Shumate, GT;Narurkar, V;Bernardin, A;Messina, DJ;
Electrospun nanofibers of poly(e-caprolactone)/depolymerized chitosan for respiratory tissue engineering applications
By: Mahoney, C;Conklin, D;Waterman, J;Sankar, J;Bhattarai, N;
Deployment of Paired Push Nets from Jet-Propelled Kayaks to Sample Ichthyoplankton
By: Acre, MR;Grabowski, TB;
Ultrastructural and Immunohistochemical Effects of Aqueous Leave Extract of Xylopia aethiopica on the Stomach in Streptozotocin-Induced Diabetic Rats
By: Ofusori, DA;Komolafe, OA;Adewole, OS;
Hemodynamic Characterization of a Mouse Model for Investigating the Cellular and Molecular Mechanisms of Neotissue Formation in Tissue-Engineered Heart Valves
By: James, IA;Yi, T;Tara, S;Best, CA;Stuber, AJ;Shah, KV;Austin, BF;Sugiura, T;Lee, YU;Lincoln, J;Trask, AJ;Shinoka, T;Breuer, CK;
Ear-Shaped Stable Auricular Cartilage Engineered from Extensively Expanded Chondrocytes in an Immunocompetent Experimental Animal Model
By: Pomerantseva, I;Bichara, DA;Tseng, A;Cronce, MJ;Cervantes, TM;Kimura, AM;Neville, CM;Roscioli, N;Vacanti, JP;Randolph, MA;Sundback, CA;
Lysosomal cholesterol accumulation in macrophages leading to coronary atherosclerosis in CD38(-/-) mice
By: Xu, X;Yuan, X;Li, N;Dewey, WL;Li, PL;Zhang, F;
Promoting Endochondral Bone Repair Using Human Osteoarthritic Articular Chondrocytes
By: Bahney, CS;Jacobs, L;Tamai, R;Hu, D;Luan, TF;Wang, M;Reddy, S;Park, M;Limburg, S;Kim, HT;Marcucio, R;Kuo, AC;
Lactocrine signaling and neonatal porcine reproductive tract development
By: Camp, ME;
The role of mediator complex subunit 12 (med12) in the murine reproductive tract
By: Mittal, P;
Onset Time and Durability of Huntingtin Suppression in Rhesus Putamen After Direct Infusion of Antihuntingtin siRNA
By: Grondin, R;Ge, P;Chen, Q;Sutherland, JE;Zhang, Z;Gash, DM;Stiles, DK;Stewart, GR;Sah, DW;Kaemmerer, WF;
An Examination of Genetic Improvement to Floret Number and Morphology of Maize (Zea mays L.)
By: MacKenzie, JO;
Clinical Issues—September 2015
By: Van Wicklin, SA;Brubaker, SA;
Diagnosis of Compartment Syndrome Based on Tissue Oxygenation
By: Kim, H;Mok, J;Liu, X;
Solid Microneedles for Transdermal Delivery of Amantadine Hydrochloride and Pramipexole Dihydrochloride
By: Hoang, MT;Ita, KB;Bair, DA;
Detection of Axonally Localized mRNAs in Brain Sections Using High-Resolution In Situ Hybridization
By: Baleriola, J;Jean, Y;Troy, C;Hengst, U;
Immunolocalization of insulin-like growth factor-I (IGF-I) and its receptors (IGF-IR) in the equine epididymis
By: Minjung, Y;Jiang, J;Chung, KH;
A Simple and Efficient Method for Preparing Cell Slides and Staining without Using Cytocentrifuge and Cytoclips
By: Hu, X;Laguerre, V;Packert, D;Nakasone, A;Moscinski, L;
Re-circulating phagocytes loaded with CNS debris: a potential marker of neurodegeneration in Parkinson's disease
By: White, VJ;Nayak, RC;
Biomaterial and Cell Based Cartilage Repair
By: Zhao, X;
Development of a whole organ culture model for intervertebral disc disease
By: Stannard, JT;Edamura, K;Stoker, AM;
Strain-guided mineralization in the bone-PDL-cementum complex of a rat periodontium
