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SuperFrost™ Plus Slides

When it comes to the Mercedes of microscope slides, only one brand fits the bill, Thermo’s SuperFrost™ Plus. These microscope slides have always been preferred by American MasterTech for its control slide line, quality assurance of its products, and in Research and Development. Its reliability, strong bond between the tissue and slide, and the white writing surface, are unmatched in the industry.
In 2013, American MasterTech conducted a extensive research comparing the SuperFrost™ Plus slide to top competing brands. It was found that the SuperFrost™ Plus demonstrated excellent adhesion and staining properties while performing exceedingly well with all Special stains as well as immunohistochemistry (IHC) and Chromogenic Insitu Hybridization (CISH) stains. Each SuperFrost™ Plus is positively charged to create a strong bond between the tissue and the slide.

The slide virtually eliminates background staining in standard H&E stains. The amazing brilliant white writing surface coating is impervious to all clearing agents and writing will not smudge or wipe off when performing staining procedures. The white surface is also slightly raised, keeping the slides from sticking and scratching against one another. When it comes to top-quality microscope slides, the SuperFrost™ Plus is the industry leader.

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SUPERFROST*PLUS*SLIDES /Case(10gr) GL4951P $885.00
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