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Neurotensin 5 Tests /1 Vial

SKU #: MDX2605
Neurotensin 5 Tests /1 Vial is available to buy in increments of 1
Useful for the detection of tumors producing Neurotensin peptide in research use.

Histosonda® Neurotensin consists of a single stranded DNA fragment with a length of 257 nucleotides targeted against Neurotensin mRNA.
Neurotensin is a 12 amino acid long peptide that is extensively found in all catecholamine producing neurons in the brain. Its main physiological effect is to increase vascular permeability producing hypotension and cyanosis. Some disperse neuroendocrine system cells also produce Neurotensin, principally those found in the small intestine and lung.

To date there have been described a small number of patients with neuroendocrine tumors that produced Neurotensin whose clinical presentation was very similar to that of VIPoma patients.

Some patients with pancreatic VIPomas also produce Neurotensin.

Intended for research use only (RUO).
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