By: Grandfield, K;Herber, RP;Chen, L;Djomehri, S;Tam, C;Lee, JH;Brown, E;Woolwine, WR;Curtis, D;Ryder, M;Schuck, J;Webb, S;Landis, W;Ho, S;
The safety and efficacy of timolol treated mesenchymal stem cells in a scaffold on an in vivo diabetic wound model
By: Adams, A;
Dynamic Heterogeneity of the Heart Valve Interstitial Cell Population in Mitral Valve Health and Disease
By: Horne, TE;VandeKopple, M;Sauls, K;Koenig, SN;Anstine, LJ;Garg, V;Norris, RA;Lincoln, J;
A Stable Dicationic Salt in Reactive DESI-MS Imaging in Positive Ion Mode to Analyze Biological Samples
By: Lostun, D;
Safety and biodistribution assessment of sc-rAAV2.5IL-1Ra administered via intra-articular injection in a mono-iodoacetate-induced osteoarthritis rat model
By: Wang, G;Evans, CH;Benson, JM;Hutt, JA;Seagrave, J;Wilder, JA;Grieger, JC;Samulski, RJ;Terse, PS;
Characterization of oncocytes in deep esophageal glands
By: Gonzalez, G;Huang, Q;Mashimo, H;
An optimized staining technique for the detection of Gram positive and Gram negative bacteria within tissue
By: Becerra, SC;Roy, DC;Sanchez, CJ;Christy, RJ;Burmeister, DM;
Delivery of interleukin-10 via injectable hydrogels improves renal outcomes and reduces systemic inflammation following ischemic acute kidney injury in mice
By: Soranno, DE;Rodell, CB;Altmann, C;Duplantis, J;Andres-Hernando, A;Burdick, JA;Faubel, S;
A humanized bone marrow ossicle xenotransplantation model enables improved engraftment of healthy and leukemic human hematopoietic cells
By: Reinisch, A;Thomas, D;Corces, MR;Zhang, X;Gratzinger, D;Hong, WJ;Schallmoser, K;Strunk, D;Majeti, R;
Viral Spread to Enteric Neurons Links Genital HSV-1 Infection to Toxic Megacolon and Lethality
By: Khoury-Hanold, W;Yordy, B;Kong, P;Kong, Y;Ge, W;Szigeti-Buck, K;Ralevski, A;Horvath, TL;Iwasaki, A;
A peptide for targeted, systemic delivery of imaging and therapeutic compounds into acute brain injuries
By: Mann, AP;Scodeller, P;Hussain, S;Joo, J;Kwon, E;Braun, GB;Mölder, T;She, ZG;Kotamraju, VR;Ranscht, B;Krajewski, S;Teesalu, T;Bhatia, S;Sailor, MJ;Ruoslahti, E;
Dissecting cell-type-specific roles of androgen receptor in prostate homeostasis and regeneration through lineage tracing
By: Xie, Q;Liu, Y;Cai, T;Horton, C;Stefanson, J;Wang, ZA;
Ablation of Liver X receptors a and ß leads to spontaneous peripheral squamous cell lung cancer in mice
By: Dai, YB;Miao, YF;Wu, WF;Li, Y;D'Errico, F;Su, W;Burns, AR;Huang, B;Maneix, L;Warner, M;Gustafsson, JÅ;
NEIL1 protects against aflatoxin-induced hepatocellular carcinoma in mice
By: Vartanian, V;Minko, IG;Chawanthayatham, S;Egner, PA;Lin, YC;Earley, LF;Makar, R;Eng, JR;Camp, MT;Li, L;Stone, MP;Lasarev, MR;Groopman, JD;Croy, RG;Essigmann, JM;McCullough, AK;Lloyd, RS;
Myofiber-specific TEAD1 overexpression drives satellite cell hyperplasia and counters pathological effects of dystrophin deficiency
By: Southard, S;Kim, JR;Low, S;Tsika, RW;Lepper, C;
Clec11a/osteolectin is an osteogenic growth factor that promotes the maintenance of the adult skeleton
By: Yue, R;Shen, B;Morrison, SJ;
In situ heart valve tissue engineering using a bioresorbable elastomeric implant - From material design to 12 months follow-up in sheep
