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GHRL(Ghrelin/Obestatin)5 Test/1Vial

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GHRL(Ghrelin/Obestatin)5 Test/1Vial is available to buy in increments of 1
Useful for the detection of cells producing the GHRL hormone and their tumors in research use.

Histosonda® GHRL consists of a segment of single-stranded DNA complementary to expressed RNA with a length of 241 nucleotides.
Ghrelin is an endogenous ligand for the secretagogue receptor of the pituitary growth hormone. Neuroendocrine tumors producing Ghrelin have been described as clinically developing with acromegaly. The notable functions of Ghrelin, amongst others are its orexigenic action (stimulation of the ingestion of alimentation) and its stimulus of hydrochloric acid production by the stomach parietal cells.

Many studies have related some obese patients with a seric increase of Ghrelin.

Some publications have demonstrated that Ghrelin plays a part in inhibiting the production of leptin. Ghrelin is produced by neuroendocrine cells that are preferably situated in the hydrochloric acid producing glands of the gastric body.

Some authors have also described cells that produce Ghrelin in other anatomic localizations although an exhaustive “in situ” hybridization map has not yet been made.

Cenbimo has found cases of hyperplasia and tumors of gastric neuroendocrine cells that produce Ghrelin (data not yet published). Histosonda GHRL consists of a fragment of single stranded DNA, 241 nucleotides in length targeted against Ghrelin RNA.

The use of this probe is the detection of cells producing this hormone and their tumors.

Intended for research use only (RUO).
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