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MasterPress Round Blue /Pk(2) TCZ1100BLP
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MasterPress Tissue Tampers

With the all new MasterPress Tissue Tampers, flattening tissue within the base mold couldn't be easier. This new designed tool has a longer xylene-resistant handle and is comfortable to use, even staying cooler when the base is hot. Available in white, pink, red, yellow, and blue. The MasterPress will allow any histotech to create beautiful ribbons while sectioning. The MasterPress Tampers fit all types of embedding molds and the best part is that they are in stock today! Don't be the only histotech without one!
  • Base Dimensions: Round (1/2"), Small (1/2x1/2"), Medium (3/4x9/16"), Large (3/4x1-1/8")
  • More xylene resistant than other presses
  • Longer, lighter, and has anti-slip posts
  • Flattens tissue specimens evenly with uniform margins
  • Fits all sizes of embedding molds

Product Description Item# Qty Price
MasterPress Large Blue /Pk(2) TCZ1106BLP $45.00
MasterPress Large Pink/Pk(2) TCZ1106PKP $45.00
MasterPress Large Red/Pk(2) TCZ1106RDP $45.00
MasterPress Large White/Pk(2) TCZ1106WHP $45.00
MasterPress Large Yellow/Pk(2) TCZ1106YWP $45.00
MasterPress Medium Blue /Pk(2) TCZ1104BLP $45.00
MasterPress Medium Pink/Pk(2) TCZ1104PKP $45.00
MasterPress Medium Red/Pk(2) TCZ1104RDP $45.00
MasterPress Medium White/Pk(2) TCZ1104WHP $45.00
MasterPress Medium Yellow/Pk(2) TCZ1104YWP $45.00
MasterPress Round Blue /Pk(2) TCZ1100BLP $45.00
MasterPress Round Pink/Pk(2) TCZ1100PKP $45.00
MasterPress Round Red/Pk(2) TCZ1100RDP $45.00
MasterPress Round White/Pk(2) TCZ1100WHP $45.00
MasterPress Round Yellow/Pk(2) TCZ1100YWP $45.00
MasterPress Small Blue /Pk(2) TCZ1102BLP $45.00
MasterPress Small Pink/Pk(2) TCZ1102PKP $45.00
MasterPress Small Red/Pk(2) TCZ1102RDP $45.00
MasterPress Small White/Pk(2) TCZ1102WHP $45.00
MasterPress Small Yellow/Pk(2) TCZ1102YWP $45.00
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