By: Kluin, J;Talacua, H;Smits, AI;Emmert, MY;Brugmans, MC;Fioretta, ES;Dijkman, PE;Söntjens, SH;Duijvelshoff, R;Dekker, S;Janssen-van den Broek, MW;Lintas, V;Vink, A;Hoerstrup, SP;Janssen, HM;Dankers, PY;Baaijens, FP;Bouten, CV;
A composite critical-size rabbit mandibular defect for evaluation of craniofacial tissue regeneration
By: Shah, SR;Young, S;Goldman, JL;Jansen, JA;Wong, ME;Mikos, AG;
Dual Shp2 and Pten Deficiencies Promote Non-alcoholic Steatohepatitis and Genesis of Liver Tumor-Initiating Cells
By: Luo, X;Liao, R;Hanley, KL;Zhu, HH;Malo, KN;Hernandez, C;Wei, X;Varki, NM;Alderson, N;Chu, C;Li, S;Fan, J;Loomba, R;Qiu, SJ;Feng, GS;
Influenza virus infection exacerbates experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis disease by promoting type I T cells infiltration into central nervous system
By: Chen, Q;Liu, Y;Lu, A;Ni, K;Xiang, Z;Wen, K;Tu, W;
IGF-1/GH axis enhances losartan treatment in Lama2-related muscular dystrophy
By: Accorsi, A;Kumar, A;Rhee, Y;Miller, A;Girgenrath, M;
RSPOs facilitated HSC activation and promoted hepatic fibrogenesis
By: Yin, X;Yi, H;Wang, L;Wu, W;Wu, X;Yu, L;
Intrathecal Catheterization and Drug Delivery in Guinea Pigs: A Small-animal Model for Morphine-evoked Granuloma Formation
By: Eddinger, KA;Rondon, ES;Shubayev, VI;Grafe, MR;Scadeng, M;Hildebrand, KR;Page, LM;Malkmus, SA;Steinauer, JJ;Yaksh, TL;
Ex vivo blood vessel bioreactor for analysis of the biodegradation of magnesium stent models with and without vessel wall integration
By: Wang, J;Liu, L;Wu, Y;Maitz, MF;Wang, Z;Koo, Y;Zhao, A;Sankar, J;Kong, D;Huang, N;Yun, Y;
The Ron Receptor Tyrosine Kinase Regulates Macrophage Heterogeneity and Plays a Protective Role in Diet-Induced Obesity, Atherosclerosis, and Hepatosteatosis
By: Yu, S;Allen, JN;Dey, A;Zhang, L;Balandaram, G;Kennett, MJ;Xia, M;Xiong, N;Peters, JM;Patterson, A;Hankey-Giblin, PA;
Cardiac proteasome functional insufficiency plays a pathogenic role in diabetic cardiomyopathy
By: Li, J;Ma, W;Yue, G;Tang, Y;Kim, IM;Weintraub, NL;Wang, X;Su, H;
Intrapleural Adenoviral-mediated Endothelial Cell Protein C Receptor Gene Transfer Suppresses the Progression of Malignant Pleural Mesothelioma in a Mouse Model
By: Keshava, S;Rao, LV;Pendurthi, UR;
Reduced Necrosis and Content of Apoptotic M1 Macrophages in Advanced Atherosclerotic Plaques of Mice With Macrophage-Specific Loss of Trpc3
By: Solanki, S;Dube, PR;Birnbaumer, L;Vazquez, G;
Tubular Peroxiredoxin 3 as a Predictor of Renal Recovery from Acute Tubular Necrosis in Patients with Chronic Kidney Disease
By: Wu, CL;Su, TC;Chang, CC;Kor, CT;Chang, CH;Yang, TH;Chiu, PF;Tarng, DC;
Glucocorticoid suppression of osteocyte perilacunar remodeling is associated with subchondral bone degeneration in osteonecrosis
By: Fowler, TW;Acevedo, C;Mazur, CM;Hall-Glenn, F;Fields, AJ;Bale, HA;Ritchie, RO;Lotz, JC;Vail, TP;Alliston, T;
Nanoparticulate Mineralized Collagen Scaffolds and BMP-9 Induce a Long-Term Bone Cartilage Construct in Human Mesenchymal Stem Cells
By: Ren, X;Weisgerber, DW;Bischoff, D;Lewis, MS;Reid, RR;He, TC;Yamaguchi, DT;Miller, TA;Harley, BA;Lee, JC;
Sustained ELABELA Gene Therapy in High Salt-Induced Hypertensive Rats.
