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CYTOLOID   Mucolytic Reagent   /Pt CYCLOPT

Cytoloid™ - Mucolytic Reagent, MasterTech

American MasterTech’s Cytoloid™ Mucolytic Reagent with dithiothreitol (DTT) has been shown to be an effective sputum homogenizer and mucoliquefying preservative in sputum cytology. With Cytoloid™, cytologists don’t have to worry about thick and sticky mucoid specimens. Simply place the mucoid cytology specimen into a centrifuge tube containing Cytoloid™ and place the tube into a centrifuge. Cytoloid™ will liquefy the mucus so that the cells can easily separate from the liquid, while the DTT will homogenize the sputum. Cytoloid™ allows for short-term preservation and will produce mucoid cytology specimens with superior morphology.
American MasterTech offers Cytoloid™ Mucolytic Reagent in four sizes: Pint, Gallon, 20ml Prefills, and 120ml Prefills. Pre-filled Specimen Containers are pre-labeled and filled to 50% of the container's volume with Cytoloid™ Mucolytic Reagent.

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CYTOLOID Mucolytic Reagent /Pt CYCLOPT $79.00
CYTOLOID Mucolytic Reagent /Gal CYCLOGAL $150.00
CYTOLOID 20ml Prefills /Cs (48) CYCLO20CS $125.00
CYTOLOID 120ml Prefills /Cs (48) CYCLO120CS $185.00
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