By: Schreiber, CA;Holditch, SJ;Generous, A;Ikeda, Y;
Biofunctionalization of Nerve Interface via Biocompatible Polymer-Roughened Pt Black on Cuff Electrode for Chronic Recording
By: Lee, YJ;Kim, HJ;Kang, JY;Do, SH;Lee, SH;
Ibuprofen Differentially Affects Supraspinatus Muscle and Tendon Adaptations to Exercise in a Rat Model
By: Rooney, SI;Baskin, R;Torino, DJ;Vafa, RP;Khandekar, PS;Kuntz, AF;Soslowsky, LJ;
Overexpression of miR-223 Tips the Balance of Pro- and Anti-hypertrophic Signaling Cascades toward Physiologic Cardiac Hypertrophy
By: Yang, L;Li, Y;Wang, X;Mu, X;Qin, D;Huang, W;Alshahrani, S;Nieman, M;Peng, J;Essandoh, K;Peng, T;Wang, Y;Lorenz, J;Soleimani, M;Zhao, ZQ;Fan, GC;
Physiological Expression of AMPK?2RG Mutation Causes Wolff-Parkinson-White Syndrome and Induces Kidney Injury in Mice
By: Yang, X;Mudgett, J;Bou-About, G;Champy, MF;Jacobs, H;Monassier, L;Pavlovic, G;Sorg, T;Herault, Y;Petit-Demoulière, B;Lu, K;Feng, W;Wang, H;Ma, LJ;Askew, R;Erion, MD;Kelley, DE;Myers, RW;Li, C;Guan, HP;
In Vitro and in Vivo Analyses Reveal Profound Effects of Fibroblast Growth Factor 16 as a Metabolic Regulator
By: Rulifson, IC;Collins, P;Miao, L;Nojima, D;Lee, KJ;Hardy, M;Gupte, J;Hensley, K;Samayoa, K;Cam, C;Rottman, JB;Ollmann, M;Richards, WG;Li, Y;
Development of High Affinity and High Specificity Inhibitors of Matrix Metalloproteinase 14 through Computational Design and Directed Evolution
By: Arkadash, V;Yosef, G;Shirian, J;Cohen, I;Horev, Y;Grossman, M;Sagi, I;Radisky, ES;Shifman, JM;Papo, N;
p53 and miR-34a Feedback Promotes Lung Epithelial Injury and Pulmonary Fibrosis
By: Shetty, SK;Tiwari, N;Marudamuthu, AS;Puthusseri, B;Bhandary, YP;Fu, J;Levin, J;Idell, S;Shetty, S;
Glucocorticoids Have Opposing Effects on Liver Fibrosis in Hepatic Stellate and Immune Cells
By: Kim, KH;Lee, JM;Zhou, Y;Harpavat, S;Moore, DD;
Decellularized Human Dental Pulp as a Scaffold for Regenerative Endodontics
By: Song, JS;Takimoto, K;Jeon, M;Vadakekalam, J;Ruparel, NB;Diogenes, A;
A single injection of gain-of-function mutant PCSK9 adeno-associated virus vector induces cardiovascular calcification in mice with no genetic modification
By: Goettsch, C;Hutcheson, JD;Hagita, S;Rogers, MA;Creager, MD;Pham, T;Choi, J;Mlynarchik, AK;Pieper, B;Kjolby, M;Aikawa, M;Aikawa, E;
Application of the Rat Grimace Scale as a Marker of Supraspinal Pain Sensation after Cervical Spinal Cord Injury
By: Schneider, LE;Henley, KY;Turner, OA;Pat, BM;Niedzielko, TL;Floyd, CL;
Self-Assembled Peptide-Based Hydrogels as Scaffolds for Proliferation and Multi-Differentiation of Mesenchymal Stem Cells
By: Wang, YL;Lin, SP;Nelli, SR;Zhan, FK;Cheng, H;Lai, TS;Yeh, MY;Lin, HC;Hung, SC;
Kinin B1 receptor blockade and ACE inhibition attenuate cardiac postinfarction remodeling and heart failure in rats
By: Lin, X;Bernloehr, C;Hildebrandt, T;Stadler, FJ;Doods, H;Wu, D;
Bioprinted 3D Primary Liver Tissues Allow Assessment of Organ-Level Response to Clinical Drug Induced Toxicity In Vitro
By: Nguyen, DG;Funk, J;Robbins, JB;Crogan-Grundy, C;Presnell, SC;Singer, T;Roth, AB;
Exercise Activates p53 and Negatively Regulates IGF-1 Pathway in Epidermis within a Skin Cancer Model
By: Yu, M;King, B;Ewert, E;Su, X;Mardiyati, N;Zhao, Z;Wang, W;
Long-Term Quercetin Dietary Enrichment Partially Protects Dystrophic Skeletal Muscle
By: Spaulding, HR;Ballmann, CG;Quindry, JC;Selsby, JT;
Decellularized Wharton's Jelly from human umbilical cord as a novel 3D scaffolding material for tissue engineering applications.
By: Jadalannagari, S;Converse, G;McFall, C;Buse, E;Filla, M;Villar, MT;Artigues, A;Mellot, AJ;Wang, J;Detamore, MS;Hopkins, RA;Aljitawi, OS;
SPARC and the N-propeptide of collagen I influence fibroblast proliferation and collagen assembly in the periodontal ligament
By: Rosset, EM;Trombetta-eSilva, J;Hepfer, G;Yao, H;Bradshaw, AD;
IL-15 regulates migration, invasion, angiogenesis and genes associated with lipid metabolism and inflammation in prostate cancer
By: Rohena-Rivera, K;Sánchez-Vázquez, MM;Aponte-Colón, DA;Forestier-Román, IS;Quintero-Aguiló, ME;Martínez-Ferrer, M;
Chronic impedance spectroscopy of an endovascular stent-electrode array
By: Opie, NL;John, SE;Rind, GS;Ronayne, SM;Grayden, DB;Burkitt, AN;May, CN;O'Brien, TJ;Oxley, TJ;
Absence of the Vitamin D Receptor Inhibits Atherosclerotic Plaque Calcification in Female Hypercholesterolemic Mice
By: Shamsuzzaman, S;Onal, M;St John, HC;Jeffery, JJ;Pike, JW;
Deletion of a Distal RANKL Gene Enhancer Delays Progression of Atherosclerotic Plaque Calcification in Hypercholesterolemic Mice
By: Shamsuzzaman, S;Onal, M;John, HCS;Pike, JW;
Modulation of FABP4 hypomethylation by DNMT1 and its inverse interaction with miR-148a/152 in the placenta of preeclamptic rats and HTR-8 cells
By: Yang, A;Zhang, H;Sun, Y;Wang, Y;Yang, X;Yang, X;Zhang, H;Guo, W;Zhu, G;Tian, J;Jia, Y;Jiang, Y;
Resveratrol-Mediated Expression of KLF15 in the Ischemic Myocardium is Associated with an Improved Cardiac Phenotype
By: Rogers, RG;Otis, JS;
Enhanced osteoprogenitor elongated collagen fiber matrix formation by bioactive glass ionic silicon dependent on Sp7 (osterix) transcription
By: Varanasi, VG;Odatsu, T;Bishop, T;Chang, J;Owyoung, J;Loomer, PM;
Calcium Hydroxide-induced Proliferation, Migration, Osteogenic Differentiation, and Mineralization via the Mitogen-activated Protein Kinase Pathway in Human Dental Pulp Stem Cells
By: Chen, L;Zheng, L;Jiang, J;Gui, J;Zhang, L;Huang, Y;Chen, X;Ji, J;Fan, Y;
An allograft generated from adult stem cells and their secreted products efficiently fuses vertebrae in immunocompromised athymic rats and inhibits local immune responses
By: Clough, BH;McNeill, EP;Palmer, D;Krause, U;Bartosh, TJ;Chaput, CD;Gregory, CA;
Regional influence of cocaine on evoked dopamine release in the nucleus accumbens core: A role for the caudal brainstem
By: Gerth, AI;Alhadeff, AL;Grill, HJ;Roitman, MF;
Fabrication and characterization of cell sheets using methylcellulose and PNIPAAm thermoresponsive polymers: A comparison Study
By: Forghani, A;Kriegh, L;Hogan, K;Chen, C;Brewer, G;Tighe, TB;Devireddy, R;Hayes, D;
Induction of Heme Oxygenase-1 Attenuates the Severity of Sepsis in a Non-Surgical Preterm Mouse Model
By: Fujioka, K;Kalish, F;Zhao, H;Lu, S;Wong, S;Wong, RJ;Stevenson, DK;
Stable knockdown of CREB, HIF-1 and HIF-2 by replication-competent retroviruses abrogates the responses to hypoxia in hepatocellular carcinoma
By: Shneor, D;Folberg, R;Pe'er, J;Honigman, A;Frenkel, S;
2A4 binds soluble and insoluble light chain aggregates from AL amyloidosis patients and promotes clearance of amyloid deposits by phagocytosis (†)
By: Renz, M;Torres, R;Dolan, PJ;Tam, SJ;Tapia, JR;Li, L;Salmans, JR;Barbour, RM;Shughrue, PJ;Nijjar, T;Schenk, D;Kinney, GG;Zago, W;
Lead (Pb) exposure promotes diabetes in obese rodents
By: Tyrrell, JB;Hafida, S;Stemmer, P;Adhami, A;Leff, T;
Late Administration of a Palladium Lipoic Acid Complex (POLY-MVA) Modifies Cardiac Mitochondria but Not Functional or Structural Manifestations of Radiation-Induced Heart Disease in a Rat Model
By: Sridharan, V;Seawright, JW;Antonawich, FJ;Garnett, M;Cao, M;Singh, P;Boerma, M;
Production of heterozygous alpha 1,3-galactosyltransferase (GGTA1) knock-out transgenic miniature pigs expressing human CD39
By: Choi, K;Shim, J;Ko, N;Eom, H;Kim, J;Lee, JW;Jin, DI;Kim, H;
Sex and strain-based inflammatory response to repeated tobacco smoke exposure in spontaneously hypertensive and Wistar Kyoto rats
By: Shen, YH;Pham, AK;Davis, B;Smiley-Jewell, S;Wang, L;Kodavanti, UP;Takeuchi, M;Tancredi, DJ;Pinkerton, KE;
Isochoric and isobaric freezing of fish muscle
By: Nastase, G;Lyu, C;Ukpai, G;Serban, A;Rubinsky, B;
In vivo response to decellularized mesothelium scaffolds
By: Cronce, MJ;Faulknor, RA;Pomerantseva, I;Liu, XH;Goldman, SM;Ekwueme, EC;Mwizerwa, O;Neville, CM;Sundback, CA;
Localization of the corticospinal tract within the porcine spinal cord: Implications for experimental modeling of traumatic spinal cord injury
By: Leonard, AV;Menendez, JY;Pat, BM;Hadley, MN;Floyd, CL;
Aquaporin 1 contributes to chondrocyte apoptosis in a rat model of osteoarthritis
By: Gao, H;Gui, J;Wang, L;Xu, Y;Jiang, Y;Xiong, M;Cui, Y;
Book lung development in embryos of the cobweb spider, Parasteatoda tepidariorum CL Koch, 1841 (Araneomorphae, Theridiidae)
By: Farley, RD;
Erythromycin attenuates metalloprotease/anti-metalloprotease imbalance in cigarette smoke-induced emphysema in rats via the mitogen-activated protein kinase/nuclear factor-?B activation pathway
By: Zhou, X;Gu, D;Hou, G;
Effect of Histone Deacetylase Inhibitor, Butyroyloxymethyl-Diethyl Phosphate (AN-7), on Corneal Neovascularization in a Mouse Model
By: Schaap-Fogler, M;Bahar, I;Rephaeli, A;Dahbash, M;Nudelman, A;Livny, E;Barliya, T;Nisgav, Y;Livnat, T;
Presumptive Spontaneous Lysosomal Storage-Like Disease in a Crl:CD1(ICR) Mouse.
By: Hernon, KM;Whitcomb, TL;Davis, L;Cooper, TK;
Routine argyrophil techniques detect Rickettsia rickettsii in tissues of patients with fatal Rocky Mountain spotted fever
By: Paddock, CD;Sanders, JH;Denison, AM;Muehlenbachs, A;Zaki, SR;
Staging Early Esophageal Cancer
By: Old, OJ;Isabelle, M;Barr, H;
Cyp26 Enzymes Facilitate Second Heart Field Progenitor Addition and Maintenance of Ventricular Integrity
By: Rydeen, AB;Waxman, JS;
Adipocytes promote pancreatic cancer cell proliferation via glutamine transfer
By: Meyer, KA;Neeley, CK;Baker, NA;Washabaugh, AR;Flesher, CG;Nelson, BS;Frankel, TL;Lumeng, CN;Lyssiotis, CA;Wynn, ML;Rhim, AD;O'Rourke, RW;
Optimizing Porcine Islet Isolation to Markedly Reduce Enzyme Consumption Without Sacrificing Islet Yield or Function
By: Holdcraft, RW;Green, ML;Breite, AG;Circle, L;Meyer, ED;Adkins, H;Harbeck, SG;Smith, BH;Gazda, LS;
Antioxidant Therapy Attenuates Post-Infarct Cardiac Remodeling by Driving Expression of Krüppel-Like Factor 15
By: Rogers III, RG;Otis, JS;
3D-Bioprinting of Polylactic Acid (PLA) Nanofiber–Alginate Hydrogel Bioink Containing Human Adipose-Derived Stem Cells
By: Narayanan, LK;Huebner, P;Fisher, MB;Spang, JT;Starly, B;Shirwaiker, RA;
Identification of Mycobacterium kansasii and a Mycobacterium sp. in Salmonids from the Missouri River, Montana
By: Terrazas, MM;Bradway, DS;Staigmiller, KD;Wipf, MM;Snekvik, KR;
Physiological Remodelling of Mitral Valve Chordae Tendineae In The Maternal Bovine Heart
By: Scott, B;
Prevalence of Ichthyophthirius multifiliis in both resident and sentinel Speckled dace (Rhinichthys osculus) in the Lower Klamath River (August 5- September 9, 2015)
By: Foott, JS;Jacobs, J;True, K;Magneson, M;Bland, T;
L-MYC Expression Maintains Self-Renewal and Prolongs Multipotency of Primary Human Neural Stem Cells
By: Li, Z;Oganesyan, D;Mooney, R;Rong, X;Christensen, MJ;Shahmanyan, D;Perrigue, PM;Benetatos, J;Tsaturyan, L;Aramburo, S;Annala, AJ;Lu, Y;Najbauer, J;Wu, X;Barish, ME;Brody, DL;Aboody, KS;Gutova, M;
Editor's Highlight: Modeling Compound-Induced Fibrogenesis In Vitro Using Three-Dimensional Bioprinted Human Liver Tissues
By: Norona, LM;Nguyen, DG;Gerber, DA;Presnell, SC;LeCluyse, EL;
The Role Of Alarmins, Invariant Nkt Cells And Senescence In The Pathophysiology Of Sterile Intra-Amniotic Inflammation
By: Plazyo, O;
Gene Expression Analysis of CCN Proteins: Whole-Mount In Situ Hybridization of Ccn2 in Developing Calcified Tissues
By: Yamaai, T;Takigawa, M;
Primary Choroid Plexus Tissue for Use in Cellular Therapy
By: Sandrof, MA;Emerich, DF;Thanos, CG;
Promotion of adipogenesis by neuropeptide Y during the later stages of chicken preadipocyte differentiation
By: Shipp, SL;Cline, MA;Gilbert, ER;
Stem Cell-based Scaffolds for Orthopedic Applications
By: Gharat, TP;
The Zebrafish as a Model for Human Bacterial Infections
By: Neely, MN;
Del Cytocolor® hacia el Papanicoláu ecológico: orígenes
By: Rojas-Zumaran, VA;Moya-Salazar, JJ;
The Effects of a Wild Blueberry Diet on Hepatic and Aortic Morphology in the Obese Zucker Rat, A Model of the Metabolic Syndrome
By: Merrow, T;
Using the HistoPress embedding tool to process murine colon samples for histopathology
By: Haller, S;Nunez, V;Havnar, C;Safra, N;Foreman, O;
Characterization of Rhesus Macaque lung-resident multipotent stromal cells: potential cell source for pulmonary tissue engineering
By: Bonvillain, RW;Scarritt, ME;Pashos, NC;Sullivan, DE;Betancourt, AM;Tsien, F;Umrigar, AP;Hoffman, AM;Bunnell, BA;
Short-chain fatty acids influence host immunity, mucus secretion and microbial community structure to reduce enteritis
By: Jiminez, JA;
Decellularized Wharton's jelly matrix as a three dimensional scaffold for wound healing and hair regeneration applications
By: Jadalannagari, S;
T1?/T2 mapping and histopathology of degenerative cartilage in advanced knee osteoarthritis
By: Kester, BS;Carpenter, PM;Hon, JY;Nozaki, T;Kaneko, Y;
Paraquat induces acute respiratory distress syndrome by promoting the lung epithelial-mesenchymal transition
By: Wang, L;Huang, J;
Recombinant soluble apyrase APT102 inhibits thrombosis and intimal hyperplasia in vein grafts without adversely affecting hemostasis or re-endothelialization
By: Ji, Y;Adeola, O;Strawn, TL;Jeong, SS;Chen, R;Fay, WP;
Age-Dependent Pulmonary Reactivity of Female C57BL/6 Mice to House Dust Mite Allergen
By: Ahn, Y;
Effect of Genipin on Cisplatin-Induced Nephrotoxicity
By: Mahgoub, EO;
Role of appetite-regulating peptides in adipose physiology in broiler chicks
By: Shipp, SL;
Endothelial Nox4-based NADPH oxidase regulates atherosclerosis via soluble epoxide hydrolase
By: Hu, P;Wu, X;Khandelwal, AR;Yu, W;Xu, Z;Chen, L;Yang, J;Weisbrod, RM;Lee, KSS;Seta, F;Hammock, BD;Cohen, RA;Zeng, C;Tong, X;
The effect of substrate stiffness on VCAM-1 expression and monocyte adhesion in rat lung microvascular endothelial cells
By: Wass, BM;
Enhanced Calvarial Bone Healing in CD11c-TLR4-/- and MyD88-/- Mice
By: Wang, D;Taylor, GM;Gilbert, JR;Losee, JE;Sodhi, CP;Hackam, DJ;Billiar, TR;Cooper, GM;
Isolation and Characterization of Mesenchymal Stromal Cells from Human Umbilical Cord and Fetal Placenta
By: Beeravolu, N;McKee, C;Alamri, A;Mikhael, S;Brown, C;Perez-Cruet, M;Chaudhry, GR;
Effects of Bisphenol A on Incidence and Severity of Cardiac Lesions in the NCTR-Sprague-Dawley Rat: A CLARITY-BPA Study
By: Robin, G;Kendziorski, J;Belcher, S;
Long-term miR-29b suppression reduces aneurysm formation in a Marfan mouse model
By: Okamura, H;Emrich, F;Trojan, J;Chiu, P;Dalal, AR;Arakawa, M;Sato, T;Penov, K;Koyano, T;Pedroza, A;Connolly, AJ;Rabinovitch, M;Alvira, C;Fischbein, MP;
Embracing A Future In Molecular Diagnostics
By: Donald Jones, Board Member, AMTS, Inc.
Getting your Antibodies Under Control
By: Ron Hightower, Quality Assurance Staff, AMTS, Inc.
Histotechs Rave About Pleasant-Smelling Tissue Fixative
By: Judy Marciasini, Director of Marketing, AMTS, Inc.
Hunting For Helicobacter Pylori
By: Ron Hightower, Quality Assurance Manager, AMTS, Inc.
Immunostaining Antibody Experiment Reveals Surprising Results
By: Ron Hightower, Quality Assurance Manager, AMTS, Inc.
Letting go of AFP in HCC Diagnostics
By: Ron Hightower, Quality Assurance Manager, AMTS, Inc.
The Methylene Blues
By: Ron Hightower, Quality Assurance Manager, AMTS, Inc.
Master*Tech Stains, Kits, and Reagents, Improving Results from
By: Ron Hightower, Quality Assurance Manager, AMTS, Inc.
The Ultimate Mucicarmine
By: Ron Hightower, Quality Assurance Manager, AMTS, Inc.
Old Habits Die Hard
By: Ron Hightower, Quality Assurance Manager, AMTS, Inc.
Peeling Away the Diagnostic Onion
By: Ron Hightower, Quality Assurance Manager, AMTS, Inc.
Positive and Negative!?
By: Quality Assurance Staff, AMTS, Inc.
Separate But Equal
By: Quality Assurance Staff, AMTS, Inc.
Silent Heroes
By: Brandon B. Jones, Chief Executive Officer, AMTS, Inc.
Special Stain Kits Meet Growing Laboratory Trends
By: Ron Hightower, Quality Assurance Manager, AMTS, Inc.
The Special Stain Kit Challenge
By: Ron Hightower, Quality Assurance Manager, AMTS, Inc.
The Stain That Brought Disease To Light
By: Ron Hightower, Quality Assurance Manager, AMTS, Inc.
Uranyl Nitrate, A Significant Risk To Histologists?
By: Ron Hightower, Quality Assurance Manager, AMTS, Inc.
The Wild West Days of Pathology
By: Donald Jones, Board Member, AMTS, Inc.
World Leaves U.S. Behind in Embracing Formalin Alternatives
By: Ron Hightower, Quality Assurance Manager, AMTS, Inc.
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